Lupe Fiasco

VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco's Latest Conversation Piece "B*tch Bad" Debuts During RapFix Roundtable

“I just wanted to have a conversation. It was more to just put it out in the world and see what happens,” says Lupe.

The naturally controversial Lupe Fiasco wastes no time coasting the lines of betterment and destruction with the release of his first video, “B*tch Bad” from the long-awaited album sequel, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part 1 (September 25). Not to be confused with his mentor’s release, “Perfect B*tch”, Lupe hopes to further the “removal of power” to the derogatory term while inserting a sense growing up in the culture of the term.

“B*tch Bad” is directed by Gil Green, with the purpose of visually walking you down the path of Lupe’s eclectic storytelling. After listening to “B*tch Bad”, let us know if you’re OK with children learning from “Lupe Fiasco’s Neighborhood”…

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  • Black Exodus

    REAL SHIT…LOOK IN THE MIRROR…Excellent…it’s a state of emergency for our people and our music…take it back! Wake up call!

    Black Exodus “Most Hated” “Diamonds” “Problems”….check me out!

  • Had to turn this ‘Chet off…..too powerful for me to listen to right now because it’s 4:20PM & Reggie Miller is chilling, but will hit it up later, share with wife, friends, etc.

    +1 For Lupe 4 REAL!

    If he drops 2 albums of this quality, they are gonna take him out!

    • Sparky Flinstone

      I can’t see video but I love Lupe @ EdOGZ who is “they” that you refer to as taking him out? Sometimes I think we give “They” way too much power…but I’m curious what u meant by the statement

      • The execs that promote “Sambo’ism” ” They want us dancing, cooning & Hollaring, only respect us for playing sports & modelling!” …Civil War – Immortal Technique

  • Q.

    Lupe = One island of HOPE in a sea of wackness.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Great message….horrible track. I know this man can do better as far as choosing producers….

    • Sexy_Sabe

      Tht beat is dope! i was actually surprised. When i heard tht this song had a deep msg I thought he would choose a wack beat so u would focus on the lyrics but he didnt. This is a song u can bang, while gettin something positive at the same time.

  • MidwestBorn

    Tupac used to say listen to the message forget the beat, Lupe gave the hip hop world a test on it. Funny how the message goes over so many peoples head yet they trash the beat.

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