Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Trina Get Dumped By Text Message?

James Harden dumped Trina? Apparently, these two were dating in public view and I totally missed it! Maybe Sydney Lace caught it earlier this year…I don’t know (here is some of it). Anyway! It would seem that they are no more and James did the dump truck move on the Miami mistress. Why? Rumor has it the folks in the NBA were clowning him because he had her all with his family at the NBA games and stuff. I think all this clowning started with the fact that Trina was dating L.A. Clipper Kenyon Martin for the longest. And he even had her lip-print tatted on him. He ended up covering that up. Apparently, she went to London and was with him then. That’s when it became too much for him to bear. James wasn’t able to take the jokes and the pressure Trina was putting on him to be his “wife.” Apparently – and this is the harsh part – he did it over a text message giving her the heave-ho. No pun intended.

I just realized that James Harden is only 22, but with that beard he looks like he’s 32. Trina is 33 for anybody that cares. She still looks good.

Wait a sec, James. You sure you want to do that?


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Summer is damn near over! WTF!?!


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  • when did trina get her ass back.. i thoght she lost a while back… yeah that bitch can get it

  • Guest

    owned bixchhhhh!

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    She don’t make music no more so you already know she’s trying to get hitched to an up and coming star.

  • therealest1

    I guess he decided to mature late to know this overused thing is not wife material. Better late than never I suppose although he should’ve already known better by default. If he did dump her, it still doesn’t matter because he took her in the first place anyways when he should’ve known better.

    It won’t be hard for her to rebound (pun intended), she’ll just latch onto another NBA player like remoras do with sharks.

    Perhaps she can go for Kobe Bryant since his marriage looks assed out despite numerous reports and photos of reconciliation attempts. Y’all know over 95% of marriage reconciliation attempts end up failing, see Michael Jordan’s $168 million divorce cost. Perhaps she has already plotted with some moves while the USA hoops team was in London, hey its a small world right?

  • mrgibson

    His peoples were probably clowning him to get him to see the light. There’s finer (and less troublesome) ass out there and he probably realizes that. Trina’s biological clock is ticking and she’s looking for someone to lock down lol.

    • tru

      haha yeah man bitches think they run shit they really dont onces that body sags its over but niggas can always hit that gym and bulk up and have hoes drollin like ll cool j nigga almost 50 and pimpin haha

  • dayleedumped

    this nigga 22? word?

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  • It ain’t about the physical.

    Smash & Pa$$ or Sma$h & keep smashing, yeah…..marriage?

    He’s 22, power move would have been to pump the breaks, but youngin’ dropped into second, hit the “E” brake, cut the wheel & 180’d out!

    Gotta give the kid props for that!

    He risked a serious injury ( whiplash ) with that move! If he can turn around like that on the court……” He…could…..go…….ALL….The….WAaaaaayyYYYYYY!”

  • Slaughtr



    ayo Trina…..ima need them season tickets back boo

  • Torrey Winston

    Drake said it best – im afraid imma be with somebody thats been with everybody…..and trina….she been with evvvvveeeerrrrryyyyyybbbbooooddddyyyyyy

  • Guest

    I love Trina but she is a whore….An expensive one at that….The thing is after a while these athletes start to understand that whether they really like you or not it’s a bad image for them to have this stripper looking person stealing all the shine. Trina you are getting old and too expensive start thinking about retiring.

  • Damn sucks for her lol

  • immackulate

    bytch is HOESOME – and no where near WHOLESOME – niggah was playing himself from Day1 anyway – erbody gotta past but that broad gotta HISTORY

  • Guillaume Pilon

    trina is trash and a pass around hole

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  • Guest

    Trina need to sit her dusty vagina somewhere…..It’s obvious that the sex is not great anyways….She should move to Nava- Hoe.

  • Damn, dats whut she get 4 messin wit rappers & ball players, if an average Joe had a chance maybe she would be happy

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