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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Beats By Dre Coming Out With An iPhone Killer?

Rumors are swirling that Beats Electronics, the company owned by Dr. Dre and Interscope big wig, Jimmy Iovine, are creating a smart phone that will rival the heralded iPhone – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Beats is allegedly going head-to-head with Apple’s product portfolio and plans to launch their own TV with Beats, a service similar to Apple TV, and “Daisy,” a service that will work similar to iTunes.

According to Boy Genius Report, Beats has partnered up with Samsung to create a “TV with Beats connect” that will work integrate seamlessly with their other products, similar to Apple products.

The new products are still in the planning stages, but the specs are done. Dr. Dre is getting that paper! I just hope they don’t charge an arm and a leg for the phone. Do you think any of Apple’s loyal customers will be making the switch to Beats?

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  • 7yoyo7

    To all BEATS users, you just follow a trend.
    And spending a few hundred dollars on headphones in order to listen to a ni99a rappin about how successful he is while you’re not (or broke in most cases).

    • That_N

      I was asking the salesman at RadioShack about Beats headphones and according to him they aren’t worth it. He said for $200 you can get studio quality headphones.

      • exactly try bose! They have been killing the sound game for years.

      • They are well worth it if you like to listen to music and have the money. The PRO’s are by far the best sounding, but they will run you $400. If your gonna spend 300 on studios I would suggest the 400 PRO’s because there waaay ,ore durable and better sound.

      • 7yoyo7

        True, BOSE is a very good brand but I prefer Sennheiser.

    • Sosa_Limone

      i have to cosign that my brother… i think the headphones look dope and they are stylish… but beats by dre headphones are just way too expensive. i bought my last pair of headphones from the corner store down the block from me for $7 bucks. i workout with them, run with them, take the train/bus with them…. and i hear fine with them and they have lasted me for 6 months already.

      • AK

        there is a huge quality difference between cheap headphones or the little ipod ones and the beats, HUGE DIFFERENCE… if you wanna listen to music the way its supposed to be heard its worth the money

      • Sosa_Limone

        thats why i got the bose speakers in the ride…

      • You already know I should be a spoke person for bose.

      • Celz

        Yea but you can get Beats quality headphones for 1/4 – 1/2 the price. Just google it

      • HipHopStalker

        No you can’t. Name a line of headphones that has better sound for less the price ? I’ve heard tons of headphones from $10-400 and Beats after Bose are in the top 3. You want cheap sound so be it but like most things in life somebdoy will sell you a Target purse and say it’s as good as a louis vuitton or a pair of knock off Jordans are as good as the ones at Champs or foot lockers.

      • try numark headphones. i got one for free when i bought my numark dj deck, it’s worth 99usd. i’m not complaining.

      • I bought Studio Headphones by Sony @ ROSS for 15 bucks. 5 years later, them shits have tape over the head bar because they sound too good to toss..BBD cost too much for what you get….

    • Ze

      Dude..Rap is not the only genre of music that people listen to. what kinda shit is that to say?

      • 7yoyo7

        Dude… This is a hip-hop website, thats why I wrote it. So people can relate…
        Rap is OBVIOUSLY not the only genre of music…

    • HipHopStalker

      I feel you but at the same time your following the trend of being a blogger and wanting people to support your view on something to make you feel good.

      • 7yoyo7

        Not really, I was just posting my opinion…. period…
        I dont need no followers. I just noticed all the replies.

    • anthonyward1

      Damn you took the words right out of my mouth, enuff said!!!!

    • anthonyward1

      By the way, Bose headphones KILL beats any day of the week. BBD have too much base

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Most of the time it’s just placement and brand awareness. It’s like iPods. It used to be that stores had iPods, iRivers, and Creative MP3 players, all the same size and specs (iRiver and Creative were better in my opinion.) Now you can’t find any of that. You walk into stores and you see Beats front and center, others aren’t in stock or they’re not the same quality (even though they make them.) They stock more Beats and give them better placement cause they’re thinking “everyone will want them cause it’s Dre” and it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

    • I agree, but you all continue to argue with me about the fact that Hip-Hop Artists are not influential people, your comment proves that Hip-Hop is highly influential to all ages….I personally own a pair of SkullCandy head sets and they sound great to me.

  • Morty

    doubt it apple just bitch smacked samsung dre gone fall in line too

  • water_ur_seeds

    cant deny dre’s business skills… back in nwa days people where surprised he was the one that was that became most successful solo rapper! now hes still here making major moves, props… though he owes alot to eminem, but it still a smart move signing/taking a chance on him… im also starting to think all this ‘detox’ talk is just a subject to keep him relevant in the game, everyone jokes about it never dropping, but they are still talking about it, keeping dre’s name out there… clever dude…

    • It’s not Dr.Dres business skills. It’s all Jimmy Iovine. Since nobody is looking out for beats by Jimmy, he uses Dre’s name as usual. Anyway,let Dre make that money.

  • LMAO… That tittle made me laugh hard! Another iPhone clone trying to do what no phone has yet to do… Over throw the iPhone! And it’s Dre’s Beats company behind it? LoL… Beats headphones are the worst headphones! They’re not even allowed in my studio. I’ve heard skullcandy headphones that are half the price sound way better…

    • Celz

      Check the sales Android outsells iPhone easily and Android makers make all of the iPhone parts anyway.. So without them there would be no iPhone to buy in the first place

      • Dadon850

        That’s because there are about 85 Android phones and only one IPhone. It should tell you something that Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Surpassing Wal Mart and even Exxon Mobile. Apple innovates and others copy.

      • Celz

        So if people buy those 85 Androids over the 3 iPhone that cover the low, medium, and high price points it must mean that people think they are better.

      • TheRealest84

        no that means android needs to make 85 phones because there ”loyal” customers need options because they cant seem to relize what phone to get and is better other then the apple iphone customers dont need other 82 iphones to pick from because they stand by there product, and at the end of the day say what u want about the iphone seen plenty try to leave and buy diffrent phones and they all are back with the iphone! numbers dont lie!


        Actually android is the software. Samsun Nokia Motorola are u the phone brand


        Actually samesung makes all of the iPhone parts so its funny they’d sue them

  • Numbuh Four

    Beats will never rival Apple, EVER, and I can’t even stand Apple myself.

    As for the headphones, I bought a pair not because they’re the best (or anywhere close for that matter), just to have the option in case my others break or I just wanna try something else. I bought the Pro’s from the Monster website months ago and used a coupon to take 50% off so I got them for an easy $175, not bad for the price even though I barely use them. I’ll give them some play when my Sennheiser’s, my Sony’s or my Audio Technica’s break. Decent headphones, highly over-priced, but I guess that’s what it is when you’re paying for both headphones and fashion accessories.

    Big ups to Dre for breaking barriers though.

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  • Guest

    As long as everything is described as “similar to Apple”, APPLE WINS!

    • You sound STUPID!!!!! Apples phones are a year behind spec wise EVERY TIME they are released. Know your technology before speaking retard.

      • Apple phones run on a two year cycle tho. So that would mean they a year ahead of everyone else

  • Sean Power

    beat headphones are good, but rival apple i don’t think so Microsoft tried and failed, Samsung tried and apple took to court and win

  • Jon

    I read that Dre or Beats by Dre got 300 million for selling their 51% share of the company. Apple generates 35 BILLION REVENUE PER YEAR. Nuff said

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  • Negro Peligro

    This rumor was sponsored by Beats by Dre. By the way can we keep the VH1, Beats by Dre, INSERT LABEL RELEASE DRUM UP INTEREST IN ARTIST RUMOR in like a sales ad box. Like that means you need to go out bout 99 yards Sydney and catch up with yo kind. Leave this hip hop to somebody else. What’s ghost face doing. Can a rapper with out a release date around the corner get a rumor.


    Get yo money Dre, salute

  • Oknas

    The rich stay rich and the poor stay poor

  • gomer_1

    you can’t rival the iphone with an htc smartphone….. the only smartphones as good or better are the motorola androids. such as razrmaxx or the droid 4

  • Beats by dre headphones if you know what I am about to say. Fact is very cheap not the sound the headphones are sh*t. My boy bought that garbage that doesn’t sound any better than my bose ear buds which bang. He was readjusting them on his head and it snapped broke. There are so many friend people complaining about how they break so easy. They are not flexible. Do not and I mean do not buy that shit is overpriced bullshit. If you want quality there are others that are flexible and sound ten times better even at a better price.

    • The Bose Buds??? Not even close. Thats why I suggest the PRO’s if your gonna invest the money. The PRO’s are very durable. The Studios will snap like you mentined

  • The_Councilman

    I had a pair of Beats earplugs, they fell apart in three different places. My woman had a pair and the wire shorted out. I went to Rite Aid, bought a pair of $4 Phillips earplugs and they sound just as good as the Beats. The Beats only advantage is that you can adjust the volume from the cord and PLAY/PAUSE an mp3 player. Just because something is expensive, doesn’t make it better than the rest.

    • HipHopStalker

      Did you buy them from the pawn shop ? mine have a warranty so my shit will get replaced if that happens. But real talk a $4 pair of headphones sound as good ? so I bet a pair of $10 panasonic or Coby headphones sound better than Bose headphones huh lol Niggas is funny on this site.

  • abrown79

    Man, some of you sound bitter….Dre’s headphones are great. Yeah expensive…but great. Good shit isnt cheap…so to you people complaining…just go grab you a $20 pair of headphones and roll out…but dont hate on the Dre’s cause yo ass cant afford em

    • People can afford them they are sh*t. I rather buy something that doesn’t break when it twist wtf are you talking about. They are not the best headphones on the market it is overhyped I never see white people buying that garbage why because in the best buy hometheater sound section they have an elite brand and that isn’t there fact.

      • atle fjeldstad

        I see everybody wearing em these days…

    • TheRealest84

      agreed like they say and is true ! ” you get what you pay for””

  • George Jetson

    apple is garbage, beats are garbage, get some seinheiser or some studio quality headphones bose are so 1980 you are paying for all the ads in the back of magazines with that shit. Apple computers arent even good why would you buy a thousand other apple products, there is a reason before 1990 you never saw an apple computer anywhere except school or a library they are garbage.

    • I am a computer guy and there is a reason you get thumbs down because you make no fking sense. Apple computers which I am typing on are better than a pc, no “viruses” for one. I could destroy your pc in a heart beat and you could do nothing about it. Apple came on the scene before then and was selling like crazy wtf are you talking about. Incorrect. You are dumb finish playing your madden. Bose are updated it isn’t the same ones from the 80’s they are still killing it whether you agree or not. An ad has nothing to do with quality that was a strange statement it doesn’t make sense.

      • George Jetson

        Lmao, “computer guy” so you know us people who actually fix/repair/build our own computers refer to
        “viruses” as you say as “virii” so much for that. ”
        Apple computers which I am typing on are better than a pc ” i dont even know where to start on how retarded that statement is I prefer reading your comments in a firemarshall bill type voice they fit well. ”
        You are dumb finish playing your madden. ” madden? I always preffered tecmo bowl maybe your a bit too new age. No shit bose are updated from the 80’s but if the only 3 brands on your radar are sony beats and bose you are far behind in the audiophile game you need to step it up sir. Its not my fault your still rockin the 5 disc changer panasonic stackable stereo and taped up glasses son.

  • Abe504

    The funny thing about people who by these headphones are still listening to mp3’s at 128k, to even really get audio difference you should rip all your music in lossless format so you can actually hear a difference.

    • PassThePeasPlease

      I agree….I sell mid to high end audio, and without being snobbish…the beats headphones are entry level audiophile headphones. A bit too bass heavy in my opinion, but they are a solid piece for the price. Most experts would tell you to get into higher end “cans” you’re looking to spend at least $999+. Nothing wrong with budget headphones, it’s all a matter of preference and budget really.

      • This is exactly what I thought. Beats PRO’s to me are prob the best for there price. Of coarse you can pay 1,000+ for better.

  • Chris

    Around my way, I see a lot of cats with Beats by Dre, but they’re riding the bus. Sh*t doesn’t make any sense.

    • Absolutely no Dollar at all.
      Reminds me of the dudes in the hood with $200 kix, living in the PJ’s, talking ‘Ish on the dude wearing Walmart Starter Kix ( $15 ), but owning his own house.


      • Chris

        Real talk. Watch how many kids from low-income families come through with the new Lebrons this Fall/Winter. SMH.

      • TheRealest84

        4 reallll like bitches you see in the hood wearing a fake gucci bag you cant afford a real one so why rock a bootleg instead of walking…… tryna look like u ballling buy a fuccin car bitchhhhh ””’aint tricking if u got it”” bitch stop fronting. hate ppl like that

    • HipHopStalker

      That doesn’t make sense. Like the guy at the club buying a bottle of $200 champagne but going home to his moms house or buying Jordans but doesn’t pay his child support. How many people are in the world jobless but manage to get the new Iphone each time it drops lol It happens all the time. Look at rappers who get deals make some money but spend it on jewelry and cars and never buy a home become brokes and do the classic blame the lable game but had hundreads of thousands of dollars to make it rain or ice there crew up.

      • Chris

        Pretty much. It’s sad, man.

    • TheRealest84

      niggas wanna look fly like they stunting but they riding the bus my point proving #worrydboutthewrongthingssillyfaggets

    • That’s just like the guy with big rims on his big car and parks in right in front of the APARTMENT BUILDING he lives in. get your priorities straight.

  • George Jetson

    if you think beats headphones sound quality is good its clear you havent heard any other brands besides the kind you can get at walgreens or the 20 dollar sony’s from walmart that have been out for 20 years that sound just as good.

    • No way do the Sonys from Walmart sound even close…I have both and I am a radio personality. Beats are THAT good. Especially the PRO’s . there the best!

    • Some $1.50 ear buds from the local library boom just fine for me. I’d rather spend that $200+ with Reggie Miller.

      • Lump Beats

        not that Reggie lol… maybe that Keysha @lumpylepew

      • Pockets not right enough to hang out with her….or buy beats by Dre’!

        At least with Reggie….I’ll have change for a Keystone Ice! LOL

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  • nomikal

    Isn’t beats by dre just a brand, nothing more as in technological patents and such?

  • size85

    I find this rumour hard to believe how could they partner with samung to make a tv when HTC own 51 percent of beats.

  • Beats PRO’s are great headphones and maybe the best for the price. I have listened to many. Bose is also good for listening, but there Bass is weak compared to the Beats. Of course there are some better Studio headphones, but most of them coast over a G.

  • apples money would squash beats money in marketing. nobody but niggaz is going to buy a beats phone. apple has business class, middle class, and poor class on lock. Microsoft can’t even compete with apple with phones


    Anyone that believes this story should shoot themselves in the head now!! HTC went broke, losing over $200M after purchasing “The Beats” headphones for over $300M, just to sell back a 3rd of the shares (over $100M) less than a year later. How do you pay so much money, then give them away for “free” with cheap-selling phones that barely make a profit for them??? #TerribleBusinessModel #RetardedBusinessDeals Jimmy & Dre are barely making money with artists on their labels, not to mention that they give away Beats headphones to artists on their labels just for the tax right-off, since they don’t sell a lot of records consistently. Maybe they should stick to what they’re good at…….NOT MUCH!!! #imjustsayin

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Jimmy Iovine is the mastermind Dr Dre is just the poster boy to make simple minded people buy into the product and give them money

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    “Beats has partnered up with Samsung….”

    Didn’t Apple just win a $1 Billion Damage Award Against Samsung? Samsung’s stock fell like 7 points that day. Google stock prices dropped because of the
    association with Android. The folks at “Beats by Dre” may be rethinking this decision.

    • TheRealest84

      beats r trash djs use them cuz everyother dj use them n they wanna look like they got paper 2 all a trend and tryna b down like everything else 50 and luda headphones sound just like beats all u paying for is the name that made them lmao look at jordans went up dec 11s come out be paying 180-185$ for crap quality sneakers but ppl still get them cuz they js

  • khaosol.com

    jimmy iovine got him a cash cow in dr dre,

  • dominicancoke

    When I use to work in radio shack some beats headphones mysteriously appeared in my gym bag.i mean shiiit they sound clearer than a muthafuccka but I aint paying no 300 200$ for that shit papi tu eres loco? I got some gummy name brand head phones 10$ they never whent bad had em since 09 you consumering sheeps are slaves to retail this whole country is backwards.and shallow I came from dr a third world.country you think theirs shopping addiction and anorexic people over there? Hell no spoil ass country got nigguz dying and going to prison cause he doing the wrong things in order to keep,up with capitalism they set up in videos tv and music I smell a conspiracy poor areas high crime nigguz on mtv 2 &wshh. Showin off wealth

  • I believe that he can do it….No idea is crazy if you have the money to back it up…..I respect rapper/producers think go out of their way to do things that no other rapper/producer is doing….We are tired of the liquor,clothing lines, and sneakers.

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  • daveofthematthews

    Give me Sennheiser’s Any day of the week, the Beats look nice and probably sound pretty good too but they are WAY overpriced and this is a recession. As far as being as big as Apple no chance, Apple are already too far ahead. I guess they do say “To get ahead you gotta punch above your weight” But a cool $1 billion is what it just cost the last people to try and do that maybe this is Samsung’s idea of revenge, I just see it costing them and beats a whole lot more money.

  • digitallife

    Get you a pair of HD senheisers for $100 and holla at me after because ain’t no way beats by dre beats them…unless they plan on creating dumb people software which is what the iphone is famous for they won’t win…the only thing the iphone has ever had going for it is the stores and the usability..the phone in general is crap (I’ve owned 4..now on samsung and loving it)..but people like simplicity so therefore the iphone is king. Anyway unless you are actually producing music a $20 pair of sony hdr’s should do the trick..

    • jeremy canady

      Imma have to disagree with u on that one. I have a pair of HD Senheisers that I use in my studio and after listening to a pair of beats that a friend had really intrigued me I gotta get me a pair of those beats….

      • digitallife

        Not in my experience..the $400 beats maybe…the lower ones in my opinion can’t touch senheiser hd…take your head phones outside throw on some classic hip hop for an hour…you’ll understand…

  • Rocky

    Why do people choose to buy a Mercedes over a Toyota. Toyota is a better long lasting car than a Mercedes. The same with beats it has luxury over the other brands. Beat are pricy but they are sick headphones that are great with bass. The people who buy them are not stupid people who throw there Money. Why does society in general always pick the higher more popular brands in merchandising.


    Munitio makes a better brand of earbuds than anything Monster has put out…google munitio

  • nastinupe

    Good move Dre. F the haters. @7yoyo7, Apple users are following a trend too idoit. iPods aren’t worth $300. iMacs aren’t worth $1500.

    • Tabithaa

      omg you can say that again , imacs deff arent worth 1500 i be damned if i pay over 1,000 dollars for a computer lol ,

  • $31015750

    forbes list just did a report saying dre sold “beats “to htc making him a top 5 earner of 2011. so how can he release a phone by beats??

  • johnblacksad

    “shook Dre’s punk azz, now he out of the closet”…. no disrespect, jus can’t get this rhyme out my head

  • Bonum83

    Listen guys. Lets be serious. beats headphones are better then 4$ headphones, so please stop saying that it is not. The question is, can the headphones stack up to studio quality headphones? Here’s my opinion. I had skull candy, stock Apple Headphones, Plantronics Back beat 903+. and ect…….And I thought they were great. MY girl got me Beats Studio Headphones, and I have never touched anything else since then. So please if you give your opinion base them on actual usage. I havent listen to anything from bose, but I have heard they are awesome so I can’t judge but don’t knock someones else purchase.

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  • Tabithaa

    lol i guess people hatting on beats by dre headphones i love them to death ima music head so yeah they fye to me .