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Hip-Hop Rumors: New Blue Ivy Carter Photos Leak And She Looks Like A Perfect Mix Of Jigga And Bey

New photos of the heir to the Carter throne, Blue Ivy Carter, have leaked, and the baby is absolutely adorable. MediaTakeOut has somehow gotten their hands on some exclusive photos of Beyonce and Blue, and the baby looks like a perfect mix of her mommy and daddy. Check the photos below:

She looks like Beyonce from the nose up and has Jay-Z’s lips and chin. The combination works for little Blue Ivy and she is just precious. Beyonce has been sharing tons of pictures on her tumblr. When is she going to release some good pictures of Blue? She needs to go ahead and do that already, since these are the second grainy photos to leak of the baby, and I’m sure they don’t do her any justice. Come on, Bey and Jay, don’t you think it’s time to release some new photos of Blue?

  • johnblacksad

    I am very happy for you Sydney.

    Nothing could make Ms Lace happier… (or maybe only Rihanna & Chris Brown’s baby will have a similar effect)

    • >>M.O.P. VOICE: “Your as COLD as ICE….Your cold as ice to me!”

  • I think this is all BS she never really gave birth!

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      What would be the point? And why do you care so much to even have that opinion?

    • Weedras

      I ain’t in no way a Beyonce fan but i hate ignorance and stupidity… and some of ya’ll have gotten to the point where it ain’t even a theory it’s pure bullshit and stupidity that flows off ya’ll brains…

    • johnblacksad

      I think you should stop thinking

    • RBG4Life

      i agree…i dont think she did either. I think blue ivy is a “designer baby” via dna extraction

  • angelica

    that is not beyonce in the first picture

    • MENA


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  • Donovan C. Bradley

    Syd. Kill ya self. I’ll let you choose how. For real tho, nobody on an All Hip Hop sight is checkin’ for f’ing baby news or even googling baby pics to begin with. Hell, finding out about having a baby to begin with would probably be bad news for most of us on here. And for my 2nd point… That isn’t Bey in the 1st pic and Blue was born in f’ing January. The baby in the 2nd pic looks like she’s damn near 2 years old. Don’t you have anyone in the streets for rumors before you be going an cop/pasting mediatakeout BS? I’m about finished, but think about it this way for a sec. If I wanted to read mediatakeout stories, wouldn’t I just go to media F’n takeout??? And I’m through…

  • Lady_Skittles

    they have a beautiful baby