HEATER OF THE DAY: Hi-Tone "TFC Vol. 3 Intro (King Of The Jungle)"

[ahh_audio src=/8-26-12/Hi-Tone-TFCVol3Intro(KingOfTheJngle).mp3]

  • Guest

    This makes me feel proud to be from Southern Cali!! We got more than gangsta rap!! Hi-Tone is bringin good music, and TFC really is a movement!! Who doesn’t wanna be at the Top of the Food Chain?? Show em another side of CA Hi-Tone11

  • Hi-Tone’s music has me feelin proud to be from Southern Cali!! TFC really is a movement, and its one you can feel proud of rockin with!! Who doesn’t wanna be at the Top of the Food Chain no matter what it is you do?? Keep bringin that good music Hi-Tone!!

  • This is dope! I’d love to hear more from this Cali artist!!! ok, I can’t figure out the Star thingy…please disregard that! haha! But I give it 4 stars!

  • Tino

    Sick Ass Song..Hi-Tone’s Music Is Like A Breath Of Fresh Air..Dont Sleep On This Kid..TFC TMBH

  • that shit is fire. yall already know

  • EarForGoodMusic

    One of the illest songs I’ve heard in a while… I really gotta research this dude…

  • Love this song. Every word has meaning. Its such a good feeling to hear an artist put the truth on a record. Much love – $tef Lova

  • dope!

  • Straight fire! This is hard. he deserves the best

  • real music, for the real people…… TFC

  • Hi-Tone doin big things!!!

  • Jasmine

    This beat is a banger!!! Hi-Tone you did your thang on this track, and much love goes out to 12Sinatra on the beat..!!

  • Guest

    “My BLUE PRINTS is BIG Mother Fucka TFC Mother Fucka”

  • “My BLUE PRINTS is BIG Mother Fucka TFC Mother Fucka” Hi Tone TFC3 T.M.B.H. It’s more than RAP it’s a MOVEMENT…

  • Great Track!! What a great pick all hip hop dot com!! Solid Record! Bam! U 92.7!



  • Been a Fan Since Day 1. My boy has TREMENDOUS Talent & he Is a Humble Dude! Proud Of you @HITONE101 keep doin it! #TFC ALL DAMN DAY!

  • Jasmine

    Whoever twelveSinatra izz …his beats r Sick!!