DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse's "On The House"

Slaughterhouse and DJ Drama connect for the latest in the Gangsta Grillz mixtape series in an effort to temper their group’s rabid fan base until they release their albums. The freemixtape, On The House, is everything you expect from The Slaughter. Hard beats and hard rhymes. Listen and download here:



  • kstaxx

    The two reasons why Slaughterhouse is puttin out a mixtape 1st is because their 3 singles to date never caught on to that mainstream audience they were reaching for and most of their core fanbase is upset because they thought the singles they put out were kinda goin in a pop direction, so the mixtape is like an apology to them the mixtape gonna hold their fans over for a while, with the brand of Slaughterhouse lyrical rap they use too. 2nd reason they are releasing a mixtape is simply because Eminem has pushed the album back once more because again the three singles they have to date ”Hamer Dance”, ”My Life” & ”Throw it Away” tanked and Em figures they have to keep people in tune or they are gonna lose interest in these dudes sooner rather than later. Slaughterhouse buzz has already been diminished somewhat this jus solidifys in my mind that the album is not gonna live up to everyones expectations and is sure to flop.

    • Sinbk Legend

      oh im sorry…i didnt know u were a fukkin music mogul…here are two reasons why nobody will give a fukk about ur opinion..ready?? 1) your a ass 2) BLOW DlCK…

      • kstaxx

        You Slaughtehouse STAN you mad bro?, Good that was my whole intention!

      • Sinbk Legend

        u should be the innocent bystander in a driveby..bro!! lmao

  • This mixtape is a breath of fresh air from all the BS rap that is being released. You can hate all you want.

  • hoeyuno

    Haven’t heard the tape yet but the album art is sick…

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