Police Urge The Cancellation of DMX Show In New England Over Concerns Of Violence

(AllHipHop News) A concert featuring superstar rapper DMX has been canceled at the urging of police in New England, over concerns of violence.

DMX was supposed to hit the stage at Whites of Westport on September 7, but a number of incidents in the area moved police to urge Whites, as well as the local promoter Hurricane Promotions, to cancel the concert.

“This cancellation is very unfortunate. DMX loves to perform for his his fans and hates to have to reschedule his shows. However, we are still taking bookings and are hoping to create a national tour this Fall,” Domenick Nati, of Nati Celebrity Services told

Two men were shot – one fatally – at a Providence nightclub over the weekend, while a show featuring Philadelphia rapper Cassidy ended in brawls early Friday morning (August 24).

“Local law enforcement strongly advised us against doing this,” White’s VP Chris Lafrance told The Herald News. “We’ll regroup, maybe find some acts that fit a little better for the venue.”

Hurricane Promotions’ Michael Herren said that he had a security plan in place for the DMX concert and didn’t expect any issues, despite the violence last weekend.

“Unfortunately when people talk about gun violence, rap music is often intertwined,” Herren told The Herald News.

In addition to White’s own in-house security, ten state police were slated to be stationed around the venue, which can hold around 1,500 people.

Several hundred tickets had already been sold at $33 a-piece. Those fans who paid in advance can receive a full refund from Whites.

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  • RichFromBX

    did you really expect anything different from a place called WHITES of Westport…(sarcasm)

  • Sosa_Limone

    that doesnt sound ethical… to me it wreaks of racial undertones and prejudice.

    • RichFromBX

      dating myself here but back in the 80s venues would cancel rock and metal concerts the same way or if they didn’t cancel it the groups would have to put a ridiculous security deposit to cover any potential damages to the venue

      • hoeyuno

        Fo sho. And those shows were rowdy as hell. Everything and anything not bolted down was gonna be thrown and then at the end of the set the band would destroy everything on stage.

  • Stop using the race card…DMX had plenty of chances, and at this point you all can’t be mad at people who are not interested in dealing with rappers such like DMX…He has a bad reputation and we all know that….I always say that rappers need to have the complete package, it’s more than just rapping these days, it’s about making sure that you have the best image possible…When you are a celebrity image is everything.

    • hoeyuno

      True. And I remember a time where the problem was trying to get x to his own shows. If you booked him you had about a 70% chance of him showin.

      • It hurts me that fans don’t demand more from their favorite artists…It’s crazy to look-up to an artist that been in and out of prison, smoking crack, offending Gays and everything else..Artists need to do better

  • J. Smith

    This has nothing to do with DMX, but everything to do with the ignorance surrounding Hip Hop as a whole. I won’t say that racism didn’t play a part, but if people weren’t getting shot and beat up, they wouldn’t have an excuse to be prejudice. If there were 10 state police officers scheduled to work security, and they STILL felt it would end badly, that particular neighborhood must be out of control. As much as you may not agree with DMX’s personal life, he is an artist, and is entitled to make and perform any type of music he wants to. If people are willing to listen, you can’t knock him. That makes you a hater. His life just happens to be on display. If you didn’t know about his demons, they still would have canceled his show due to concerns of violence. Here in NY, Mayor Bloomberg has threatened to shut down clubs who host weekly “Hip Hop” parties. Mainly because, eventually someone gets murdered.

    • Well it happened with Chris Brown and Drake—So the proof is there–It’s all about safety, people are tired of going to these events with fear that they might get hurt or worse…Certain artists attract certain people….however it’s these people that they attract who don’t understand that no matter how much Chris Brown and Drake fight and act a fool–they are Celebrities, it can make or break their careers, but for everyday Joe’s like you and I It will impact us in a much greater way.

      • J. Smith

        My point exactly. Our culture is the only culture that holds artists personally responsible for their lyrics and images. We are also the only culture who adapts the current musical trend, to our lifestyles. I laugh at these kids around here, who all have not one, but TWO fake chains on, because two chains is hot right now, and they want to prove they’re just like him. This problem starts at home. As upset as I get at the system for shutting us down, I can’t really blame them. The chance of a kid getting shot over a girl that he doesn’t even know, at a club where “random” rapper is performing, is something like 80%. But, we can’t blame all rappers. There are the ignorant ones who call for violence, in the name of “keeping it real”, but they are the minority.

    • suge380

      I think it has to do with the venues and lack luster security also. I mean they don’t spend those extra bucks on security and they dang sure don’t watch the number of people they let in. As long as you paying, they pack folks in til they can barely move. Throw the drinks on top and you got you BS for the evening.

      • J. Smith

        I’m late, but you’re absolutely right.

    • You are absolutely correct my nigga.

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    Violence only begets #Violence #STOPTheHate

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