AHH Stray News: T.I. In "Hawaii Five-0," Young Money Sued, Big KRIT

(AllHipHop News) Rapper T.I. has landed another high-profile role, as a guest on an upcoming episode of “Hawaii Five-0.” According to reports, the 31-year-old rapper will be featured in a flashback story line. T.I. will appear as a member of a crime syndicate, which was investigated by Danno (Scott Caan). According to the storyline, the case had a huge impact on Danno’s life and career in law enforcement. Other actors slated to appear in the “Hawaii Five-0” episode include Terrence Howard and Kendall Jenner. The episode of “Hawaii Five-0” featuring T.I. will air this October.

Lil Wayne’s Hip-Hop label Young Money Entertainment is accused of stiffing two different producers out of royalties in two separate lawsuits. Andrew “Drew” Correa filed a lawsuit against Young Money, claiming the label has not paid him royalties for producing tracks on albums like Tha Carter III, I’m Not A Human Being and others. Marcos “Infamous” Rodriguez also had an issue with royalty payments from Young Money, so he filed a lawsuit as well. According to Rodriguez, Young Money agreed to pay for production on albums like Carter IV, Re-Birth, We Are Young Money and others, but failed to live up to its obligations. Both men seek a full accounting and damages.

Big KRIT will share the stage with a variety of rap legend this September, during the 3rd annual ONE Musicfest in Atlanta. Artists like Santigold, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh and MC Lyte are confirmed on the bill, along with Marsha Ambrosius, formerly of Floetry, and singer Eric Roberson. “There is a lack of representation for soul, progressive Hip-Hop, alternative and rock, represented under one roof, in the format of music festivals in Atlanta”, stated J Carter, ONE Musicfest’s Producer. “We have noticed that while there are many pockets of individuals that share taste in the same music, rarely do you see them share in this together. ONE Musicfest was created with the idea of ‘music as the universal language. Over time we aim to grow this fest into a phenomenon and bring together different sectors of individuals through a unique music platform.” The ONE Musicfest will take place at the 4th Ward Historic Park during Labor Day Weekend. Tickets can be purchased at select retailers and online at http://onemusicfest.com

  • scullyson

    Birdman a buster. smh

    • King Cold

      its sad but every year there are several lawsuits towards young money/cash money

      • scullyson

        your right saap . It never ends with this dude man. smh

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    BIrd man should watch out he might end up like Suge Knight…losing tons of money to law suits.

  • YungKizz

    young money gon have no money

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  • Again?

    YMCB stayed getting sued for jerking dudes.

    Pretty soon, dudes gonna sue without being owed, just because they will win!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      im just wondering if these dudes got they paper work right … or did they get it right afterwards … def interested to know … @ some point i def would like to hear Waynes or even Babys side of this one …. wayne probably acts like he aint got nothing to do with it cause hes just an artist …….

      • Paper is right, like it would be if dealing with Don King. IMHO

        I doubt Birdman would violate a contract, probably just a fugged up contract!

  • FrankWonder

    When will people learn that YMCMB don’t pay royalties? smh

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      when he stops going platinum … regardless if you know you going to get your royalties or not producers will still take the risk because of the earning potential and any lawyer will also jump on cause of the earning potential as well on some did you slip fall or hurt yaself on the job type ish LOL … shoot its probably some lawyer in ATL right now running a commercial talking about “have you ever produced for YMCMB and years have gone by and you still havent seen on Royalty check? Call me Robert Bean & Staudemire @ 1800-Get-YOMO” lol !!!!! 😉

      • FrankWonder


  • dominicancoke

    Cash money young dummies same old tactics huh? Baby and slim are the don kings of rap follow by diddy of course. But they ripped off basically every original artist who made them internationally known from juvie bg turk manny fresh and of course brain washed wayne. but im sure wayne pays his ym artist or at least 2 of them

  • 7yoyo7

    Big KRIT knows how to put up a show, I went to his concert when I was in Paris last week.
    No 100 dudes on stage just him and his flow.

  • It seems as if the more T.I gets in trouble is the more he gets rewarded….O well great for him.

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  • suge380

    If these niggaz will jerk niggaz they have known for years, what the fcuk makes you think they ain’t gonna jerk you and they have known you every bit of five minutes. Dummies gonna learn about signing with the mf thats on top vs getting you contracts and money right.

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