Chad and Evelyn

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chad Ochocinco Going To Jail For Head Butting Evelyn?

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is probably going through the most trying time of his life. First, he was arrested for domestic violence against his wife, “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozado, then he was cut from the Miami Dolphins and it was aired on ESPN. He also lost two lucrative endorsement deals. Now we hear that Chad may be going to jail for one year for his domestic violence offense against Evelyn.

Unfortunately, this was not Chad’s first time being accused of hitting a woman. In 2000, Chad plead guilty in a California court for slapping his then-girlfriend after they got into a heated argument. He was sentenced to community service, but because of that, Johnson’s current misdemeanor domestic violence charge could be upgraded to a felony. If the prosecution chooses to upgrade the charge, Johnson could be facing a year in the slammer. Do you feel bad for Chad?

Speaking of Evelyn, new bikini pics of her 19-year-old daughter Shaniece have hit the net. Check out the pics below:

Shaniece is rumored to be dating bad mon singer, Sean Kingston. We hear he is tricking on her hard.

Hmm, I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

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  • johnblacksad

    Like mother, like ho

  • johnblacksad

    her daughter far from a dime… even tho she still stands chances of turnin into a nice milf
    …but right now, i’d only fugg her for the fugg of it…. (<—– insert shaq face here cause you know i'd tear that sh!t like a shredding machine)

  • johnblacksad

    ninjaz ain’t men no more… jus some big kids

  • brotha_man

    #1 hes black #2 hes a black male #3 she a woman #4 although she violent as hell on her show, the world still fears the black male……so yes that negro might see some time

  • brotha_man

    he had two incidents i dont condone smacking a broad. but ive been in arguments where Ive come close. females play dirty games…..the shit back in college that broad was probably on some i slept with your best friend shit. Females can air some dirty shit in the heat of the moment.

  • Adrian Barron

    she got what she wanted FAME and to be linked to another ATHLETE –
    but the broad gotta old face – HE supposed to marry younger NOT older
    these athletes are BONAFIDE TRIX cuz they dont know how to train or pick
    the right one’s – as bad as i want to i cant even knock the broad cuz she was
    a known JUMP OFF and still ended up finding a dumb athlete to JUMP THE BROOM

    jail or not, that niggah gone be back in the league playing for the league minimum for VET’s in no time – but up to his same old shenanigans and antics w/ a struggling legacy/career and no “BRASS” or Championship Ring

    which brings me to these new niggahs – they aint shyt – what happened to the Jerry Rice’s who just came to perform day in and day out on the field

    hell even the Andre Rison’s and Michael Irving’s knew how to separate fame, fortune, and marketing themselves from getting in the way of making plays – OCHO CINCO caught a mere 15 catches last year with TOM BRADY at the helm – phuck niggah I could have done that lol – niggah get your head out your azz and do something with yo’self – for yo’self or get PACMAN JONES’D out the league


    These hoes today got it easy. They can destroy a mans life in 2 slurps

  • do i feel bad for a millionair who beats woman??? nah. nope.

  • StylesDc

    Upgraded to a felony… You must think Chad gon have a public Defender lol GTFOH

    Pro-Athlete, Rookie playa

  • Synista

    Shaniece looking like she thinking “damn this nigga smell like cheeseburgers and sweat,if he wasn’t tricking so hard I wouldn’t be caught dead with his fat ass”

    As for ochocinco he a fool…I would have slapped that chick ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    with my dick!

  • King Cold

    he aint doin no time smh. if he does they mind as well lock Ben Rothlinsberger up for his past rape charges

  • SoYouRealHuh

    LOL all I can do is LAUGH at this story. I don’t feel sorry for either one because she’s ready to throw a drink or a bottle at someone but can’t take a head budd?? He don’t want to date no one black because they aint good enough from him but alllll the “better females” hes been with have got his ass for his money plus jail time. Her daughter -__- dating Sean Kingston for the money. “Like mother, like hoe” @johnblacksad I co-sign. What happened to her going away to college with her long time bf from home???? Her moms been out of the press lately, so Sean Kingston will have to do for now until she can get to Chris Brown or someone

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