Lil Kim

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is There A Lil' Kim "Behind The Music" On The Way?

The Notorious K.I.M. is rumored to be in talks with VH1 for a new VH1 “Behind The Music” TV special on her music career. The Queen Bee is said to be revealing everything, and is even said to be talking about her plastic surgery and her relationship with Biggie Smalls. These brand new VH1 “Behind The Music” episodes have been a lot more revealing. Will you be tuning in to see Kim finally open up about her career and plastic surgery?

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  • Weedras

    could care less…

  • Synista

    that chick look like the bride of chucky.

    • Bawahahahaaa! I was thinking the same thing!

  • Oknas

    miss piggy lookin ass bitch

    • Sexy_Sabe

      naw thts Tiny lol

  • Sosa_Limone

    that plastic surgery destroyed her… she was baad back in the day…

    • What does her surgery have to do with her music? Secondly if you are so concerned about her actions then you should really tune in to her show.

      • Sosa_Limone

        her surgery has everything to do with her music… every song she raps on, her lyrics are sexually implicit. nobody ever listened to lil kim because they thought she was a good rapper, they listened to her because of her sexual lyrics. she has made millions off of her sex appeal. that sex appeal flew out the window a long time ago and that is probably a big reason why she is irrelevant right now in the rap game. secondly iam not concerned about her actions at all. the only reason i ever listened to kim in the first place was bc she was always on tracks with BIG. I always thought she was a smut and her lyrics are more objectifying and degrading to women than almost any other rap song (except “put it in my mouth” and “suck it or not”, etc..) foxy was better bx foxy spit some hood stuff like on the FIRM cd. The only female that ever gets burn on my ipod is L-Boogie and now Jean grae to a certain extent. but kim is and always has been a trash bag… at least b4 seh was fun to look at

      • The first thing that you are doing is speaking for everyone…Speak for yourself…..Lil Kim rapped about sex and situations that young black girls possibly experienced at that point and time…And in case you failed to realize sex sells, and when Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and others like Kim Kardashian do it, it’s no big deal, but it’s obvious that when you are a darker shade African American female people still have a problem accepting the fact that everyone is the same White Black, Asian or Other, if it’s wrong for one person to promote then it’s wrong for all to promote.

      • Sosa_Limone

        come on my g dont bring race into this, it has nothign to do with it. listen to a lil kim song and listen to a jlo song… they are two completely different class of woman. there is a classy way to sell sex, and lil kim doesnt do it in a classy way. what inspirational song has lil kim ever made? what song of hers woudl you encourage your daughter or niece to listen to because its about “a situation young black girls possibly experienced”.. i never heard her rap about teenage pregnancy, i never heard her rap about education, i never heard her rap about being abused… she encouraged a certain lifestyle for many young women that was negative. she is probably one of the worst influences a young wlady can have growing up n the hood. dont bring race into this conversation homey bc her being a “darker” shade has nothing to do with this conversation at all. I ampuerto rican, i grew up in the bronx, I have black brothers, neices and nephews. it is what it is… she is a smut she only got big bc of Big n sex

      • Okay being that you wanna play this game with me let’s do it…Lauryn Hill for example rapped about everything that you are speaking about, but she is the one who turn out to be knocked-up with 3 kids out of wedlock…..Foxy and Kim rapped about drugs sex and everything else that is not so inspirational, but they till this day have no kids and are not burned out from an abusive relationship, yet still they were the ones who promoted sex, and Hill is one of the few who was preaching that conscious shit while she was doing the total opposite—So my friend you’re logic goes out the window.

      • Sosa_Limone

        your comments about lauryn are very ignorant. nobody has ever considrered lauryn a hoe. you make it seem like she was whoring around when she wasnt. she has 6 kids, not 3 and they are all with the same man. its not like she has multiple baby daddies.. they were in what is called a “common law marraige”. lauryn hill has been on record stating how she doesnt believe in the institution of marriage, so she never got married. they lived together, they had a house together and for all intents and purpose they functioned as a married couple. your right though she did get burned out from an abusive relationship but thats bc she was tryign to make it work for the kids. idk how she was doing the “total opposite” of what she preaches. in my mind she did exactly what she preached. damn fam u mustve had mad childhood fantasies about kim or something you goin hard for her right now

      • And you said it right…” in my mind she did exactly what she preached” That’s in you’re mind…In my mind she had like you said “she has 6 kids, not 3 and they are all with the same man. its not like
        she has multiple baby daddies.. they were in what is called a “common
        law marraige”….So that’s even worse, 6 kids and not married–common law my ass..Any woman that sleeps with a man and pushes out 6 kids without a ring or some kind of commitment is considered a whore in my opinion…Not to mention how he dumped her for another chick, and that’s why I said common law my ass Ms Hill got played….So my comment about Ms Hill is not so ignorant after all…It is a PERFECT example.

  • Adrian Barron

    outta loyalty for the era i grew up in … im’ma rock wit’ it

    • $28825362

      I was thinkin the same thing, but damn what would BIG say if he was here today and saw Kim like this?

  • I will be tuning in….She is the Queen…..Plastic Surgery or not she is a Hip-Hop Legend.

  • Adrian Barron

    they prolly still would have had love for each other BUT from a distance cuz
    their relationship was EXPLOSIVE at best – even after BIG – KIM grew to be
    her own STAR and out of BIG’s shadow/guidance – you know how it goes GET OLDER

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  • she destroyed her own face trying to look like Faith

  • therealest1

    This bitch looks like that old Jew Catwoman who got too much plastic surgery that made her look like a house cat after getting all that work done herself.

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  • FvckYoLife

    She failed for the surgery but ill still tune in

  • That_N

    That second pic is horrible!! Kim does not look like that.

  • H. U. S.

    Kim look right in that photoshopped azz pic….but somebody need 2 photoshop the Shyt outta that last pic! Uhhhhh…

  • King Cold

    sydney stop reportin’ this mediotakeout bs. tired of it. somebody cancel this hoe

  • mzjuels

    I personally couldn’t care less what she looks like. Kim paved the way for a lot of these females out here and that should at least be respected. Missy MC Lyte Queen, L Boogie, Brat all the female pioneers from the 90’s are the reason we see people like Nicki Azalea and Rye Rye. Her contribution to music is way more important than what she looks like. Also if you as a person see something wrong with yourself especially after being abused by men and mistreated you may opt to try and fix it when there’s nothing wrong at all. She’s the only rapper that still continues to rep BIG like he’s still here. Will definitely be tuning in for this though. Been waiting for it.

    • Monique Simmons

      Thank you …. People are soo wrapped up in music videos and peoples lifes that they not really listening to the music … Since looks got you a platinum album…. maybe now but when hip hop was still alive neva

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  • Derrick Yelnats

    A Behind The Music Episode will be tight , Lil Kim Stats speaks for itself . Which other female rapper besides Missy has multiple platinum albums ? Lil Kim’s first album Hardcore 2.5 million copies sold , her second The NOTORIOUS K.I.M. 1 million copies sold , The Labella Mafia 1 million copies sold and her third Naked Truth 500,000 copies sold (which is Gold status). Kim and Missy are Two of the Best Female Rappers that ever did it . And thats the truth(fact check those stats). She is a legend in this rap game .

  • shawty

    Man! That’s is what’s wrong with a lot of people in the world. Judging people before actually knowing one’s situation. Yea she got the first nose job but the 2nd happened because when she got out the hospital from the 1st one, still bandaged her ex World, broke it again! Thus the second one. She endured physical abuse like crazy behind the scenes…even times right before she’d have to go on stage having a face full of blood. Having too many nose surgeries will eventually leave u with no cartilage and it ain’t like she had them all by choice to look white or like Faith, Please! People so quick to speak on other people when they life ain’t right. At the end of the day, no one can deny her record and history. She rapped about more than sex as that was used to reel folks in and it worked cause she is Queen of Rap point blank period. Just like they did MJ when he died..started loving him and realized he ain’t did nothing to them kids..they’ll do Kim the same way. And that’s waiting to love her when she’s gone.