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Hip-Hop Rumors: Ochocinco Hangs Out With Lil Wayne!

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is recovering from his wounds. And what better way to do that than hanging out with Lil Wayne! Over the weekend, he took his daughter to meet the superstar of Young Money and skateboarding! Apparently, He’s sought some form of refuge at Weezy’s home since he was arrested for head butting his wife Evelyn Lozada! You know then he get cut from the Miami Dolphins and then freakin lost his reality show with his wife. Oh and also the endorsement deal with Zico Coconut Water. Well, I think he’s doing the right thing. Shout out to Wayne. I don’t know all about him, but he’s human like everybody else and probably needs the support of friends. Still, you can’t give a chick a 3-inch cut and just get off scott free. Anyway, he did some skateboarding and whatever as well while over Wayne’s house and I found that odd. But Weezy is on it like that so that’s what is is.

I forgot how hood Ocho once was! He looks like a cross between Just Ice, Mr. T and Favor Flav!

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  • therealest1

    Not important shit.

  • King Cold

    smh this man’s life has been shattered in just a matter of days and all over some bs that might not even be true

  • dayleedumped

    this nigga finna be broke soon, he better start using his money like regular average people

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Lmao at this dumb mafukka…he is spiralling downward and you go spend the night at a homo nigga house and go SKATEBOARDING…wtf do these niggaz be thinking….damn he looks horrible with that gold grill an mohawk…everything ain’t for everybody bruh…

    • Southcidal

      How you know he’s a homo? Has he nailed you?

    • MrsDottskeepinitonehundred Bri

      Another H-ter get off

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  • johnblacksad


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  • This guy is a joke

  • immackulate

    i hate to see a bruvah down – even after phucking off soooo many opp/chances
    but hell T.O. back in the league for the Seattle Seahawks and at one time he couldnt even stay on the field for the arena league ALLEN WRANGLERS (i actually took my son and nephews to a couple games and it was DECENT) and the niggah had a minority stake in the team as well – bottom line somebody gonna throw C.Johnson a league minimum for vet’s soon enough – hopefully he can pull himself up from the bootstrap and cut out that media whore shyt he’s accustomed to – and try to repair his personal legacy instead of acting like a needy broad – good luck to the bruvah!

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  • ChrisKevin

    I Guess This Is Away For Him To Bounce Back , I Wouldn’t Be Surprise If He Is Working On A Music Album With YMCMB ,

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    Damn he coulda waited till they marriage was a few yrs deep no way she wouldve left him, he was wrong for hittin the chick wit his head, but cut from the team? not to pull the race card but one does wonder if he was white would they have kicked him off the team that damn fukin fast?

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