Hip-Hop Rumors: Bow Wow Is NOT The Gay Rapper

Last week, Bow Wow’s Twitter was hacked, and the hacker posted a photo of what appeared to be Bow Wow snuggling in bed with another man. The photo looked too real to be photoshopped, but could that actually be Bow Wow? Well, it turns out that the photo was real, but it wasn’t Bow Wow. The picture is actually of a gay couple who contacted Straight From The A to clear up the confusion when several of their friends told them they were posted online. Check out the picture below which proves that the photo is not of Bow Wow.

The photos were stolen from the couple’s Twitter pages, and somehow, the Bow Wow hacker used them to try to frame him as the”gay rapper”. You’re in the clear, Bow Wow!

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29 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Bow Wow Is NOT The Gay Rapper”

    • maya

      If it were that serious, you wouldn’t have clicked on the story in the first place. lol

      BTW – repression causes nausea. lol

      • Alf Capone

        wow………..bodied………he acted like he had something to prove by stating that too

      • Alf Capone

        hahaha………nigga dont get mad at me cuz u have gay tendencies…..i just thought it was funny how what maya said was so incredibly true……u tell me……..why would u feel the need to say what u said other than to cover up your gay shenanigans?……..please explain ur homosexual ways

      • powpow

        lmao at this fag catchin feelings and writing a whole paragraph thinkin he “bodied” me hahahaha faggot ass niggaaa wit ur fag slang…ol rainbow police ass..

      • maya

        Newsflash – YOU are the one who had a strong, INTENSE, EMOTIONAL reaction just from looking at a picture of a gay couple.

        Be for real, now. Do you think a gay person would get sick to his/her stomach just from looking at a picture of a straight couple embracing? Hell no. Why not? Because he/she wouldn’t care, either way, cause it has nothing to do with him/her.

        Nausea? That’s DEEP! That means your nerves and impulses would have to be all mixed up. IJS – it could very well be the result of you smashing down thoughts or feelings that you are uncomfortable having. It IS possible to identify as heterosexual but still have teeny tiny homosexual desires – and don’t even have to ever act upon them. You might not even be aware of them (that’s what REPRESSION is – psych 101). But you would be much healthier, and happier, if you learned to accept all of yourself – even the parts that scare you. Lighten up. Have fun. You don’t want to spend your whole life feeling nauseous, do ya?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yall going to hard on pow pow imagery has impact to our 6 senses … if you didnt have some kind of reaction to seeing them two dudes then you might wanna check yourself … or hey you maybe used to looking @ and seeing this kind of imagery … i know im not and it def thru me off on some YUCK ish … it is what it is … im not trying to break them up and tell them how to live thier life …. do you thing its just not my kind of thing i dont want to listen to music that talks about it … i dont want to see imagery that portrays it shoot i dont even like listening to that mutha character on the radio station in the morning just hearing his/her flaming personality makes me want to throw a disc in the cd deck and say F the radio they always forcing something on us

      • maya

        And I am just saying that if you are having such a strong reaction to it, there is more to it than the surface. Like I said – it’s Psychology 101. How is somebody with a “flaming” personality on the radio “forcing” anything on you? Don’t you get it? It’s YOU. What if a dude was on the radio talking about how he saw this beautiful young lady on the way to work? Do you think a gay listener would feel that comment was “forcing” anything on him? I doubt it. lol He might get bored. But he won’t feel like something is being “forced” on him. As human beings – we have so many different, conflicting, thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses, etc. Our Id drives us to experience pleasure gratification of different types. Our Superego makes us feel ashamed or guilty about it. When we have an impulse (id) or desire that makes our Ego (in between the id and superego) feel too uncomfortable to deal with, our mind keeps it buried deep. It’s there – but it’s out of our awareness (in the unconscious mind). When something threatens this – when something or someone (pics of a gay couple, or the flaming fag) reflects what we have buried, deep inside of our UNconscious, we chastise that someone, or something, as a way of reenforcement – to keep those impulses that we are too scared to confront buried deep in the unconscious. Learn about “repression,” “suppression,” “projection” – especially as far as how they relate to “homophobia” (for lack of a better term)

        Like I said, it is actually normal for a heterosexual man to have minimal homosexual impulse. I stress the word MINIMAL – meaning, it doesn’t make one gay, and it doesn’t mean one has to act on them to feel satisfied. But if the person is too uncomfortable to acknowledge it, and if the superego is too harsh on the person (from being raised in a homophobic environment/society) – their mind will desperately keep it buried too deep to be conscious of. But it’s still there – and that’s where the dislike of anything gay comes in. To make it simple “It’s about being “secure in your manhood.” But whatever. We all have our shit to deal with.

  1. jbworldwide1

    It said “Strait To The A” when the pic says Strait FROM the A! lololololol!

    Edit: They fixed it. Still was funny.

  2. Sexy_Sabe

    It was obvious tht it wasnt Bow in the 1st place, its a shame niggas tht were kids when he came out are 25+ now an they still think its cool to hate on bowwow. Tht ws so 9th grade, grow up niggas..

  3. Neil

    Geez folks the only similarity is they’re black – you trying to tell me the main stream media is saying all blacks looks the same??

  4. Shalove2

    That’s not those 2 dudes, that’s Bow Wow and Jason Weaver from the movie Lottery Ticket. Damn you people are stupid!

  5. Jaushua D

    Here is the thing different culture s except different things and says it norm. Hetrosexuality is not the norm it s whats excepted as norm by OUR society. (Anthropology 101) If you dont like what you see think about what others see when you do what you do. If you are straight how would you feel if you were walking down the street and people made rude comments to you because you were showing affection to your mate. What if you had a pic of you laying with your mate and you were criticized by the photo,or when you speak about your mate. How you feel is just that , how you feel. Its not right for anyone to be hated because of what comes natural for them. Thats like us being hated cause we are our race. We have no choice in the matter we just learn to accept it. Sexuality is the same thing. We must learn to acceptant of others so that we grow as a group of humans.

    • Facebook User

      Heterosexuality is scientifically and genetically the norm you need to be re-educated my brother and stop trying to justify homosexuality. If its what you like then its what you like but science and genetics go completly against it period.

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