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Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Feature Is Holding Up The G.O.O.D. Music Album?

Earlier this week, we told you how the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album, Cruel Summer, was getting pushed back yet again due to four more features. We hear that one of those features has been tough to get and has been the main reason behind the push back. What feature is that you ask? Well, it’s none other than Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def.

The album will now be released on September 18 and not September 4. Do you think the Mos Def feature is worth the wait?

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  • Oknas

    MOSt DEFinitely worth the wait

    • Donovan C. Bradley

      haha He gets it.

      I’ll wait…

  • BXironlunz28

    wait a minute….i dont get it. Why would it take so long 4 Mos Def 2 drop sumthin 4 tha album if he is signed 2 tha label and this is a label compilation???….that doesnt sound like a feature 2 jus sayin….Mos Def still nice as shit tho!!!

  • …… pretty sure WE ALL knew the first time who it was a few days ago.

    • Donovan C. Bradley

      Yeah man. We were all over that as soon as we read it. You should get a shout out, tagline, footnote or something. I mean damn!


  • kstaxx

    Really Kanye West you waiting on a feature from Mos Def and hes signed to your label? I dont buy it, I jus dont think the album is ready to go at all. Thats why it keeps gettin pushed back. Either way that Cruel Summer album is not gonna live up to expectations Ive come to realize the more an anticipated album such as this constantly keeps gettin pushed back, its gonna be a disappoinment, Kanye West tryin to do too much and hes gonna cause the album to be a failure.

  • Sosa_Limone

    lol come on sydney… its bad enough you missed the subliminal message a few days ago when u originally wrote about teh album getting pushed back, but now that you figured out the sumbliminal, you gonna report it like its new???

  • Frank

    so “cruel summer” is going to be about how they missed the summer deadline? lol. Maybe “Kardashian Summer”?

  • Didn’t mos def & kanye do that track on college drop out two words – one of my favs defo – would like 2 hear sumethin like that. Good choice 4 a feature – kanye is a smart guy.

  • who the hell be bumpin mos def lol.. seriously