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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kendrick Lamar Doesn't Want To Vote For Obama – Says "I Don't Do Voting"

Someone needs to tell Kendrick Lamar that whether he likes it or not, he’s now a role model, and comments like the one he just made about not voting are just unacceptable. In a sit down with Truth Is Scary, Kendrick expresses some not so popular sentiments about voting. Check out what he said below:

“My vote counts? I’m not voting, I don’t do no voting. I will keep it straight up real with you. I don’t believe in none of the sh*t that’s going on in the world,” Lamar said in an interview. “You talk with me, you talk with me for hours because everything has a contradiction, everything is higher ranking and way beyond us, way beyond people. So basically, do what you do, do good with your people and live your life because what’s going on isn’t really in our hands. … When I say the president can’t even control the world, then you definitely know there’s something else out there pushing the buttons. They could do whatever they want to do, we all puppets. Just play your cards right.”

Does someone need to remind Kendrick that thousands of men and women lost their lives for the right to vote? You can check out the interview below:

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  • FrankWonder

    Lupe said he doesn’t vote either. What y’all got to say about that?

  • $28825362

    We always ask rappers to be REAL, and be honest. Then when a rapper is honest and just tells you what he/she thinks we say… wait, you can’t feel that way AND SAY IT.

    • TruthSerum



      People are such hypocrites

      Like all rappers are required by law to tell you to vote democrat, I remember in 08 when Tego Calderon or whatever that Raggaeton dude is called said he was gonna vote for McCain this website posted a whiny complaint blog about how wrong he was

      • marlo stansfield

        it was daddy yankee up on stage with mccain. and no one said all rappers should vote for dems, i would respect kl more if he said he would vote one way or the other. but this i dont vote is a cop out. honestly i get enough of kl opinions in his soft az rhymes. and if you voted once and now you cry that nothing changed you need to read a book. or at least what freedom scott key had to say above.

      • Nigga please your vote does not count. What do you think the electoral college is for.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        People hardly address the electoral college. I agree, they want you to vote assuming that we are going to vote democrat. Having the right to vote includes the right to decline to participate in the farce that it is.

  • Tony_Moderate

    It’s so cool not to stand for anything these days…

    • Freedom Scott King

      I’m inches away from given up on retarded folks within sub-cultures that refuse to use the most powerful tool that they have in this country and enjoy shooting themselves in the foot.
      Yes it’s now cool to be retarded and fu+k taking any time to do any math on your future or your kids future. Let’s give the tea party the green light to cut every social service program a lower class individual could possibly benefit off of. Hell let’s chill out and let them cut grandma’s social sercurity, foddstamps and medicare. Their proudly advertising everything their gonna do, if you haven’t noticed

      • Adrian Barron

        my most powerful tool in this COUNTRY – 1st is my right to FREE-THINKING
        2nd – would be the internet lol – keep it 1hundred becuz its been said for YEARS BEFORE BARACK TOOK OFFICE THAT IT WASNT GONNA BE NO MORE MONEY FOR SOCIAL SEC, FOODSTAMPS, MEDICARE DUE TO THE GOVT SPENDING, inflation, and war – not me voting – maybe we should get back to living off the land ANYWAY so we dont have to financial depend on GOVT handouts

      • Freedom Scott King

        What the hell are you talking about. Free thinking means nothing if you don’t use those thoughts to make the world better, the internet is filtered towards the republican party (google proudly supports the republican party) (which effects your opinion because you think inflation and goverment spending couldn’t be curved by intelligent voters placing intelligent lawmakers in office) and Social Security, medicare and foodstamps could easily be saved if you put people who don’t want to privatize those programs in office. What the hell are you talkin about?

      • Rickey Mcbride

        @freedomscottking:disqus I see where you’re coming from and respect that fact that you’re passionate about your future as probably most of us that are commenting on at your age was. Sometimes you have to live to understand that some things are out of our control and they play us on so many different levels that it ends frustrating. @google-80b18446e5a0a7ca03bf8b9f742db66f:disqus is correct in so many different ways that I rarely don’t post but I will salute them on what has and is going on in the world. @ freedom scott king stay doing what your doing and soak up some of the things that reading and put them in the back of your mind just in case you come into a situation that causes you to grasp and realize that things that your hearing are true. Love, Peace, and Strong Mind to all.

      • Freedom Scott King

        Appreciate it, but I won’t give up on the fight because the numbers are on my side. I just need people to stick together and understand that the alternative is much worst. I am a political Science major, and I can tell you that you haven’t began to understand how 3rd world your neighborhood will become if you fall asleep while new laws are being adjusted and reconstructed, you haven’t seen a recession. Do you know how many employed people live in a homeless shelter.Their talking about getting rid the minimum wage bar to lower the unemployment rate. Please in the name of jesus wake up and vote!

  • i say we vote sydney OUT

    • yes please this bitch is pathetic… always reaching and perpetuating Bullshit

  • “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong” – Voltaire

  • Adrian Barron

    I tried that VOTING thang once about 4 yrs ago – still aint shyt changed but my son’s shoe size!

    • $28825362

      Man I feel you. I voted four years ago, but my student loans are the same, gas is still high, food is high, people still gettin shot up at schools and now movie theaters. I’m sure I’ll vote this year but I don’t think my life will change just by me voting. No matter who is Pres I gotta do me… work, save money, pay bills, repeat.

      • Adrian Barron

        if i do ever vote again … it will probably be for a WOMAN this time … that’s if a WOMAN ever get’s that Democratic nod!

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        i feel u but if obama get in again its gonna get better do u even realize how much obama is trying to fix i mean come on he only been in 4 years but he trying to fix 8 years of bush lol smmh its gonna get better i tell u what i feel way betterr now then when bush was in office

    • Akil Black

      @adrian Barron- LOL! I feel you! Im all for the “our people died for the right”, but in all honesty, what has changed for us Black folk as a whole since we were “allowed” to vote? I wish a poll can be taken asking Black folk, what has changed for them since Obama was “selected” to be prez, and since they say “he needs another 4 years to fix bush’s problems” 4 laters, ask the same thing. The condition of the hood is the same, the struggle continues for many. We need to do for self, and stop thinking “politicians” going to change something.

      • Adrian Barron

        yeah i’m still all for it in regards to upholding our struggles, trials, and tribulations faced by my ancestors and forefathers BUT we dont print money, build banks/peniteniaries, or govern laws around here so how could it ever be a even playing field ????

        i was already up on the fact NOTHING was gonna change – i really only voted cuz he was a Black man raising a Black family – and i honestly thought that i’d never see the day where a Black man would get the opportunity to claim that COVETED title of being The United States President. Once i learned WHY they assassinated JFK, The CIA’s involvement in Cointel-Pro, that John Hanson was America’s 1st BLACK President under The Articles of Confederation (look at the back of a $2 bill,) the President is merely just a figure head that has to deal with “checks and balances” – so on and so forth … made me realize that i better enjoy my “ah hah – nanny nanny boo boo” moment while it lasted <<>> the shyt started to all make sense, again!

      • Tony G.

        I feel u but Obama isn’t the president of black people…..he’s the president of the country and he happens to be black…..we need to stop waiting on or expecting the president to do for us and do for our damn selves

      • Adrian Barron

        my point exactly – thats why i said:

        “If i want to guarentee my family prospers it’s NOT gonna be becuz i voted for Barack – it’s going to be becuz i put GOD 1st, saved my pennies for a rainy day, keep my nose clean and outta these streets, and invest something for my seeds to have.”

    • Alf Capone

      sometimes it takes more than 4 years for change to happen………but u do what u want

      • Adrian Barron

        alf try 150 yrs cuz the 15th amendment was passed in late 1860’s but wasnt enforced til 100 yrs later during the “civil rights” movement around 1963 (almost 50 yrs ago – 50 divided by 4 = almost 13 Presidential Elections – give or take) that protected OUR rights to vote – poor white people vote’s count too, correct? So couple that with the “poor black peoples” vote and then let me know WHEN CHANGE IS GONE COME (no same cooke) – i’ll wait!

    • Freedom Scott King

      I bet you didn’t vote 2 years later in 2010, when we had the opportunity to have a democratic congress, senate and white house. I bet you didn’t realize that in order to push democratic laws through, you would need the majority of law makers to be democrats. If your gonna half azz vote, your gonna get half azz results and I prey that you wake up, because a depression is mathematically inevitable for lower class individuals if you let the republicans take over (I swear to god my numbers our right. Right now 8 out of every 10 dollars goes to the top 15%. The higher percentage of money you give to the top, the less money you have in circulation at the bottom. They won’t be in a depression, but you will be)
      Would it kill you to vote in 2012 and 2014? (voting is a 2 year process, not a 4 year process smart guy).

      • Adrian Barron

        i bet you’re right SMART GUY i didnt cast my congressional vote BUT i bet you did — and where’d that get you SAME EXACT PLACE YOU WAS IN BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE- listen GENIUS a depression been looming in the air and over OUR heads since Lincoln wanted that GOLD RUSH and decided to grant US a little “room to breath” only IF we fought as soldiers cuz the SOUTH was kicking his arse- since BARACK was the charasmatic BLACK GUY from Chi-Town – and it will be there in the distant and near future. I’s called MIND GAMES just like they did with the SECURITY THREATS after 911. If i want to guarentee my family prospers it’s NOT gonna be becuz i voted for Barack – it’s going to be becuz i put GOD 1st, saved my pennies for a rainy day, keep my nose clean and outta these streets, and invest something for my seeds to have. Keep your congressional voting azz asleep in that slumber and ask me again in 3 more years what your vote got you. Take my vote with you for good measure LOL.

      • Freedom Scott King

        Smartazz i’m only 19, this will be my first time voting in any election. Stop trying to muddy the water using irrelevant examples (Lincoln’s Gold rush?) and prove to me how allowing more money to hold at the top, wouldn’t cause a depresion at the bottom. Only 20 something percent of the countries income circulates at the bottom and that doesn’t bother you. Mitt Romney’s plans to drop that percentage any lower doesn’t bother you. Your a moron, shut up!!!!!

      • Only 19… hmm you have alot to learn about this world brah, voting don’t mean shit, just another way to pacify the people and make them believe they have “power”… Shit is real, read “Behold A Pale Horse” or “The Hidden Hand” Two books explaining in detail how americans are duped by the media, gov’t, military, foriegn policy, etc., we have been bamboozled, don’t matter if your democrat ,republican, right wing left wing, its all part of the same scheme.

      • $28825362

        You really tellin the kid the truth. Right wing, left wing…. the only wings that matter are chicken wings.

      • Freedom Scott King

        chicken huh, not equally sharing education funds, not unique trade laws that create in-source jobs, not the fight against cultural discrimination (which keeps racism healthy and hidden), not regulations that keep law enforcement from abusing their power, and definitely not opening doors for the next generation to strive
        just chicken and kuush, why not

      • $28825362

        I’m just sayin you tryin to change the “culture” of our black people by tellin em to read and understand what votin can do. Man damn all dat. Lets just do what we been doin. Now light somethin up and sing with me:

        36 O’s so riding round with that nina

        Riding with a ho named Keisha, smoking on Keisha

        My diamonds talk for me they say “Hi, can I meet you”

        G5, how high in the sky, ho I can’t see you

        Got a condo on my wrist girl, I’m cashing out

        Got a condo around my neck girl, I’m cashing out

        36 O’s so I’m riding round with that nina

        My diamonds talk for me they say “Hi, can I meet you”

      • Adrian Barron

        shyt made me laugh a little

      • Adrian Barron

        yeah i can tell you are YOUNG and WET BEHIND THE EARS – do me a favor YOUNG’N – live a little more longer and tell me if your vote is going to change HOW MONEY CIRCULATES IN THIS COUNTRY – you still don’t get it and pointing out LOGIC to a person with LESS EXPERIENCE is asinine – the only thing you can change is YOU, AND YOUR UNBORN CHILD’S conditions like i said earlier :

        “If i want to guarentee my family prospers it’s NOT gonna be becuz i voted for Barack – it’s going to be becuz i put GOD 1st, saved my pennies for a rainy day, keep my nose clean and outta these streets, and invest something for my seeds to have. “

    • Negro Peligro

      Man a lot has changed.
      Pre Condition Coverage
      Lots of WORKING families who didn’t have Medical Coverage will receive coverage.
      Less student loans they are no longer life time loans
      Come on man a lot of has changed
      Consumer Protection agency protecting you against bank fees
      Tax deduction putting more money in your pocket
      Less AMERICAN ESPECIALLY URBAN YOUTH and kids who can’t get jobs who have no other options but Military aren’t dying in Iraq.
      If your parents had 401k Obama brought that back
      The housing market would’ve collapsed had it not been for housing credits
      Cash for clunkers.
      ALL OF THESE THINGS OBAMA WORKED HARD FOR AND NOBODY APPRECIATES IT. Just makes it harder for someone else to come along and do something for you. I’m sorry I could keep going.
      3.2 million unfilled jobs. If your ass running around trying to find a factory job with no skill that’s not Obama fault the economy dictates the job market. Demand is for skilled labor and if you have construction skill sorry not gonna cut it. Your going to have to learn a new trade.
      Real talk you cats waiting for stuff to fall out of the sky. On them student loans work for a non profit for 20 years. Student loan gone. SO I’M SORRY. BUT alot has changed.

      • You forgot he also signed the MDAA Bill as well. Wonder how that benefits. If you do.t k.ow what that is type it in Google search. Black president white president its all bullshit they work for the same people who are supposed to be working for us but instead we work for them. If barrack was really trying to change something he would never have been the president. Look at Ron Paul a republican that gets trashed by the republican party and the democrats for being a looney, why? Because he wants the power to go back to the people. And they hate for us to think for or govern our self.

      • Adrian Barron

        any american individual suspected of TERRORISM can be detained by the military W/O trial/charge – same bill they been signing every year for 50 years – since THEY started the vietnam war by faking attax on pearl harbor

      • Adrian Barron

        1. pre condition coverage = meaning PRE-EXISTING coverage — you act like this is CANADA and HEALTHCARE will be FREE lol you cant cut off your nose to spite your face … if there’s no job to offer HEALTHCARE than you basically SOL, RIGHT?

        2. Less Student Loans affects about 8 million people but there’s already close to 40 million people who are already in student loan debt. And paying less in student loans just means they hike up the price to attend college, period.

        3. Bank Fee’s … i use CREDIT UNIONS homey lol – im scraight!

        4. 401K man you cant be serious – i work in IT for one of the largest Beverage Companies in the WORLD – and they just cut out 401K 6 months ago – DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE

        5. The housing market – now that’s somewhat TRUE that it has increased almost 17% from last year but that doesnt mean its going to make a full recovery – there’s something called “new normals” – basically MY BRUVAH it aint ever gonna be like it was – dont get caught up in the percentage increases from when the markey was failing – do a COMPLETE compare/contrast to where it was to where it will be

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        Real talk right there. People buy into the talking points of the democrats. The heatlh care bill was a give away to the insurance companies. THE INSURANCE COMPANIES WROTE THE BILL!!! Obama sold us out on single payer. Student loans are still with us for life. Gitmo still open, Lobbyists STILL in the administration, extraordinary rending still going on. The ONLY reason that we pulled out of Iraq is because they would not allow us an extension. We STILL have contractors over there and the biggest embassy and most expensive embassy ever built. Barry conned us good.

    • Guest

      There is no one vote that can change anything? But as a whole, we CAN change things. Voting is one of the main things that we need unity for in order to achieve something. If you can’t comprehend that you are 1 of many that TOGETHER can make a difference, then the enemy has already won.

  • TruthSerum

    Kendrick says he doesn’t vote – You cry

    If Kendrick said he was voting for Mit Romney, you would cry even louder

    I forgot, the job of a rapper is to be a mascot for the democratic party

    Get off your high horse, dude said he doesn’t vote, he’s entitled to his opinion and to do as he pleases

    • Freedom Scott King

      Yes rappers need to put the democratic party on a pedestal. Who do think stops the republicans from creating laws against rap music and certain freedoms that minorities have. What other diverse culture supports hip hop and diversity more than democrats. Are you crazy or ungrateful? Don’t bite the hand that feeds your brand of politics because most countries wouldn’t offer you those freedoms.

      • TruthSerum

        And the sad part is you don’t even realize how obnoxious and arrogant you sound, like its illegal for anybody in hip hop to completely disagree with everything you just said and be left alone to just make there music.

        I didn’t realize being an artist obligated you to side with a certain political group or a set in stone point of view, lol.

        And for the record, one of the worst critics hip hop ever had was a democrat. I dont know how old you are but you should look up the name “Tipper Gore” sometime and read all about her democratic crusade to ban any and all music with a parental advisory sticker.

      • you sound maaaad fresh to the game brah, I’ve been where you are, defending the sympathetic and heroic Democratic party, but the truth of the matter is, there underlying agenda has nothing to do with you, a fond supporter of democracy, but has alot to do with money (mainly banking/financial institutions and THEIR interests. Voting don’t mean shit, want proof? google 2000 Florida election recount conspiracy and see what you find. Its a setup, dont become a victim or a drone to false information, republicrats only care about $$$

      • Freedom Scott King

        Let me tell you something brah, I’m paralyzed from the waist down because I have multiple sclerosis at age 19 and the first thing on obama’s agenda was the affordable health care act and blocking horrible republican laws that could have took place. For every bad democrat you can name, I can name 100 good ones. If more grassroot supporters at the bottom would give a couple dollars, democratic politicians wouldn’t have to make deals with banks and special interest groups. Imagine walking in this man’s shoes or rolling in my wheels. I can give you a list of democrats that have supported rap music. What is your point? That we should give up.

      • “Let me tell you something brah, I’m paralyzed from the waist down
        because I have multiple sclerosis at age 19 and the first thing on
        obama’s agenda was the affordable health care act and blocking horrible
        republican laws that could have took place.”

        I’m sorry to hear about your condition, but obama’s universal healthcare will hurt you more than help.

        “For every bad democrat you can name, I can name 100 good ones. If more
        grassroot supporters at the bottom would give a couple dollars,
        democratic politicians wouldn’t have to make deals with banks and
        special interest groups. ”

        As If They Aren’t robbing everyone at the bottom as it is! I ain’t giving these Mofos anymore than what I have to already kick out. There is a pattern, And i refuse to continue to play the fool, while these “Godd Democrats” you speak of kick back and chill off my hard earned dime, I’ll be damned lol I know people who claim to be democrats, but most of them ain’t real about it, I know a couple who are All american pro democrat and these people are some of the strangest lost souls I’ve encountered. The democratic party is not your saviour, Any Political party’s interest in not indebted to you the taxpayer, but corporate interest, regardless, Why? It’s $o Obviou$.

        “Imagine walking in this man’s shoes or rolling in my wheels. I can give
        you a list of democrats that have supported rap music. What is your
        point? That we should give up. ”

        You referring to hip hop as rap music shows just how truly ignorant you are, no offense. I think democrats promoting bullshit rap music (like obama with jay z) is a problem. That To Me is a distraction. I’m not suggesting to give up on life, there is life beyond the red and blue states, hell you might as well save your money and go to costa rica… thats what I’m doing, This country is fucked economically, and there is no way of coming back. Don’t believe what the news is telling you, this economy is not getting better,

      • Minorities?. Young brother you are fooled living is this white man world(u.s.a.) because in the real world they are the minorities and as long as you see your self as they see you you will never be respected. Does the master give the dog food from his plate because he respects him of course not. If that was the case he would set up a chair and let him sit at the table. See his gives the dog scraps from his plate because he figures if I give him a little something he’ll shut up for a while,and I can finish my dinner. But all the is dog is thinking is this is way better than the dog food I’m used to.master must love me.

  • Guest

    Our ancestors didn’t fight and die for these modern day niggas to NOT take advantage. Your vote may or may not affect anything but it will honor all of the hard work that they put in.

    Kendrick is now a puppet for the devil (aka Jimmy Iovine). So you aren’t going to hear too much positive from him. Of course the other side wants young blacks to feel like there is no power in voting.

    If there was no power in it, they would have let any and everyone do it. They kept it from us for a reason. They are now requiring state ID’s for a reason. Yall need to think on that next level that niggas like Kendrick Lamar and Absoul CLAIM to be on. But they still slow.

    • mrgibson

      good response……I feel the same way.

  • AK

    he is right, everyone knows this from what happened with the bush gore election ONLY OLD PEOPLE STILL VOTE cause they dont wanna accept the fact they were lied to all these years.

  • hiphopdebates

    whoever wrote this article must have not listen to his reason after saying he does not vote or believe in it. the person mustve been paid to put this stupid article. kendrick lamar is speaking the truth, weve seen it in many elections where the candidate was robbed. its controlled you dummy! we have no say so. they made obama the president, through help with the media and who they had running against him, a old cripple and a woman!

  • MadVillain

    Im with him, this is real sh!t.

  • messias3

    “Does someone need to remind Kendrick that thousands of men and women lost their lives for the right to vote?” …. I would like to say that they lost there live because we did not have the “choice” to vote … so now that we can choose … I choose not to … not to thump my nose at them that died … but to honor the freedom of choice.

  • co-sign kendrick’s statement

  • Lyve Wire

    i do believe that our president is pre-selected. i dont think voting does anything. OUR problem is we thought a black president was going to stop all of the issues in the hood. WE still commit crimes in the hood, and until we change ourselves, the hood will be the same forever, no matter who you think/thought you voted for. gas will be high, stop complaining. student loads are supposed to go where? college aint free, lol. Presidents dont control most of the things that think are issues. the Changes begin with us.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      a black president can stop the issues in the hood we got too

      • Lyve Wire


      • thuglifefukdapolice


      • that shit don’t work….these “kids” don’t wanna hear that peace shit….this is a generation of narcism…they just want theirs at the expense of yours

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        yea it do a good ass whoopin will get they mind right think about it how do u think hip hop started it was 2 stop the peace it started from 1 perspon to a thousand then millions of blk ppl dawg we can turn it back around we just have 2 come together and get the youth n the ogs

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    im voting 4 obama i like kendric music but dude sound retarded we cant control 4 the civil rights movement is why yo blk azz went 2 skool with white ppl black ppl started that not the president fool malcom x n them told u to fight back the power is in our hands but if we go back to doing what they wanted us to do when ish get really ugly blk ppl the blame cause if the repubs get in its gonna get even worser so him n lupe go kill yourself think bout it u expect obama 2 fix a problem in 4 years that came from 8 years from bush

    • Eugene_Whatley

      Good point but please use periods next time. Too many run-on sentences. I had to read it twice.

  • Negro Peligro

    When you say stuff like this you have to know you did exactly what the Heritage Foundation the NWO wants you to do. Nobody is going to make all your bad or good decisions go away. But they can design the system to take more from you. See Healthcare. See Corporate Prisons passing laws to lock up young Americans.

  • In a “free” society he can choose not to vote if he sees the system is flawed. Instead of pushing your views on people with his views maybe you could engage them into a deeper conversation about why they don’t vote? You know, that shit that journalists do and stuff?

  • Lamar Star

    They’re always saying that if you dont vote you dont have the right to complain, but the uninformed dumbasses who do vote are the ones that dont have the right to complain in my opinion. Every president in united states history is already selected by way of they’re bloodline, but lets pose a hypothetical question and say that your vote realy does count, the person you voted for gets into office, and further on down the line during his time spent in office the person you “elected” fails to deliver on his promises, should you have the right to complain considering that you are the dumbass that “thinks” his or her vote helped to put this person into office because this particular candidate during the time of his campign was a reflection of your very own views, values and opinions ? I think not. Presidents are selected by spiritually wicked people in high places before they are supposedly elected and theyre loyalty is with them only. If your’e smart enough to know that either of the two candidates put into office are two opposite ends of the same damn pole then you would be wise enought to put your self in a position that wouldnt allow you to come out dissapointed in the end by just not voteing at all. Simple as that

    • timwest1000

      Where did you come up with this shit? Did you know you were actually typing this? This was not just some crazy thought in your head. You actually took the time to write this? Man you need help. You are thinking waaaaay to hard my man. Obama’s bloodline is what they hate. They think he was born in Africa, now what bloodline was he selected from? ssabmud (backwards)

      • hes related to dick chaney and bush and the queen as confirmed by chaney’s wife in her book

      • Adrian Barron

        what book are you talking about HOMEY?

        i heard that before BUT im’ma have to get up on that book you are referring to so i can make an informed decision —

  • Sydney, you sound naive. Props to Kendrick for keepin it 100.. Voting is wishful thinking at its finest…

  • 40tribes

    Spot on Kendrick! He is speaking real truth that the rest of the sheep are too asleep to hear. We live under the control of a shadow government who places these “icons” out there for a popularity contest. Both sides are funded from the same interest so they never loose. That’s why you never see anyone elected from a 3rd party. Foreign leaders have spoke on this for years yet you will never see it unless you research for yourselves. Kendrick touched on this in Hiii Power. Or or ya’ll just noddin your head in ignorance. But then again you don’t have to take my word for it………….

  • NcHawk17

    Kendrick is right.

  • NcHawk17

    Does someone need to remind Kendrick that thousands of men and women lost their lives for the right to vote?” Someone should remind you that thousands of people die because of electing morons 😉

  • timwest1000

    F it man. The moderator thing kills the moment. Kendrick is ignorant yo. I hope my rant hits the site. Who do yall want to be the President then? CRAZY!

    • the system is a failure, i don’t bow to no kings, but if you need a leader, by all means vote, just don’t knock those who see the bullshit, even if you don’t agree, why complain? are you gonna force me into that booth to vote? nah brah, no one’s forcing me to do shit, or else they want to have the barrel of my 45 stare them down, but i digress, i really don’t like kendrick lamar (i see his bullshit) but this is the first time i agree with him. you have been bamboozled if you believe your vote counts, and anyone who died for the right to vote, HAS DIED IN VAIN! That is the sad part, they been lying to you, and you accept it. step outside the box and peep the game, it’s right under your nose, don’t be a sucka lol

      • timwest1000

        This has to be the most retarded shit I have ever read. Kill yourself.

      • Eugene_Whatley

        What the hell are you smoking. You just spoke the most ignorant ish I ever read on this blog. Your black a** would still be sitting in the back of the bus or not attending a diverse school if it wasn’t for our civil rights movement and voting. Please read up on your history. Kendrick Lamar needs to read this and maybe he would retract his statement because maybe he would see the ignorance of his followers.

      • I”m very brushed up on my history brah, You heard of Jim Crow? You Are THE ESSENCE OF JIM CROW IF YOU BELIEVE YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Simple as That. Your vote don’t mean shit to me. So why should mine matter to you? So Obama can run this country into the ground becuz A group of powerful people have him by the wallet? NAh, you can go that way now…

      • @TimWest1000 Do It For Me Tuff Guy.

  • King Cold

    i agree with kendrick, we know damn well that we no longer have control over our country, people need to start reading. folks rights are being taken every year and they dont even know it.

  • Bro. Adika

    The Brotha is a little wreckless but he does have a point.

  • Guest

    Maybe if the people with influence would stop telling people that it’s pointless to vote, more people WOULD vote and hence it WOULD matter.

    • Akil Black

      The “more” people vote?? Who has our interest? Or the “have-nots” interest? How long have we been “allowed” to vote? If you look at some of these pointless marches, rallies, protest etc..etc.. today, our people still holding up signs with alot of the same slogans, demands that our people was “asking” for over 50+ years ago!

  • Lyve Wire

    this is exactly what ‘the powers that be’ want us to do. they saw what ‘hip-hop’ did with the vote or die campaigns (if you believe it worked or not). now you have rappers going against the grain. these are the overrated younger generation of rappers that have ppl following them like ants at a picnic. now we (as in the hip-hop culture) are at odds, which will eventually divide the votes that we gave from last time. dont fall for this non sense. i feel a certain way about it, but i’ll never speak on it if i had the influence that these guys have. killing the hope that kids have for the sake of keeping it 100??? some ‘role model’.

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  • timwest1000

    Im confused. I got white people hating Obama and I fight them all the time. Now blacks are hating on Obama too? Go kill ya selves for real hating on the first black President. I can only hope that these posts are from white tea party people pretending to be black. Trolling the site looking for black voters. If you help the Republicans get their way, you will be sorry yo. I cant stand the thought of my own people flipping like this. Yall sum bicthes. In that order!

    • Freedom Scott King


    • Obama! The Great Savior! Oh Obama! Please Help Me! You. Sound. Weak.

  • Negro Peligro

    Alot of these rappers can WINE and COMPLAIN about where they come from to make money. They can vote. Or run for office. EITHER WAY they shouldn’t bitch on a track then complain hasn’t nothing change. Then at the same time DON’T VOTE. GET OUT OF HERE. I understand not voting for conscious reasons of religion. But not voting cause ain’t nothing change. To me keeping things the same keeps your pockets lined cause you don’t have nothing to complain about how you grew up cause it’ll get cleaned up. All I know is the hood wasn’t as bad 40 years ago. After they descimated the manufacturing jobs from the Urban centers and then pumped them full of drugs. YO BITCH ASS DON’OT VOTE OLIVER NORTH ENDS RIGHT BACK IN CHARGE OF SOME SHIT. SELLING DRUGS TO OUR COMMUNITY TO GO BUY GUNS TO FRONT THEIR WARS. WAKE UP MAN REALLY. I’m sorry I love Kendrick Lamar but he’s really ignorant on this. ALOT HAS CHANGED.

  • Dadon850

    Reading some of these comments, I see just why the black community is so screwed up. How in the hell could you disrespect you grands and great grands like that!! My God!! And to have the nerve to say Barak Obama being in office and there is still crime in the hood!! You think Barak can stop you dumb dope smoking fools from robbing and killing each other?? Y’all are just as ignorant as Kendrick Lamar. Pitiful

  • timwest1000

    Here it is the GOP is trying to cut taxes for the rich and increase taxes on the poor. Trying to abolish abortion when a woman is raped by a stranger OR family member. Trying to cut foodstamp benefits for the poor. Trying to end Medicare that YOU pay into every check. Has any of you ever had a relative die because they could not afford healthcare? The problems with the gov. is the obstruction by the right. They do not want poor people to benefit from “their” tax money, period. They are performing social cleansing. They are trying to wipe out the poor black as we know it. Obama made it easier for ANYONE to go to college, has grants for businesses and students, healthcare free, saved peoples unemployment benefits several times while the right tried to end it, orchestrated the killing of Osama and other stuff. You dudes are fighting the wrong fight. Fight against the people who are blocking him from helping you!!!!!!READ! And to the people who say Lupe said the same thing, go to his shows and see who is supporting him, NOT US. Besides Kendrick Lamar is not as poor as you, he can talk like that, his nappyheaded butt is eating. They are trying to block your vote daily but why? You are dumb enough to not even try to help your own people by voting. Every vote counts, its your voice in this sick world. Collectively your vote is a part of the machine. They are laughing at you and Kendrick in the GOP because you are still oppressing yourselves because you have no backbone. Dont be mad at your own, be mad at who opposes you. Obama doesnt hate you, they DO!!. Man, you will really see how bad times are when Obama is out of office. Think about it yo, you are being manipulated into hurting your own life. THINK man. Dont help the people who hate you defeat you. SMH And dont try to act like you aint on foodstamps either. Kendrick was probably raised on them!!!!!

    • Freedom Scott King

      Finally someone with good sense joined the conversation

      • Dadon850

        I really cannot believe the comments I’m reading. I’m really starting to think that conservative white folks are the ones pushing these type of rappers down our throat and controlling the music. Notice how the social aspect of the music has gone away?? The comments I’m reading has really left me disappointed with our youth. Maybe it’s the crack baby generation and they don’t know any better. Maybe it’s something more sinister. It’s really disturbing to read so many people co-sign that garbage Kendrick Lamar said. And to blame Barak Obama for the continuing crime in the Black hoods is complete bafoonery. Stop selling crack in the hood, clean up the streets of trash and take some pride in where you live, even if it’s the ghetto. But you wont cause you too busy “keeping it real”. This generation might be the worst yet. I’m shocked and amazed. Voting is the most individual right you have as a citizen. Why you think white folks dont want your azz down at the polls?? Sober up and think for a clear headed minute. You are playing right into their hands. Kendrick Lamar probably will now be paraded around Foxnews hopeing to get more Blacks to “co-sign” his stance.

  • melvin free

    Stop listening to these dumb*** rappers. They know just as much about politics as any fourth grader….Think for yourself. The amount of ignorance in this world is dumbfounding. The Presidential election is not what impacts your so-called “hood” the most, you need to look to your local elections for change. The state and county elections is where decisions are made for distribution of monies…The federal elections make it possible to get the money to the states…..Help yourselves and vote; federal, state, and local. Otherwise, STOP COMPLAINING. U DON’T VOTE, U DON’T GET ISH!!!

  • melvin free

    Oh and stop ducking the Censuses…….

  • ameriKKKa was a country built by whites for whites….idk why people think obama has “control” over this country…goldman sachs, AT&T and all those others corporations run ameriKKKa and they have since the 70’s

  • Aquaman

    Serious, they’ve done studies on this. An individual’s vote doesn’t make a difference.

    If you live in New York, there’s a 1.9 billion to 1 chance your vote matters.

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  • Sosa_Limone

    sydney, i have tried to reserve judgement on your columns and give you a fair shake (pause) bc so many pple have been bashing basically since you came onto AHH, but your bias in this article is both obvious and embarassing. I have friends and family in the armed services, all of which have been deployed to either afganistan and/or iraq… trust me that our freedom to vote is one of the last things on their mind… they fight for our country as a whole and our way of life. there are many aspects to our freedom than just voting. and in fact, just as we have the freedom to vote, we also have the freedom to not vote. I dont mean to toot my own horn, but iam very educated, i just obtained a masters degree, iam active in my church and my community and have recently become a teacher. i am far from ignorant or ungrateful. i have been a positive influence on countless youth in my cmmmunity, iam a role model, as many of the young peopel i work with are fatherless… but you know what? i excercise my freedom to not vote, you know why? bc our votes really dont mean dick. our votes are essentially useless. we dont even get to vote for the president, we get to vote for other people to vote for the president aka the electoral college. there have been a couple instances, where a canidate won the popular vote, but lost the election. that should be disheartening to every voter. how does the “winner” not win? thats proof that our system is flawed and that my voe is useless. furthermore, i believe the president has been reduced to nothing more than a puppet or a front, like the king and queen of england… they call him the most powerful person in the country and the world, but the truth is, the president has very little power. he cant make any decisions or rules or laws or anything. he isnt as powerful as people think he is. there is really a whole machine behind our government. look at how badly our society is declining… the middle class is being erased, national debt is out of control, unemployment is high, homelessness is high… everythign is screwed up. the president, barack obama included, doesnt care about poor people. thats why we constantly get the short end of the stick. we spend billions of dollars on foriegn aid and on space programs, but what about our own poor? what about our needy? i have a lot of complaints, and i know pple are going to say that by not voting, i am only contributing to the problem further, but the truth is my vote doesnt really mean anything, neither does yours. the president is already pre-picked. they already have the next president chosen. if you do your research, almost all of our presidents have been freemasons and what is even more disturbing is that almost every one of them are decendents of king henry in england. you cannot believe that is a coincidence. i know some pple buy into conspiracy theories and some people are close minded to it but do your research and it will show that what iam talking about is accurate. giving us the freedom to vote is really just the governments way of making us think that our opinion counts when it comes to politics, but the truth is it doesnt.

  • TheOnlyCoop

    Lamar is a idiot.

  • jblack529388

    I think it is better that he don’t vote! If someone don’t take the time to even learn the issues what good is his vote? Is he supposed to vote for Obama just because he is black?

  • Eugene_Whatley

    I’m going to be straight to the point. We as African Americans and Latinos should vote. Coming from a professional black man who has been working as a civil engineer with the government for over 5 years now. I travel the U.S. and very seldom do I see African Americans with professional jobs. I have to pay for health insurance for my mother out of my pocket because of these screwed up laws and b/c they wont let me add her to my health insurance. The court systems are screwed up. No diversity in the work force because it’s all populated by White Americans (No offense but it’s true). Our ancestors have died for us to vote. I consider myself middle class but a lower class family will be affected by not voting more than i will. I work with rich ppl who give a sh*t about lower income ppl but only complain because they’re paying y’all welfare and food stamps. On the other note, I love Kendrick Lamar music but I want jump off a bridge if he says that ppl who could swim would live. He’s entitled to his own opinion and I respect that because he has his reasons but I recommend voting. It doesn’t have to be a presidential election but at least vote locally for the right candidate to help ppl who really needs help. Do your research.

  • People DIE for their right to vote in other countries as we speak. African Americans make up a very small portion of the US so it doesn’t help that ignorance spreads like wildfire in our community. Don’t vote? WHY NOT!? Cmon man I never thought him to say some BS like this. Hes a contribution to the problem.

  • Which candidate would Jesus vote for?

    >>Can’t front though….got that Obama phone!

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  • Edonus

    Let me explain how the smart people control the stupid ones. They make processes long and drawn out and purposely confusing with tons of complex layers. This means there is no instant gratification so you dont vote and suddenly you have a house, cars and money.
    You might not feel or see the return for 10yrs. You may then say well what good does that do me…..well consider the same things happen for bad stuff as well. So 10 yrs from now when you cant get a loan and your interest rates are through the roof and the medicine your mother needs is causing her to lose her home and live with you just know your vote now would have stopped it.
    This is chess not checkers the people that will hurt you are thinking 30 steps ahead of you and regualarly stay out of your sight. Thats why we are so screwed up right now our parents and grandparents werent voting or voting wrong during the 70s and 80s while all the factories and jobs they provided were destroyed.Then when we turned 20 and start looking for work to begin our lives there arent any. My father gets on my young brother for not having a job or developed a skilled trade to find work and while I agree that my brother needs to do more I also know that my brother is about 3 times more skilled than my father was when he was the same age. 80%of the older generation could survive what we survive now they just had the luck of being born in a more fruitful time (that they didnt protect for us). We have to fix this thing.
    You must be engaged, i’m not saying become political scholars but take a look at what these people are trying to do.

    • Adrian Barron

      you said all that to say WHAT? to point the blame for “voting wrong” on GRANDPARENTS/PARENTS that voted in the 70/80’s especially went you werent even around – how do you know they didnt get DUPED into the TRICK KNOWLEDGE like we’ve been – brother you clearly aren’t thinking everything thru – becuz once you become an elder that same thing can and will be said about you – if you think voting had something to do with OUTSOURCING jobs oversea’s for CHEAPER LABOR becuz that’s where all the factories went – and that’s where all the IT jobs that were booming 10 yrs ago are headed as well – the reason your brother MIGHT be 3x as more skilled is because of TECHNOLOGY (and this as become a TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN WORLD) however i bet your father could go out to the woods FISH, HUNT, CHOKE CHICKENS for food if need be where as your brother probably wouldnt be able to being raised in today’s FAST FOOD society – think about this i can almost guarentee when you were growing up some ELDER that you accused of voting wrong grew their own tomatoe, fruit, greens, squash, something in their backyard – WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SEEN THAT?


      • Edonus

        I said all that to say it is important to not just vote but understand what you are voting for.
        Outsourcing happened because of the lenient trade agreements created were if different vote were cast it would have made it harder and less appealing to outsource. Like I said the people that want to do you wrong have schemes the have been plotting for decades.
        The responsibility I put on our elders is that they did not keep their eye on the ball… yeah they could grow a apple but couldnt operate a vcr or work a smart phone… but thats beside the point. What I was saying was that my father judges my brother relating him to the world as he experienced it when the fact is the world he experienced is completely gone and that he wouldnt be able to accomplish what he did if he was as he was during the same level of maturity as my brother.
        For us African Americans we had a small window of wiggle room because we were so oppressed.. The real issue the real issue put on us by our elders deals more with white voters.

        But i’ll re state the point ” everyone should gather what information you can from were you can and make a decision and vote.” There are smart people that want to work for you and they are going try and get the information you need to make a good decision. For anyone having issues this year I’ll help
        If you make less than 250K a year vote fore Obama.

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  • Mouthpiece317

    Man, I feel Kendrick. Once I saw Bush win his 2nd election after a bogus recount, I was convinced. “Them Boys” will put who they want in the White House, tell them what to do, how & when to do it. They want us to believe that our votes count, but they dont. Its a shame that black folks died for us to get the right to vote and it doesnt even matter. Im wit Kendrick, Give praises to the man upstairs, live your life, take care of your family, friends, etc, and get money. All that other worldly stuff is controlled by Them Boys..

  • Edonus

    I was starting to warm up to Kendrick Lamar too… Now I realize he’s a dumb ass.

  • FSM

    Since when did we take away the right of the individual to have a choice, if this voting thing is mandatory someone tell someone cause last i checked, you gotta choice

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  • SoYouRealHuh

    -____- Do yall understand? Pay attention, If you don’t vote, you don’t count. He can’t do shyt for you if you “don’t do voting”. That’s why us black people can’t move forward Obama wants to help EVERYONE, how can he help us if we don’t want to help ourselves. It took a decade to fuxx up the country, did you really think it was only going to take 3 years to clean it up? Time and patience. If you ain’t going to vote, or do your research, then why have a say-so in what your president is and isn’t doing for you? And btw, it’s BECAUSE of Obama why I was still able to afford going to college, not voting and allowing Romney to win, will cut ALL financial aid and any chances of the non privileged person to advanced and then yall will really be mad. I always said I love a artist until they open up they mouth. I love Kendrick Lamar’s music, but his comment and just thinking blew my whole idea of him. Can yall be any more ignorant?

  • MG

    You’re an idiot if you think the president has control over everything in the US!!! Kendricks right, Secret societies, banks… etc have more control over us then the president will ever have.

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