Epic Fail Of The Day: NY Senator Demands Apology From Lil' Wayne For Saying "I Don't Like New York"

This publicity hungry NY Senator wins the crown for today’s Epic Fail Of The Day. Senator Malcolm Smith is holding a rally in Times Square today at 3PM to demand a public apology from Lil’ Wanye for allegedly saying, “I flat out don’t like New York.”

Our friends at HipHopWired got there hands on a portion of the Senators press release which throw a few low blows at Weezy, even mentioning his gun charge. Check out a portion of the press release below:

New York City is the birthplace of the Hip Hop music movement. Millions of New Yorkers listen to his music every day. His comments is outraged his local fans and residents. The group today will be demanding an apology of the hip hop star. Lil Wayne has had misfortune in New York with recent gun charges and a jail sentence.

Wow, as a true NY’er would say, “is this the type of sh*t my taxes are paying for!”

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  • Wayne is bitter that he had to serve jail time in New York, that’s why he hates it…However don’t go acting like New York City didn’t assist in helping you to build you’re fading empire…Rappers like Lil Wayne, and Kanye West tend to use their fans to gain success and after it’s accomplished then they show their true colors…The greatest thing about this is that New York, will always be around and its guaranteed that Lil Wayne will not be around forever.

    • Jadio72

      Really? New York could sink tomorrow, I’ll still have my Wayne songs.

      • Weedras

        umm… even if it sinks it’s still there just under water lol!! smh..

      • If NYC ever sinks it will only push that troll Lil Wayne’s career even deeper.

      • Jadio72

        Im sure civilization can adapt to this as well! Maybe just the giant rats and cockroaches that infest the pigsty that is NYC

      • New York City is dirty and nasty YES….But New York City is the first
        City with 2 Airports,2 Baseball teams,…..Man the list goes on and on,
        not to mention NYC is the only City with as many Millionaires who live
        on the same block at one time……EVERYTHING come through NYC first
        Fashion, Music, Food, Art, Broadway, Photography, Dance, Acting,
        Celebrities..Every movie you watch has to do with NYC…So that is why
        NYC is so f****** dirty it’s the City that never sleeps…People are
        always using this great City for EVERYTHING.

        F*** Lil Wayne this little Troll is falling off and NYC will be around when his career ends.

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  • dominicancoke

    Your arms too short to box.with god ny is the god of hip hop we created it gave you bum nigguz life how dare you bite the hand that feeds you weezy?only dude to get a real pass was an ny born and raise guy name 2pac but you?man one of your maine rappers is from jamaica good as dead up hear son homo

    • eddie the

      yea ny created it but the ws made it better and the south keeping it alive.

      • the south runining it cant u see that?? water down rhymes, all dance songs no substance. the same sounding beats one after another. cmon now!!!!

      • MadVillain

        the south is keeping it alive? damn n!gga wtf is wrong with you? ONLY the underground scene is keeping real hip hop and hardcore rap alive, wack artists come from everywhere but most come from the south…

      • Sexy_Sabe

        Thts a lie! The west were hot for a min then cooled off after pac died.. Snoop ws the only one who really kept it goin afta tht, an The south killed it an im not from NY. Outkast,luda,t.i,scarface all all the south really had..

    • nyc is like a ant farm. yall be poppin one minute til God spray some lysol on ya ass

  • dominicancoke

    One more thing nyc is bigger than america in retrospect some people relate america to new york you could be from kansas out in new zeeland and tell them you american they gone be like oh like new york? Ny is the 4th biggest metropolis on eaRth biggest media in north america and the reason why you’re in a site named allhiphop the reason you have a lil wayne instead of a dewayne carter who pumps gas or sells crack or is some student we dont know ny hip hop lost its spark yet every mc in the world is doing what my borough the bronx gave life to yes even the wack ones like 2 chainz and lil b you could have a different slang accent or language but its all new york art

    • Have you even been to another country? I have never had someone ask tell me “like NY” shit more people want to go to Vegas then NY if your from another county.

      • redcons

        or Miami

      • dominicancoke

        Nyc than hollywood and south beach

      • We Have & That’s a Lie. This is Where they Describe the Streets being Lined with Gold to Immigrants from all Over!

  • wayne wack. between drake nicki and wayne, ymcmbs’ target demographic is the gay community. seriously. no lie.

    • Sexy_Sabe

      lmao #Truu

  • ChrisKevin

    Well Its Our Amendment 1 To Have Freedom Of Speech , So He Can Like It Or Don’t , But He Shouldn’t Act Like NYC Didn’t Boost His Sole Low Career For That Carter 2 Album , But Hey Wayne Got to Big For Them Skinny Jeans That Nicca Be Wearing

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  • Gregory Fields

    The Senator is completely out of line and needs to make a
    public apology! Lil Wayne ain’t the only person who has publicly announced they
    don’t like NY. There is no existing law that bars people from publicly expressing
    their dislike for NY or any other place.

    What he, the Senator, should be doing if putting up a better fight against the
    genocide taking place in his state, serving on committees claiming to be
    pre-occupied and/or inundated with other senate responsibilities is no excuse
    for not taking a stand against this horrific offense. Redevelopment is code for
    Genocide and I know he knows that!

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Sydney Lame, you own the crown for the biggest fail, period. You are the fail.

  • hoeyuno

    If I was wayne I wouldn’t be too fond of the big apple either. But really who gives a fuk what dwayne likes and doesn’t like.

  • Numbuh Four

    This is a huge waste of time, I don’t think anyone out here in NY with a life gives that much of a f*ck what Lil Wayne thinks about our region. Anyone at that rally is just as big a fool as Lil Wayne is.

    As for him not liking New York, just don’t come here anymore then. You ol’ doo doo face n*gga, stay the hell out of the whole state and keep that Canadian broad with the Gargamel eyebrows the f*ck out of here too.

  • sydney is that dude. illseed can suck one. nyc is overrated man no offense but yall aint “God” like this dominican coke lord just sed. yall yanks up there be moving to fast.. you dont stop to think. dont underestimate the south… the home of free thinkers like morgan freeman

    • dominicancoke

      Ay im not under estimating no one but f#ck some parts of the south I lived in florida and in georgia only states that have true lyricist is texas and missisipi such as trae z-ro tito ortiz big krit and so many more but georgia and florida? They dont give 2 frucks about lyrics as long as you do the stanky leg say choppers trap trill and goon in your raps with the exception of a few rappers p.s new orleans got some lyrical dudes too

  • upinsmoke3000

    To be honest, who gives a fucc about what rapper is from where and the East and South blah blah blah. I’m from Atlanta but I listen to all music. If it’s good cool, if you suck whatever. Ya’ll be on here bickerin about who started this and the South is wack, whatever…… hip hop isn’t supposed to be a competition between us and the East and West. It’s our culture as black people and whoever else wants to enjoy it. For the record, there are wack azz rappers from all over, not just the South. Because to be honest, most of Wu-Tangs beats sounded the same to me. But I do agree, the South needs to get some better subject matter because only a few rappers down here are reppin correctly. Thank you Andre 3 stacks, Scarface, Big Boi, J. Cole, B.O.B., Big KRIT, Bun B, Phonte, Jay Electronica, Killer Mike, and David Banner!

  • WTF?????? Whoooooooooooooo givesashit????????? foh with the nonsense….just stop it yo……….(places hoody over head and turns back and walks away with a high gas receipt in hand)…

  • kstaxx

    Finally somebody had the guts to say what Lil wayne said shit I dont like Lil Wayne or New York for that matter bunch of rude ass rotten spoiled arrogant apples.

  • JaffarR

    NY don’t like Wayne neither.

  • World Wide

    Wayne is trash so he gives a shit.

  • Suava

    wayne just needs to shut his fuccin mouth NY the same place he got jamed up last time for talking shit about the nypd and had to go sit for that lil year or whateva

  • W.T.F?? Can’t he Feel the way he wants to feel???

  • CelebrityBait

    F##K all that TEXAS is where its at…..We are the wealthiest state of the 50….im proud to say….nyc is aight but TEXAS do what it do

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  • upinsmoke3000

    Is it me or does that senator look like TC from the Wayan Bros show?

  • kstaxx