Lil Wayne Pushed Dedication Mixtape To Help 2 Chainz’s Album

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne and DJ Drama were to deliver the highly anticipated Dedication 4 mixtape yesterday (August 15), but the project has been pushed back until further notice for a good cause.

The Young Money mogul didn’t want to interfere with the release of 2 Chainz’s Based On A T.R.U. Story album which was released on same day.

“I know I was supposed to drop that mix tape and all that, all that. But listen, my homeboy 2Chainz just dropped his album yesterday,” Lil Wayne said in a viral video. “That’s my real, real, real, real good homeboy right there and I refuse to put any attention on me when he spotlight – everybody’s eyes, everybody’s attention, everybody’s focus – should be on my n***a 2Chainz album Based On A T.R.U. Story. So therefore, I ain’t giving you Dedication 4 yet.”

Mack Maine delivered the news to fans via Twitter yesterday.

“Dedication 4 will not drop today….we will announce the new date soon…(Dodges bullets). Announcement and something special will be delivered by@LilTunechi today….#stayTUNEd.”

Lil Wayne said he would likely give the Dedication mixtape in a week or so. The full video is below.

16 Responses to “Lil Wayne Pushed Dedication Mixtape To Help 2 Chainz’s Album”

  1. Tra mo

    I already new dis wuz gon happen but wat da boss says dats wat goes str8 up ain’t no if ands or buts bout it he reppin da empire known as YMCMB real well so its only rite he can do wat he wnts when he wnts but shoutout 2 2chainz tho his album ain’t no carter 4 or 2 or 3 or 1 but its ok tho I give it 4 mics just cuz he affiliated wit da squad but um I feel sorry 4 whoever do drop when dedication drop cuz its gon b problems YMCMB!

    • Tony G.

      it wont be an problems…nuccas that dont like weezy wont be checking for it so it doesnt matter what day he drops..if folks wanna buy the other ish they will

  2. DiscoverDior.com

    Lil Wayne didn’t get the memo that his career is fading fast……He really thinks that he is doing someone else a favor by pushing his material back…..Yeah okay….He would be surprised that this 2 Chainz guy gets more shine than he does.

  3. kstaxx

    What the hell is Lil Wayne talking bout? this is a buisness its suppose to be bout competetion not doing favors for your friends who happen to be in the industry. This really makes 2 Chainz look bad more than Lil Wayne that jus goes to show that if Lil Wayne pushed Dedication 4 back which is a mixtape jus so he doesnt interfere with 2 chainz album sales that must mean its not gonna do too good numbers wise. I personally think Dedication 4 is gonna be wack Wayne knows it everybody knows it, the fact of the matter is Wayne aint been the same since ”The Carter 2” and he has been on the decline ever since and their is nothin he can do to change that.

  4. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    that’s more of a diss then looking out, if people going to get your album no matter who else is coming out those fans gonna cop it. this is more of an advertisement.



      • Southcidal

        How many Eastern Rap Albums are gonna hold your attention like Life Is Good? But I agree the South is shiity right now. The dope boy rap took over. The UGKs, Outkast, 8ball and MJGs and Geto Boyz have been replaced by Jeezy, Gucci, Waka and Yo Gotti. And I’m from the South, Uptown N.O., 3rd Ward, 6th&Baronne/Dryades. Awk!Awk!!

  5. dayleedumped

    havnt heard the mixtape but i can guess what its gonna sound like
    a bunch of songs with dj drama saying some borderline corny stuff about dedication/work ethics. Before some songs there will be a Bic lighter flickering..

    Some lines like:

    “Im a blood, but i dont bleed, on probation, but i smoke weed”
    “i moved plenty bricks, bob the builder”
    “lil wayne, no weezy F, and thats dont Forget”
    “Magic City to LA City, thats power, no…. Dwight Howard”
    “My Mansion like a castle, even gots a moat. I been the champ runnning the game… Usain Bolt.”

    With that being said, I havnt had a Dedication mixtape that i didn’t enjoy. I think if this one is terrible, i can officially, OFFICIALLY, say that wayne fell off.

  6. Charlie Kelly

    ummm he should of said this like a week ago cause now the attention is on him for not releasing the mixtape and annocing he isnt going to release it on the same day 2chainz album is droppin… plus 2chainz shit is an actaul fuckin album lil waynes shit is fuckin free mixtape.. gtfoh..

  7. KingChandler

    Lil Wayne’s brain is a fried egg now, how are you gonna say your postponing it to support your boy and in the same statement say “I’m not finished with it yet”. Does this dude really still have fans that are over 15 years old anymore? By the way, can someone please explain to me what DJ Drama does on all these tapes besides talk shit? I’ve always been curious, does he make any of the beats? Does he arrange collabos? Good lookin out in advance if somebody knows because that shit has been boggling my mind for years.

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