Slaughterhouse Ft. Eminem "Throw That"

[ahh_audio src=/8-21-12/SlaughterhouseftEminem-ThrowThat.mp3]

  • Slaughterhouse always delivers. 6221

  • kstaxx

    Slaughterhouse are those group of rappers who no doubt are great lyricist they will not be successful in the rap game simply because even with all that lyrical ability they have, they still cant make hit records which is the end all be all at the end of the day,that’s all that counts in the music industry no matter what genre of music it is from R&B to Rock n Roll, to Country music, thats the way the music buisness is. So dont blame the other consumers blame the so called fans that dont support them when their album drops and flops.

  • Antonio Copher Sr.

    Straight garbage. This can’t even be considered experimental, just a horrible attempt to mimic Em’s sound. Slaughterhouse is WAY better than this, I know, I’ve been a true fan since day one. Out of all the solo and group tracks this and the “Throw it Away” and “My Life” should not have made the cut or quite simply not have been made; period. This group was to bring hip hop back and show the difference with the mainstream pop sound and real hip hop. This song and the other releases hasn’t done that.

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