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LL Cool J Confronts Burglar In Los Angeles Home

(AllHipHop News) Rapper LL Cool J was involved in a confrontation with a burglar inside of his Los Angeles home earlier this morning (August 22).

According to TMZ.com, a burglar entered into LL’s Los Angeles home around 2 AM.

The rapper, who stars as field agent Sam Hanna on the hit show “NCIS: Los Angeles,” was home at the time of the intrusion and went downstairs to confront the interloper.

A fight broke out between the two men and LL Cool J managed to detain suspect until the LAPD arrived.

The suspect, who suffered bumps and bruises, was promptly arrested and booked for burglary.

  • disqus_17vYgq9yFy

    The burgular must not have heard the song called “mama said knock you out”. Lol

    • mike malarkey

      i heard it was kool moe dee

      • immackulate

        mike madden wuz the bidnezz myG

      • mike malarkey

        wat up withcha? same old same old round here… its alot of the old members on this fb group

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  • LL still is indeed Notorious and crushed him like a jelly bean. #bad

    • scullyson


  • CanYouAllHearMe

    LOL I bet the guy shit himself when he saw LL

  • Mike9130


  • King Cold

    Lmao. That’s what his ass gets. He must have forgotten LL is known to have put hands on folks. Lol

    • johnblacksad

      Jus because he stays lickin his lips (no homo) doesn’t mean he won’t get rough on a n!gga (no homo either)

    • scullyson

      lol…..BTW anybody seen Jamie Fox?

      • immackulate

        yeah he did put hands on that niggah on the ANY GIVEN SUNDAY set

      • scullyson

        LOL…Yeah that was some funny sh*t….It was even funnier when Jamie Joked about it on “I might need security”…

      • King Cold

        lmao cold part was they put it into the movie haha.

  • Damn LL got mug!! lol

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  • johnblacksad

    Burglar prolly tried to steal his Radio! LL wasn’t havin that

  • hoeyuno

    OK is one rapper you wouldn’t want to end up in a fight with. you know dude stays in shape.

  • digitallife

    LL Cool J beat him up then asked him what lip balm he uses lol (had to get a joke in)

  • scullyson

    L gave em a two piece and uh biscuit? lmao

  • immackulate

    “it gets no rougher”

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  • drew

    LL Cool J house is big as HELL! Battle any burgular don’t care who you TELL! Rob my crib you will FAIL! Double L will send you to JAIL without BAIL!

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  • Man ll ain’t tough y he didn’t do dat 2 kalvin martin (50 cent to u dumb fuks) back n da 80 when he robbed him 4 his gold rope chain and then took pictures of it on his daughters neck smh dnt b fooled by these rappers they no who 2 try and not 2 and by the way 50 cent was only like 5 4

    • YaheardSyndicate

      man i bet 50 cent had a big gun on him. Guns dont make you tough, they just make you a cat with a gun..

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