Hip-Hop Rumors: Mannie Fresh Says "What Happened To The East Coast Sound"

Super producer Mannie Fresh has seen many different era’s of Hip-hop and is still relevant today, currently working on the G.O.O.D. Music compilation C.D., Cruel Summer. In a recent interview with Soul Culture in his hometown of New Orleans, Mannie gave a very candid interview about his thought on Hip-Hop culture today and gives NY rappers a reason to get motivated. Check out what he said below:

“You got NY rappers that sound like they from the South, East coast rappers that sound like they from the South. I’m not saying anything is wrong with that, but what happened to the East Coast sound, what happened to the West coast sound?”

Do you agree with Mannie Fresh on that? Do NY rappers sound like they’re from the South? Mannie also drops some jewels about working with G.O.O.D. Music, “It’s a factory. You can go work with whoever you want to work with until you get that magical song.”

Check out the full interview below. Mannie also talks about the next generation of producers, why his generation of producers are still relevant and why he will never sign with anybody ever again, “been there, done that.”

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54 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Mannie Fresh Says "What Happened To The East Coast Sound"”

    • cromthelaughinggod

      I disagree spitting double time has nothing to do with the south because there are NY rappers who had been spitting that. That was just a feature. Big pun spit fast my friend. 50 cent on the other over does it with this shawty talk and down south accent “mayne” and all that bs he is one of them.

      • DonaldBang

        Spitting fast and spitting double time are two different things. Kool G Rap spit fast, but wasnt double time. The truth is, New Yorkers never want to let everyone forget so badly that hiphop started there, that they fail to give props for other area’s contributions to the art.

  1. RichFromBX

    ru·mor   [roo-mer] noun
    1.a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts
    2.gossip; hearsay: Don’t listen to rumor.

    If there is a video of him making the statement then it’s not a rumor…it’s fact

  2. drew

    East coast Hip-hop started in 1979 Im roughly fall off I
    n the early 2000’s Which brought the emergence of down south hip hop so the south has another 25 years to flourish who knows the sound of hip hop in 30 years could be based out of the united kingdom

  3. Sosa_Limone

    i agree with him.. iam die hard ny hiphop fan… but unless you an underground artist, you not rappin like you from new york, bc all the radio wanna play is that dirty south shit… if you not on the radio you not makin money… its more the systems first than the artists fault, i really miss new york hiphop but that shit is dead.. you gotta go underground to find real new york flows now.

    • Chris

      Real talk. I’m from the South, but I grew up on NY hip-hop. NY definitely had its own sound. To me, it’s weird hearing NY dudes rhyme over 808s and trap beats. I can see why NY ninjas are so bitter, though. I agree. That classic NY ish is dead and ain’t never comin’ back. R.I.P.

      • Darkfather504

        TRUDAT! I too grew up on NY raps. You used check a song and the sound told you the region. Now everything is blurred and slurred!!

      • CaliTransplant

        while i feel you, i wouldn’t say never. remember, everything comes back around, dog. NYC is trippin right now ie. Mobb Deep beefin'(that’s just wrong!),& jadakiss’ mixtape sounded WAY too Southern for me. i was like “wtf!”hip hop is out west; Cali is comin up and in detroit right now. watch out for the D! ATL is saturated with 100 dudes who sound like waka. i’ll wait for TI, thank you..

      • ReadMore82

        Yeah I feel u bruh. That Kiss mixtape had me kinda pissed. I mean, respect to the south, Im from here, but I grew up on alot of east coast shit too. And yeah I’m diggin Cali right now, that Black Hippy movement is making noise

      • Sexy_Sabe

        so true, Cali is on the rise again an my city (Detroit) is finally gettin some shine from someone other than Em(love him)..Its some heat in the D, we on our way

  4. Andre Stretch Wakefield

    man i been saying this since 2006. but i do like when ny rappers go over them trap beats. but these rappers need to realize that just because you rapping over a trap beat, you don’t have try to flow like a country bama. rap over them trap beats but keep that ny flow and lyricism. sounds so much better. and why doesn’t anybody tell stories or drop jewelz any more!

  5. immackulate

    NY sound went underground cuz there wasnt a “new” NY that was willing to stay true to NY – back in the early 2000’s niggaz started riding OUR dicks down south and abandon they homefront – if the “new” NY would have showed more support to the old heads (Rae, Chef, Busta Rhymes, to name a few) that was on they way out then the game would be a lot different instead niggahs would rather go feature Lil Wayne, Jeezy, etc… hell niggahs thought NY was back when 50 dropped but he created so much separatism in his own region niggahs didnt wanna show support. When niggahs dont support theyselves or they own regions before the pendulum changes than its gonna be hard to try that format after it shifted already.
    Then the game changed completely NIGGAHS STARTED RECOG GAME THAT THERES MONEY TO BE MADE OUT WEST/DOWN SOUTH so you had to reach out to other regions or be subject to fall victim — than the West Coast started to fall off after PAC died – even Snoop had to come eat down south after a while (for various reasons) – bottom line the SOUF support the SOUF and we bigger than just one state (ala Cali, NY) we 10-15 states strong so internal beef between the south doesnt play out the same way it does in this other markets.
    I grew up on when east coast was strong – niggas had the juice crew for example – niggahs was really having crews that was 4-5 groups/emcees deep and they showed love and support regardless of who was grossing the most – thats why the east coast held the torch for so dayum long – not to mention it all started in the BX. Once east coast niggahs started going for self IT OPENED THE LANE UP & they let the west coast gangsta shyt NWA perfected gain footage and gave them a good 15-20 yr run on top – then PAC, SNOOP, DRE was killing the game – E40 on the low from an indy standpoint included.
    I remember even then the south wasnt getting no love like that around that time unless you was Scarface – even BALL AND G / OUTKAST was vying for ny attention in the late 90’s

  6. hoeyuno

    I think hip hop just changed. But that’s good because in the 80s rap music was said to have been a fad that would not last through the early 90s, and especially the 2000s when we would be driving flying cars.

  7. messias3

    the down south sound sold more …. to the masses …. i think ….. is the reason the ny sound died … ! and da masses love dat southern drawl mayne

  8. chevy_weight_champ

    FUCC NEW YORK PERIOD!! them niccaz dead cuzz they have no identity, now the WESTCOAST muzic whether you think itz hot or garbage, you still know itz WESTCOAST muzic!!!! ITZ LIKE NEW YORK WENT SOFT EVERY SINCE SNOOP CAME THRU AND CRUSHED THE BUILDINGS!!!

  9. slumlord_vinny

    Look, the South is hot right now and been hot for a minute. This is a fact! A lot of NY rappers have fell off. It happens. Everything comes back around and we will be back in the mix soon enough. NA Roc!!!!!!

  10. chevy_weight_champ

    Thatz crazy all hip hop deleted my message I’m dying over here that the WESTCOAST got yall N.y. faggots mad FUCC NEW YORK now delete this one 2 face it that state is a piece of shit!!!!

  11. upinsmoke3000

    He is right. I love the South and we been gettin it for a long time now. But when I was in school I used to love Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Too Short, DJ Quik, etc. Hell, Tribe Called Quest is one of the best groups to ever do it. The South just has so many different sounds because you have Texas wit the slowed up sound, Louisiana with that gutter gangster music, Atlanta wit the crunk and trap music, Tennessee also with the crunk music. Now Alabama and Mississippi are becoming more prominent with that straight up country swag music. Basically we aren’t cornered into one particular sound. I can normally tell a West or East Coast beat when it comes on because it has that certain sound that those coasts use. There is nothing wrong with rappin like the South because it’s all hip hop to me. Just make good music and I’ll rock wit u. Hell, J. Cole and Jay Electronica from the South and they rap like East Coast niggaz.


    He is right about that, im from H-Town i grew up when the radio played artist from east and west and they all had there own sound, now you have everyone sounding like one coast, you have Asap rocky, french montana and even Drake from Canada rapping with southern accents , we need a balance and its not that Ny fell off, its that the industry and radio and mainstream media has only been heavily promoting southern typical rap, its easier to be promoted as a drug dealing rapper than a real artist that can really spit, hip hop music is still well and alive its just not in the mainstream you have to look to underground artist for good music, if all you listen to is rappers that come out on mtv,bet or the radio u are missing out on so much good music, most these rappers that yall go crazy for in the mainstream its not the best music its rappers willing to make any kind of sound the labels think will sell,, if all u have is a bunch of rappers that sound the same over the same trap beats on ur i-pod ur missing out on good music, i listen to all coasts if its good, i dont care if its a so called old school or new school if ur original and dont sound like anyone else already out then im going to listen, u check my i-pod u have balance from, Tha Alkaholiks, Big Pun, Face, Out Kast, 8 BALL&MJG, Tribe, Immortal Teq, Swollen Members, Cube, Snoop, Nas, WU, KRS, Mack-10, Fashwan, Stron Arm Steady, Bishop Lamanot, Xzibit, Chino XL, Beatnuts, Busta, Boot Camp, Madlib, Jedi mind tricks, Dj Quick, UGK, Cuban Link ect, its a balance from all coast, i dont want to hear ll trap music or all music about NY orr everything about LA, i want a balance i want some dance, some club, some street knowledge, some abstract , some party shit if you want to hear all the same rappers that sound the same u small minded

  13. tab58064

    What NY rappers sound like they from the south?? Fabolous, Jay-Z, Nas, Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Fred Da Godson, Jadakiss, etc. all still rap with there northern accents. They may rap over beats that are southern, but that’s simply because that’s what’s hot right now, but as far as them sounding southern….nah! Either way, he can’t argue the fact that NY/East Coast rappers are better lyrically than the majority of southern artists!

  14. 7yoyo7

    Joey Bada$$ is from NY and sounds like NY.
    Action Bronson is from NY and sounds like NY.
    Spit Gemz is from NY and sounds like NY.
    Black Hippy (Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q) is from the Cali and sounds like the West.
    Roccett is from the Cali and sounds like the West.
    BIG K.R.I.T. is from Mississipi and sounds like the South.
    Tito Lopez is from Mississipi and sounds like the South.

    And the list goes on…

    Many talented rappers are “official” when it comes to representing their local culture, it’s just that for the past few years most of the artists are focused on putting out music that attracts more venues (aka more money aka commercial SHIT!)

  15. KillaHertz Wilkerson

    i agree… its like this new wave of rappers are like cross-breeding creating some kinda hybrid rap. Kendrick is complex like somebody from the east, ASAP Rock/Ferg & French Montana sound like they from the south. Even Schoolboy Q got some down south swag to him. but on the flip side, we got folks like Little Brother, J-Cole, Jay Electronica, and Yelawolf rappin like they from the East. but i ain’t hating…i kinda dig it. its all hip hop

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