50 Cent

Mike Tyson Warns 50 Cent About Boxing World

(AllHipHop News) Boxing legend Mike Tyson recently warned rapper 50 Cent about the pitfalls of the boxing industry in an interview with Entertainment Sports Radio.

BoxingScene.com reports that Tyson discussed his views on 50 Cent’s new venture with Floyd Mayweather Jr., The Money Team Promotions aka TMT Promotions.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have already signed several high-profile boxers to TMT Promotions, including Yuriorkis Gamboa, Andre Berto, Billy Dib, and Celestino Caballero.

“I wish 50 Cent the best of luck in the world with the endeavor that he’s doing, but this is something that 50 Cent has to know when you’re dealing with something like boxing and you’re dealing with human beings,” Mike Tyson said. “We calling it peddling the flesh. Even though you’re paying them, you’re still dealing and flesh.”

According to Tyson, the sport of gambling is so corrupt that he believes it should be taken over by the government.

Tyson warned 50 Cent that his new company with Floyd Mayweather could also cost him his career as an entertainer.

“50 is a rap star, 50 is an entertainer, 50 is an entrepreneur,” Mike Tyson said. “He doesn’t really know the ins and outs of boxing. He probably knows what Floyd tells him, but once he gets in this arena, everyone that was ever his friend on the other side is [now] his enemy.”

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Interesting advice. I’d like to hear more

  • That’s what I was saying all along….50 cent thinks that he can sign every boxer under the sun, just like he tried to do in Hip-Hop…Along with talking smack about other boxers to gain attention..Point is 50 cent is using the same gimmick in boxing as he did in hip-hop, without seeing any kind of profit as yet……50 needs to remember that he can always return to Hip-Hop but for some people like Money Mayweather that’s their only source of income.

  • imaman2012

    50 maneuvered through the streets of queens.
    mama was killed.
    took a few shots.
    took on the corporate world without selling his soul.

    if anyone can do it. 50 can.

    even though mike speaking some real sheet.

    king did well for his self even though people claim he’s dirty. it’s a dirty dirty game.

    • 50 cent is a great business man however…I just feel like it’s great to take advice from someone who’s been there, done that.

      • hoeyuno

        Tyson was played pretty bad tho man. When tyson left the white dude who discovered him things went good to horrible pretty quickly by the shadyness of don king.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      fool 50 sold out 50 dont even come 2 the hood without cops n bulliet proof windows 50 snitched on that og in ny from queens 50 sold dope n got shot nothing special plenty of other rappers got shot even the game got shot 50 sold his soul left the hood turned state to me thats a fuk nicca but 50 is a hustler ill give him that now birdman mother father sister brother was all killed birdman found his sister in a trash can in the magnolia chopped up ya heard me n birdman started cash money off drug money n he still is a buster to me too cause he paid cats not to rob him thug lie

      • Cause niggas in the hood are jealous and will try to murder a nigga on GP. You know that shit as well as I do. Shit doesn’t make you a sucker.. just smart.

        It’d be nice to get money and be able to walk through the hood unprotected but that would be an asshole move.

        Why risk your life and everything you’ve ever worked for to what… “keep it real”?

        Sounds like the logic of someone still in the hood who ain’t never been nowhere or accomplished ANYTHING!!

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        look at c murder he had his own apt in the projects where he grew up he had 2 apts in 1 nivce furniture in his hood look at bg juvenile dudes like maino big boi from outkast even pac in oakland he was bout to put keisha cole on the map but he got killed see thats what the hood do you make it u put ur ppl on take care of them hell the reason y mc hammer went broke is cause he looked out 4 the hood n he was a pop artist so u mean to tel me a pop artist can look out 4 the hood more than a so called gangsta rapper dawg the hood is whats up n if i ever make it out like 50 jay z or any of them busters im look out 4 the hood from ny to la from florida to washington state even the d boys ima make them dudes educate they self not for nno political reason for our future as blacks

      • Choppaliss

        man stfu … how old are you btw?

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        lame nicca be quiet lame nicca be quiet u in the presence of a real nicca buster im takin real ish u L7 with ur shirt tucked in bruh listen 2 wat im sayin peep game n pull ur skirt down ima grown man fuk boi

      • Sean Peterson


      • Sean Peterson

        new song by nas coming soon dedicated to u ser,,BLACK BOY LOST….

      • Sean Peterson

        tellem again sun ,he dont here u….

      • Sosa_Limone

        like jada said “yea you a felon but you not a predicate/ never the king of new york, you live in connecticuit”

      • Sean Peterson

        stupidest shiiit i ever read……

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        dawg the song is called black girl lost mayne n if u think my words is stupid i feel bad 4 u

    • Blackstallion777

      The streets isn’t boxing though. The Streets is mild compared to the Corporate World, Politics, and the Boxing World. People in those three arenas could teach street hustlers a little something. 50 Cent is a smart business man and so he should take Iron Mike’s advice on this if he plans on surviving the boxing world. Mayweather will only be relevant in that world as long as he can fight and win. 50 will need to make himself a force outside of the ring and behind those closed doors outside of his support for Money May.


        So the boxing world and politics is more dangerous than taking 9 shots in th streats? 50 has made movies, classic albums, wrote a new york times best seller, I’m sure he can handle the business of running a profitable boxing endevour. Tyson on the other hand is not too bright, he blew all his money just like MC Hammer. He let Don King use him and throw him away, which is why he knocked his ass out years ago. 50 cent is a smart business man and theres not a doubt in my mind they can make this work. He’s pimpin Pauly D to promote his SK energy shot. Using Pauly D’s relevence to make him money. I’d take Mayweathers business ethics over Tysons anyday.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        what tyson is saying is not a VS mayweather statement its a real business statement to a friend. After all tyson does know how things work from his losses in this game and the money team is a new venture…


        I know it’s not a vs Mayweather statement. It’s real good advice and should be taken. Alot of people are good business men and eventually their businesse’s fail. Kind of like mark cuban and Donald Trump trying to compete with UFC, neither of them had any fighting experience and they tanked. Mayweather is credible AND RELEVANT with a perfect record. THEY’ve signed a few good boxers. There on the right path.

      • Blackstallion777

        What’s 9 shots to a missile? Government runs this whole ship. They’d shut down this whole website if they wanted to and there would be nothing anyone here could do about. All those gangstaz busting shots, who do they be ducking? The Fed’s! Who happen to work for the government. Who was flooding L.A. with crack in the 80’s? The CIA! who happen to work for the government. Who can eliminate an entire country with the press of a button…the government. Who can buy up an entire neighborhood and move the people out? Who can influence politicians without ever voting? Who can commit a crime and get a slap on the wrist? Corporate America! Real world gangsters!


        Yeah I understand all this. The United States runs the whole country, Cuba, Hawaii, soon to be Afghanistan. I’m not stupid nor do I believe in the illuminati. The politics of boxing are the politics of that particular industry, not the government! Del A Hoya runs a profitable and respectable boxing management company. Why can’t these guys? U.S. Government or there missles have nothing to do with it. There too busy seeking oil in North Dakota and Afghanistan.

      • Blackstallion777

        well you did say politics. Don’t sleep on the boxing world though. It’s been corrupt for years. Have 50 mess up someone’s money and watch what happens. 50 has a great business mind, but it doesn’t hurt to got info and advice from someone that was in it, whether successful or not. That’s what all the great business men/women do. They take and learn from others mistakes and successes.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        The streets are rough, but boxing IS the streets, but with hundreds of millions of dollars involved. Don King was a convicted murderer, and gangster from Cleveland. Saying “Mike Tyson isnt so bright” isnt true. Despite losing it, he still MADE 300 million dollars. How many millions have you made? I think its pretty smart to use your body as the weapon to get you out of the streets of Brownsville. If he was dumb, how come everyone doesn’t do what he did and make 300 million? Why dont you?


        I don’t have raw knockout power. Mike tyson is one of the best knockout artists ever. He wouldn’t have taken boxing serious if it wasn’t for his father figure/trainer. Tyson made 300,000,000 dollars boxing, married a gold digger, bit dude’s ear, and blew all his money baby Hammertime. Ontop of that let Don King promote him and bled him dry. He was easily takin advantage of. He’s not too bright, ask anybody.


        How many people turn up dead in boxing as far as promoters go? Do they run around strapped up? No, they may have their disputes, but it’s not handled in drivebys and killed family members. I never recall anything like that happen in boxing.

      • mat

        lol of course the ppl in the corp, politics, and boxing world could teach the ppl in the street world something BUT it wouldn’t be much they’d GAF about hearing. All 4 are difficult atmospheres to be in and they all can easily mess over your whole life from bullet wounds, to getting sued, to political moves that can make it feel like everyone’s against you or trynna take your life. Not to mention the stresss. OHH LAWWDD the stress of all them mofos. just sayin

  • scullyson

    Mike is right but on the flip side Mike was wreckless as uh mofo. Talented but wreckless and out of control for the better part of his career. On the business side tho comparing Mike to Fif is like comparing apples to oranges. Theres cut throat folks everywhere. F.E.A.R. = False Emotions Appearing Real…Just be cautious

  • www.youtubedaily.com

    i saw his interview with TORCHENT.COM he seems to have calmed down

  • 50 is one of the most underrated business men in entertainment. The music might not be what it once was… but the money still stacking up…

  • water_ur_seeds

    born 50 cent, what he gave birth to him? lol 50 had beef with tyson while back, but 50s got mayweather and his promotional team on hand to advise him

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  • I don’t really care much for the comparisons of the street world to the corporate world. I get many of the personality traits are common among street hustlers and businessmen, being sharks that prey on the week. But ultimately, most hustlers are ill-equipped for the business world. Besides the fact that most hustlers get caught, get killed, or simply waste their time, the dangers in the business world are much more underhanded despite being legal. I don’t think 50 even did well enough in music to be confident, they way he’s reacted to Interscope’s dealings is proof.

    • Sean Peterson

      the fact this nigguh still make money is proof…

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  • hoeyuno

    Yea fifs gonna be on the don king side of things and not the mike tyson side. The ufc has somewhat buried the boxing world. I think fif and floyd could revive a great sport

  • brotha_man

    look at tyson wit the knowledge…..but I think fif is in it to dup some cats much like Don King. The last thing I expect from team Mayweather is to be fair to the boxer that fight for them…there are a lot of hands in the pot….

  • If Fif was as smart as we think, he’d hire Mike, just to help with the BS, Mayweather could use the help.“

    • scullyson

      Nah Edog that would be a recipe for disaster.

      • IDK! Brooklyn in the house, different Mike, with lessons learned. Could tutor boxers on what not to do.


    50 is finish boxing is dying anyway 1s floyd retire then what

  • he may be right

  • MikeyRon

    Boxing is so corrupt!!! I’ll always luv the sport, but it’s so obvious that a lot of these fights are rigged. Like Mike said the “betting world” has killed everything. A boxer can make more money throwing a fight than he makes off the actual fight! What’s the last good fight that you’ve seen that didn’t have any displays of some type of fuckery that made you say wow did this shit just happen?

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Damn..don’t nobody owe nobody just because you from the hood…Fif brought in his niggaz…Banks, Yayo, Smurf…Fif cut Smurf because he felt he did something detrimental to his movement, Smurf felt like he got crossed, only thoss two individuals really know what went down…Hammer looked out for the hood and went broke, Fif looked out for himseld and a couple others and he and his family ARE FUKKING SET FOR LIFE..THAT’S KEEPING IT REAL..don’t know what hood you cats from but in my hood if you got 10 stacks and word got out you’d have niggaz on ya ass asap…a nigga you thought was ya nigga would put wolves on you for those 10 stacks…so let’s speed past that and imagine if you were worth 500 million…coming in my hood would be suicide…friendship would not sustain…and if friendship has to paid for then it aint real and if it it aint real it aint right and any nigga buying hood status is a maxi pad drenchwd in blood…C Murder a real fool for trying to keep it too real, now he has nothing but soup and tuna for breakfast, lunch and dinner..he’s the sucker who kept it too real…fuck keeping it gangsta be true to self

    • scullyson

      Sad but true.

    • Sean Peterson


    • thuglifefukdapolice

      C MURDER HE KEPT IT REAL AND C HAD MILLIONS C MURDER WAS A GUY WHO WOULD SELL MILLIONS OF RECORDS UNDERGROUND N STILL GO TO A CLUB AND SHOOT AT THE OWNER AND ALLL THE BOUNCERS CAUSE THEY ASK 4 ID C MURDER IS O DOG FROMMENACE 2 SOCIETY RAPPIN N THATS KEEPIN IT REAL DAWG LIKE CMURDER SAID IM IN THE HOOD CAUSE I CANT BE AROUND HEM WHITE FOLKS HE GOT A DVD ON YOUTUBE CALLED STRAIGHT OUT THE PROJECTS ITS ONE IN NEW ORLEANS WITH C MURDER N 1 IN BROOKLYN WITH M.O.P 3PPL GOT KILLED ON CAMERA IN NEW ORLEANS C MURDER KEPT IT REAL IF U PUSH ME IMA PUSH U BACK And i only chill with real niccas if u real money dont make u or break u n if u really a street dude u would keep that pistol n some killas with no cops like 50 i dont kno where u from but a buster is a buster n if u cant go back to the hoood without cops or u scared of dudes in your own neighborhood with 10 stacks u a buster all i need is god 3 choppa extended clips plenty of pistols n a grenade n i will walk threw your hood with a million waitin 4 any of yall bustas thug life

      • YaheardSyndicate

        sure thing buddy


    I think 50 will be alright

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  • Slaughtr


    • imaman2012

      im saying he’s an orphan. i can’t phantom growing up knowing your mama was killed. that’s what i meant.

      some people become batman. he became 50.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        fool birdman from cash money mother n fATHER SISTER N BROTHER WAS KILLED TRY GROWING UP LIKE THAT

  • no one is ever totally prepared for anything but alot of the stuff Mike Tyson is talking about fif def has a little experience in being hated by the otherside it aint like he talking to drake or diggy or someone like that … fif is smart im sure he def took heed and probably even called tyson after getting wind of this news …..

  • Adrian Barron

    TYSON was never as business saavy as Curtis is … Mike was spending LIFESTYLES on broads for a weekend of pleasure – Curtis aint shelling out shyt unless he’s guarenteed to recoup/profit.

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  • I think a good business man is a good business man in any field if you think about there is a reason why tyson went broke and the reason is because he is not a good business man..

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