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Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway "Sucka MCs"

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  • kstaxx

    Im not gonna say Slaughterhouse is wack yea they great lyricists, but they not mainstream material they jus need to stay underground, all their singles to date have not caught on to the the audience they been reaching for, their album is gonna flop something terrible and Eminem is gonna be forced to disband the group which he shouldnt have created in the first place. The 4 of these guys combined sold like under 200,000 records as solo artists what makes Em think they gonna do better together?

    • brotha_man

      you dead wrong!! they have hit their audience…thats the point of their sound “underground” not this Popsicle stuff that ppl are used to.this aint the average “Oak tree drive” music. This “Martin Luther King Blvd” music

  • disband the group which HE shouldn’t have created? Umm, them boys been rocking together way before Em. Let’s do our homework before turning in our opinions.. And for the record, these cats have been the only ones truly “bringing it” over the last 4 years or so, but bubble gum mofos keep hyping that bubble gum ish… *shrugs*

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