Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel Releases "This Time", Talks State Property The Movement, Nas, and Rick Ross

It’s been a long, story-filled road for Beanie Sigel. From his days on Philadelphia’s Sigel Street, to his years with Jay-Z, Dame Dash, and Roc-A-Fella, to his current reuniting of State Property under a new deal with Ruffhouse/EMI, it has been an eventful ride so far for the “Broad Street Bully.”

Today (August 28), Beanie Sigel drops off his latest album, This Time, and actually, he is just in time. According to Beanz, time is of the essence in Hip-Hop and society – the tight male clothing, the too overt sexual imagery (he calls himself a “homophobe”), and the opulent lyrics of some of his peers these days had him feeling like he needed to do something fast.

His solution was to bring his own brand of Hip-Hop back to the table – via This Time – just before it’s too late. The State Property-heavy project has already achieved high marks for its first single, “The Reunion”, a feel-good, summer banger featuring most of his protege’ clique. The album has massive West Indian vibes, too, and memorable lines that show Beanie’s growth – in life and on the mic.

Beanie noted that he was really digging Nas’ recent release, and he added in a few counter-thoughts about MMG’s Rick Ross, and types like him that brag on things like “owning two Maybachs.” As for Beanie, he said he’s thinking more of the ‘hood, where people are broke and scrounging for chicken wings from the local Chinese takeout.

Time is also of the essence as Beanie Sigel counts down to his September 12 surrender date to federal prison for a two-year stint. When one considers he won’t be around for a while, his This Time album becomes all the more important.

It’s clear in his presence that Beanie Sigel is a man very much in transition. Watch his video interview below, and be sure to cop his This Time album on iTunes.

Check back for more of our chat with Beanie Sigel this week! Follow Beanie on Twitter (@BeanieSigelSP).

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  • hoeyuno

    Peace to beans. 2 years for that bullshit tax charge.. The system in america needs to change. Or at least the system for non whites .

  • Lyve Wire

    i’m going to look for that tomorrow. hold your head beans. STATE PROP, CHAIN GANG!!

  • johnblacksad

    hmmm… i dunno… i love Beans just as much as your average hardcore/grimy-rap fan

    He’s shootin at Rawse for the bling-bling talk but i remember him braggin about that Quatroporte, braggin bout his cribs, his paper, his ralph lauren purple label sh!t… i’m definitely not tryin to throw a cape for Fraud cause i know how much ‘ya’ll’ don’t like him around here but i don’t like double standards… it’s the homie Ross’ turn, let’em have it

    The first listen of the album didn’t really convince me… i’m not feeling the dedication and hard work put into it… i’m sure it will grow up on me… (well, i hope)

    (The Solution for example was an instant like!!! That track with Face started with “They say lightning don’t strike in the same place twice, well my man he’s doing life for the same case twice!”… wow! …still waiting to hear something as hard)

  • Murderfreak215

    Meek Mill stole from bo starks the same way drake took from sean…

  • alice jenkins

    Free Beans, but i heard meek took bo stark lifestyle an voice in 2007…

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