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Hip-Hop Rumors: Will and Jada Stand Strong, Release Intimate Family Photos

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have been hampered by divorce rumors for almost two years now, and the two are still together and seem to be going strong. To further emphasize that, Jada has released intimate photos of her, Will, Willow, and Jaden – her famous family. Check out a few of the photos below from Jada’s instagram:

What a picture-perfect looking family.

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  • johnblacksad

    where’s the rumor part?

  • hoeyuno

    Looks like she had to prove something to will. I feel dirty talking about this now.

  • Adrian Barron

    bet WILL made her release them shyts – cuz she and her daughter was outta pocket for that TUPAC letter –

    • kstaxx

      How was it out of pocket it? was a damn letter not an essay or admission of infedelity. You cant be serious

      • Adrian Barron

        outta pocket cuz this aint the 1st time – back when they was the IT couple for Black America she was calling TUPAC the love of her life with Will Smith sitting right there in the audience – you must have not read the letter to tight becuz her own daughter is askinf for TUPAC’S RETURN so that her mother can be HAPPY AGAIN – i was rooting for the MODERN DAY HUXTABLES but it’s trouble in paradise, unfortunately!

  • Negro Peligro

    That willow smith letter was fake.

  • mrgibson

    until they actually get divorced, i’m not believing shit lol…..this is one marriage in hollywood that i’d like to see stand the test of time.

  • upinsmoke3000

    Who fuccin cares?

  • dayleedumped

    i think that willow letter was fake, therse no way a girl spells and writes like garbage. Even if you are rich i KNOW for a fact will and jada are good parents and want their kids to be smart

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Anybody notice these are really old pics and releasing old pics doesn’t mean your marriage is intact

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  • This aint interesting

  • disqus_0sS83TkdcG

    I feel photos r a wonderful way to keep memories and our histories in tack our children grow up fast and she’s feeling the pains of anxiety separation no doubt the need to remember closeness now will and her gotta focus on each other or have more children