Hip-Hop Rumors: Keri Hilson Blackballed Because Of Beyonce Diss?

Damn. After I stopped going gaga for Kelly Rowland, I had a few moments where I was all on Keri Hilson. At the time, Keri was very…oh lala. Basically, she was one of the few chicks that were surviving the Beyonce era. Most singers were destroyed by B and anybody else was just struggling. But now, it appears that the B-curse has finally caught Keri. I was always wondering what happened to her and why didn’t she come back around after being pretty successful. In 2009, Keri said these fateful words on the remix to “Turning Me On.”
I shot the sheriff, but wait till i shoot these b*tches……down

now i ain’t tryin to start no mess it just something of my chest…..that i need to get off
cause you turnin me off

ya vision cloudy if you think you the best
you can dance, she can sing but need to move it TO THE LEFT

you need to go have some babies, she needs to sit down she fadin

those other b*tches ain’t even worth my time to talk about

been had dollas boy, go get ya money up
know you ain’t the only homie

homie lined up / 
i ain’t turnin it off, im still turning it on
go head and tell these folks how long i’ve been writing your song

i been putting you on
 / just check the credits ho
and if you want me you can find me in decatur ho

Seems like Interscope has gotten the Illuminati word and cut off Keri’s lifeline. I’ve heard her own haughty behavior has contributed to her situation. Now, nobody is wiling to work with her, rumors say. Crazy thing is, Keri is a very accomplished song writer! Somebody get Timbaland on the phone!

Damn it Keri! You still fine though!

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  • iamKingG

    sometimes you just cant go against the Powers That Be… youtube King G – Shake it

  • Beyonce is the Queen….How ever you all fail to include Rihanna…..Rihanna is surpassing Beyonce quickly.And RiRi is lucky to have Jay-z which is Beyonce’s man so no blackballing for Rihanna.

    • digitallife

      Surpassing her in what?

      • kstaxx

        Ri Ri surpassing Beyonce in everything what have Beyonce accomplished in the music buisness that R Ri didnt?

      • Thank You….RiRi is hotter, cuter, younger, and currently no ones baby Mother….Just what the industry likes.

      • Riri is not more attractive than beyonce. I seen her in person an island accent, light skin and eyes doesn’t make you sexy. She is okay but not drop dead sexy. Mad acne on her face, big forhead. She looks average without makeup.

      • digitallife

        Rihanna can’t sing…why is this even a discussion?

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Yall are crazy. Beyonce has 4 albums. Rihanna has 6. Beyonce is worth over $300 Million. Rihanna is worth $60 million.

      SO WHAT IS RIHANNA PASSING BEYONCE IN? Because it ain’t SUCCESS? And the last time I checked, they do the same thing. So yall are measuring something else. Pour math says Be wins.

      • But you fail to realize that RiRi and Beyonce are different ages….At RiRi age she is very close to Beyonce…By the time she gets their she will surpass Beyonce by a landslide.

  • Adrian Barron

    i was rooting for the chick too – she got that appeal – on the low these the kindah chix i be most attracted to in the clubs – she signed them confidentiality agreements than went against her own word – baby might have been a little too truthful too soon

  • digitallife

    Listen when your ghostwriters come out saying “I either sign my writing credits over or i’m done in the industry” it says alot about the chick…that was the dream and ne-yo saying that ages ago. Madonna did it for like 25 years, now beyonce is doing it to her own writers. So you think dissing her isn’t going to get you red lighted?

    • immackulate

      TRUE DAT

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  • kstaxx

    Keri Hilson is better and way more sexier then Beyonce hands down, Beyonce is used goods, nobody checkin for baby mothers no more jus ask Alicia Keys & Keyshia Cole.

    • Keri wasnt even thought of when you was singing & beating off to Destinys Child (Beyonce) so shut that nonesense up. And AK & KC can STILL get it!!!

      • kstaxx

        Keri Hilson>Beyonce & Alicia keys (used goods)

      • immackulate

        you obviously missed STAXX whole point – plus you coveting another man’s wife

    • Weedras

      Keri is better writing songs than performing them, no appeal to the audience, no real motive to the music….

  • TheBigCheeFa

    how much power does beyonce have over the industry?lol i hope the illuminati isnt true

  • kstaxx

    Of course they black balled Keri Hilson fine ass, she dissed the Illuminatis Queen B you know they got to protect their darling inner circle.Why you think nobody ever really came at her all these years up until Keri Hilson?

  • She can’t sing that good, she look nice though

  • Negro Peligro

    Keri Hilson fine but her music is aight. I don’t think Beyonce cared or anyone else for that matter enough to put a career hit out on her.

    • immackulate

      sure they did – but it wasnt BEYONCE it was her father that did that – same thing he did to the rest of the destiny child throw aways and kellie rowland for a short while
      thats the business thoe

  • Sean Peterson

    nigggger please….

  • gomer_1

    I don’t know if Keri got blackballed or not but ya’ll crazy for putting that creepy ass looking picture of Beyonce on the top…LMAO….

  • badjoke

    burning bridges.. azealia banks and her should jump on a track together? and i dont mind either of these ladies i just dont think burning bridges is a good look.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    People are so stupid. Keri’s second album didn’t do well. And Interscope is about only one thing RECORD SALES. So of course there is going to be a delay from her last album and the next one IF there is a next one on Interscope. Her first one only did GOLD and that was after major promo as well as being signed to the 2 hottest producers in the game at the time, who are both not very hot right now.

    So yall can make up the Beyonce thing if you want to.

    Beyonce is not Illuminati or else she would have a message in her music that served to control people’s minds. I missed that part.

    Yall are corny.

  • jondoe

    that hoe a hater, when u diss somebody just because they’re hot, you a fuckin hater man & I don’t even like beyonce but keri put herself there for no reason she stupid for that

    • immackulate

      how bout she dissed her because ole girl was getting accolades for the songs she wrote – and was claiming writing credits for songs she didnt write – but i guess now a days its easy just to call out HATER instead of looking at the issue from a subjective standpoint

      • kstaxx

        Damn well said!!

      • jondoe

        what songs did she write for beyonce?

      • immackulate

        most notably DIVA for Beyonce, Lose My Breath, Soldier for Destiny’s Child – NEYO wrote that TO THE LEFT shyt that Beyonce denied and got caught lying – basically NEYO and a shyt load of ATL artists like Sean THE PEN Garrett (jay-z nicknamed him THE PEN) Johnta Austin that useta hang around JD – Dream who is signed to ROC NATION – so on and so forth

      • kstaxx


      • jondoe

        yeah neyo & sean garrett wrote for her everybody knows that but keri hilson NEVER wrote beyonce song EVER so why she dissin

      • immackulate

        c’mon G do the research yourself – look up the 3 BEYONCE/DESTINY’S CHILD songs for yourself and check the credits
        RECOGNIZE GAME – MICHAEL JACKSON never wrote all of his material SNOOP been having writers for the longest, Dr. Dre admitted to using song writers – fact is, some of these artists arent as talented as you think or get comfy/lazy in their careers that they need HELP, or just wanna ride the next wave of songwriters – and as busy as “baby” was in her career you’d be naive to think she didnt need or ask for help at some point in time – guess you think it was just a coincidence that she was able to pen all those hits, act, sing, choreograph, and keep her JIGGA all at the same damn time, huh?

      • jondoe

        U think Im that stupid bro really I’m a music head, I know Jay-z wrote dr.dre & snoop’s part on “still dre” & I know quincy jones wrote most of michael jackson music, i know rihanna never wrote a song in her life! I’m not denying that, & I’m not denying beyonce has writers because I know she does…My point is that Keri hilson never wrote a beyonce song…sean garrett wrote diva & soldier with a man named rich harrison & yes neyo wrote to the left but keri wrote no beyonce song ever

  • timwest1000

    I thought it was because she cant write. The few she did do well, she stole from someone.

  • YungKizz

    beyonce too garbage for me keri is so underrated

  • Southcidal

    I say let them two wrestle in some KY on pay per view. Fifty, Don King, are yall listening? Phuck PacMan and Money, promote this match. Please!!!!!!!!!

  • Weedras

    Let’s just put like it is Keri Hilson came out on one thing then on her next album she tried selling sex and it didn’t pop off… that video with her half naked feat. Ross was awful, that pretty girl rock song was awful… illseed’s stupid illuminati references are just lame nowadays… Keri’s last album was a brick she flopped trying to sell her body… simple as that

  • King Cold

    thats messed i just heard about this. smh

  • mizzal

    she was talkin about ciara not beyonce…media is dumb as hell…always making shit up!!!

  • upinsmoke3000

    Ya’ll better check the facts, cuz Ne-yo, Keri Hilson, and Kandi Burress are behind a majority of them songs ya’ll be singin in ya’ll cars.

  • Global_Mission

    N/I/G/G/A/S on a HIP-HOP SITE going back and forth about the RUMORS OF R&B B/I/T/C/H/E/S..LMAO! Im wondering who the real B/I/T/C/H/E/S are?

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  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Uhmmmm…what Illuminati…why are niggaz talking Illuminati…Illuminati aint beat over no R & B bytches…there are no black Illuminati…thats a club strickly for crackers whose wealth is at least a century old…they into what makes the world go round…banking, oil, tobacco, steel/iron etc…aint no hip hop or R an B elitist…Jay Z and Beyonce aint sitting in no clubhouse with any of them Builderburg mafukkasbor the Rockefeller mafukkaz…they too broke and they aint got the right skin color….Jay rich..Beyonce rich but both of them together cant buy one of them 4 billion dollar yachts the Illuminati pussys own…so knock off the bullshyt Illuminati talk…Jay own a Maybach….them niggaz own Grand Central Station…

    • isaiah

      Im not sure y u intertain this the illuminati was disbanned n 1803 after in fighting broke out ppl jus keep the name alive n slap it on any org they either dont understand or hate or ppl they feel can pull strings. Dont ask me how i no this info u wont get a reply

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  • hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • KomaDaGreat

    What kind of mental slavery is this? You really think white people control your life? #ThatShitCray


    how can you get blacked balled from writing wack sh!t

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