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Exclusive Video: Ice Cube Leads The Coors Light “Coldest MC Cypher”

Ice Cube has conquered music, movies, and television, and is worth a reported $100 million. The West Coast jack of all trades is currently working on the highly anticipated N.W.A. movie, as well as the new installment of Friday. In between all this filmmaking, Ice Cube has found the time to take part in the Coors Light “Coldest MC Search.”

“It’s dope that Coors Light is reaching out to the Urban community,” said Ice Cube. They did this [search] last year with N.E.R.D., and I was like, we have the relationship, I have the [commercial] with the can to see whose the coldest, so it’s only right I jump into the search for the coldest contest this year.”

Ice Cube played host to the six finalists in New York City recently and was on deck to select a winner. Before the winner was announced, Ice Cube led a rap cypher. The contestants, who hailed from New York, New Orleans, Charlotte, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Baltimore each took turns spitting their hottest 16 bars.

Some of the MCs got really lyrical with it and put on a good show for the crowd. Check out the video below to see Ice Cube host the Coors Light “Coldest MC” rap cypher:

Ice Cube ended up crowning Charlotte’s Felony Fame the Coors Light “Coldest MC.”


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  • Sinbk Legend

    ironic that a west coast nigguh comes to the east coast (NYC) to host a MC contest only to give the title to a down south nigguh in NYC??? THEM WEST COAST NIGGUHS STILL FEEL SOME TYPE OF WAY ABOUT THE EAST COAST OBVIOUSLY..SMDH

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    No…the best lyrical mafukka deserves to win…not everybody from NYC can outrap any other mafukkaz from any other place…and I believe there was a panel of judges who made the call and on that panel I can almost guarantee u there were at lwast two ppl from NYC making those decisions…see one thing about us East Coast mafukkaz…we respect lyrical ability above everything else…Rakim said it ain’t where u from it’s where u at ya dig

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