Hip-Hop Rumors: Is "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Scripted?

Did you watch the finale of VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” last night? The finale was very explosive and one of the most talked about topics on Twitter last night. The highlight had to be when Hip Hop Weekly owner Benzino proposed to Karli Redd, and then quickly reneged on the offer. Burn! So the question popped up again, is the show scripted or not?

Benzino recently did an interview with Hip-Hop Wired where he admitted that there was one part that was scripted.

“I met Karli off camera, she asked me for my number and we went on a date,” said Benzino. ” I was trying to keep it away from the Love & Hip Hop camera’s, but then I get a call the next day from Mona (Scott, LAHH producer) saying ‘Nah, if you’re going to date one of the cast members we have to bring the camera’s out.”

“The only thing that probably was re-enacted was when we met. Because when we met the camera’s weren’t there. So they had to get it as close as possible on how we met. Everything else is me and Karli.”

So, if one part of the story is fake, why should we believe that it all isn’t staged? I’ll tell you why, because you can’t make this stuff up! You can’t make up Stevie J and his crazy love triangle with the helpless Mimi and the ex-stripper-turned-spitter, Joseline. (Okay, she probably isn’t much of a spitter, but I like the way it sounds.)

And how about K.Michelle and her alleged abusive relationship with music exec, Memphitz? Yes, the same Memphitz that recently married Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya. See, you can’t make this stuff up!

illseed got the exclusive on the reunion show. He says Rasheda and K.Michelle got into a huge fight and Rasheeda left the building in an ambulance. READ THE STORY HERE: Exclusive Rumor: Hip-Hop Atlanta Reunion: Fights, Marriage Proposals And Flashings

“Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” was the #1 show on cable TV this year, so I’m pretty sure they will be getting a season two. Will you be tuning in again next season?

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  • johnblacksad

    I think Illseed being replaced by Sydney Lace for a minute was scripted!

  • what?!? “reality” tv is can this be?!?!??

  • Adrian Barron

    more important news … Mike Vick hurt again

    • vick is made of glass

      • Adrian Barron

        man you aint never lied – still rooting for the DAWG but dayum something broke, fractured, separated, or scarred on dude er’week — and you got MANNING out there returning from career ending injuries

  • If you all didn’t know this then you are fools to the machine that fooled you into thinking that this shit is real……..What will you all do when you find out that Hip-hop is scripted too….? lol

  • Sparky Flinstone

    This bullshit ass programming has absolutely NOTHING to do with LOVE or HIP HOP! This and shows like it or a propaganda tool being used to manipulate and destroy the minds of millions

  • Smashit

    You can’t write a script as good as LNHH was – can’t wait for next season!

  • Dave Williams

    i hate reality shows of course there scripted dah !!!!!!

  • ccwaterbound32

    sydney….YOU STUPID…. duh! of course this s*it is scripted! and they just love to make asses of themselves as for the k michelle s*it i don’t know and really don’t give a damn that’s they mess that’s on them… you’d think they’d bring back a hip hop show like Yo MTV Raps, or a Rap City but nope they want scantitly clad women, overly commercialized music with no message no narrative no nothing, they want to push stupid azz trends on us to make us buy more name brand s*it if dapper dan ever did an expansion on tailor made s*it id be first in line to cop somethin… just goes to show hip hop is america’s golden goose it’s stranglehold on popular culture is intriguing to them and lines their pockets with an endless supply of cash… better do something about it hip hop heads!!!! your culture is already in the crapper!!! all the majority has to do is flush….

    peace n luv

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I didn’t tune in this year.

  • brotha_man

    not only is this scripted but shows like this and hip hop wives make black ppl look bad. both these shows can go to hell!

  • mrgibson

    Of course it’s scripted…..more black folks cooning for money and a little bit of fame

  • RevrendIke3x

    Of course this shyt is scripted. The writers names are in the credits at the end. The Wife loved these shows; until I showed her the writers names in the credits.

  • upinsmoke3000

    Only thing real about this show is the level of ignorance and the way Mona keeps pimpin out these people to look like total retards on screen, Nobody on the show was relevant to the hip hop scene wit the exception of Stevie J because all the stuff he produced. I’m from Atlantaand I am truly disappointed and pissed at the way they portrayed the city. That show is in no way a reflection of the real A and I think they shouldn’t ever, ever, ever, put it on again. The only reason I even watched it was because the way Stevie J was making Mimi and Joseline look like complete idiots. I fux wit Stevie J because he is hilarious and kept it real and wouldn’t be surprised if he got his own show.

    • dy

      Thank you! Mona and Shaunie O’Neal found a way to legalize pimping. Find some people who need a way to make a comeback, or are going through financial problems (Tami), and profit off them looking bad. Take a producer credit, and deny responsibility. Blame it on VH1!.

  • This show is full of has beens it sucks..

  • Donna Reid

    People…it is entertainment…! If you are tuning in for ANY OTHER REASON THAN TO BE ENTERTAINED!!!!!!!….., then you will be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED..!Now if you tuned into ABC news and this was the deal then okay, vent away…if you dont like what you see, change to the Discovery Channel or DIY network.. They are there for a reason……

  • You could tell from the first commercial for the show when they were in the club.

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