Hip-Hop Rumors: MF Doom Sends A Look-A-Like Doom Bot To UK Show?

Peep what I saw on! MF Doom seems to be up to his old tricks again!

On Saturday night (August 25th) MF Doom was due to make an appearance at hip-hop night, Livin’ Proof. Livin’ Proof are known to host initimate shows with some of the hottest hip-hop underground acts in the world. Unfortuntaely, Doom ended up sending a Doombot to the London show. Doom fans in the crowd were not that surprised that the rapper did not show. Rumours were circulating that he actually sent a Londoner to spin a set (which looked like the Doombot was playing an iPod as opposed to spinning a record!) Here’s an official statement released by Livin Proof:

To everyone who came down to our Livin’ DOOM event on Saturday and are questioning whether that was the real DOOM – we are in the same position as you. We had a legitimate contracted gig from his official booking agent and were in contact t…hroughout the booking process with his US management, and label. We were even talking and working with the promoters of DOOM’s forthcoming London live shows in October and November.

As far as we were concerned, the real DOOM was going to appear… we received news from DOOM’s management on the morning of the gig that DOOM wanted more money or he would not show up. This show was done and intended as a very special and intimate show which was not about making money but putting on an incredible party in a very small capacity venue. As we wanted the show to go ahead and was left to ransom to this extortionate request, we agreed this even though this was a breach of our agreed contract. In hindsight, we should have cancelled the show then and there…
At 9.30pm after we had open the doors, we were told by management that he would appear but would not DJ and was just going to sign autographs. We said this was unacceptable as we had agreed and paid for a DJ set… 10 minutes later we received a call saying that he would DJ… Or that’s what we were led to believe.

As many of the people in the venue noticed, there is a very strong possibility the person that was finally sent down was not DOOM himself.

Doing this show has taught us a lot about how some artists operate and how they feel they can treat others and, most importantly, their fans. As fans of DOOM ourselves, this has left a very sour taste in our mouth.

Anyone who has been to Livin’ Proof parties always know that we do our utmost to provide the best quality show and we are so sorry for anyone who came down and were disappointed by the DJ set from the artist supposedly meant to be DOOM.
We will do our utmost to make this up to anyone who purchased a ticket for this event. We paid the fee upfront to Daniel Dumile’s bank account and have the receipts to prove this. We will be seeking legal advice and are doing our best to get his show fee refunded from DOOM and his management and will then take suitable steps after this action.

All the best,

Livin’ Proof Crew.See More

If you have been reading the rumors for a minute now, you know at one point it seemed like every other week there were rumors like this.

Here is what one of the fake Dooms looks like.

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  • I think MF Doom is really Gucci Mane!

  • Negro Peligro

    Don’t lie its kind of genious.

  • Guest

    dude is deadass a supervillian lol

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    The Villain strikes again!

  • Dave Williams

    that pic is of the real DOOM

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  • Brian Andrew Smith

    if anyone knows the mythology behind the actual doctor doom it makes sense. DOOM is a supervillian. its all apart of his persona. doctor doom use to send out doom bots into battle to fight in his stead. there is more to being doom than meets the eye.

    • Guest

      yeah but he should seperate his rap fantasies from his real interaction with his fans and promoters.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        how so? He’s not promoting daniel dumile. He is promoting DOOM. That is who DOOM is. Now if it was a Daniel Dumile Set than you would be right. But its DOOM.

      • jft1990

        Give over kid. If you were in the fans position you’d be pissed. Stop trying to defend a scam artist because he makes good music. It’s a joke. Regardless of what the history/mythology of doom is, it shouldn’t be stronger than the link between him as his fans.

      • jft1990

        For example, pulling this shit in an interview might be a fun way of building the character. But pulling this shit on his fans and the people who got him there is bullshit.

    • TruthSerum

      You cant be serious, lol

      Man, you can explain it anyway you want but If I paid hard earned money to watch an artist perform and they sent an imposter to lip sync I would be heated.

      There’s no way you can explain your way around this

      They paid to see the artist who made the records perform

      They got an imposter

      I’d be asking for money back, and If I were that promoter I’d be suing him

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Not the first time he’s been accused of this.

  • water_ur_seeds

    hes done this before, in england to i think… i would never go to a mf doom concert for that reason

  • RichFromBX

    it is kind of interesting…and pretty genius, you could bust your ass in the basement and put together a bangin’ 90 minute set and “perform” it in different clubs in different parts of the country on the same night.

  • DOOM = WIN
    Fans = Lawse

  • 7yoyo7

    I saw the real one in Concert with The Roots, Black Milk, De La Soul, Mos Def & DJ Premier. SICKKKK!

  • TruthSerum

    He’s been doing this for years, if you do business with this scam artist you get what you deserve. Its like that old story of the man who picks up a rattlesnake and then acts surprised when he gets bit and dies. Don’t act like you didn’t know he was a snake

  • YaheardSyndicate

    There’s nothing genius about disapointing your fans and burning promoters out of money.

  • king ddt

    stop trying to get DOOM to do live shows unless you contract with his legal name. What they should do is contract with him under his legal government name and not do contracts with DOOM. You can sue for breach of contract if he is obligated under his federal name and the DBA (doing business as DOOM). then if he beats u can try that way or whup his ass in the streets! he can be touched

    • RBG4Life

      …dont really kow why but this made me LMAO! that damn DOOM…

  • King Cold

    lmao….this is too funny….Doom is really a villain. aint this like the 12th time hes pulled this?

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  • johnblacksad

    ok ok… i admit… i don’t know Doom that well… only a very few tracks here and here… and even that, it’s prolly because i’m a wu-tang/GFK fan… but this type sh!t right here is exactly the kind of sh!t hat makes me not regret not knowing him… i don’t like that type of sh!t and i don’t condone it… i like artists that respect the craft and respect the fans… ok i’m reading about his ‘supervillain’ character and how it’s part of it, but still… that sh!t ain’t fly really…

    anybody wanna propose a couple of songs from him i should listen to? I know he gets mad respect from ‘real’ heads… i wanna see what all that’s about

    • Contraverse77

      Just listen to the entire Madvilliany album and you’ll see why he’s one of the best underground rappers around!!!

      • johnblacksad

        will do… ! THX… no George Lucas!

        thanks for not calling me some sort of name for not being familiar with him…

      • Contraverse77

        You’re very welcome fam! I show respect to gain it! but seriously just youtube alot of his stuff. His special herbs instrumentals are fire and his King Geedorah and Danger mouse Albums are sick!!! I mean I give him much props for his skill but pulling a fast one on fans is going to hurt him in the long run whether it’s his persona or not. Personally I would probably stop paying for his albums if I was at a show and didn’t see the real MF DOOM perform. As an artist myself that’s not the right thing to do regardless of the contractual issues going on. Also greed doesn’t play well with fans either. So if he wanted more money for doing the show he should’ve asked the fans who pay…if that’s fair!

    • vats of urine

    • the victor vaghn album, the king gedorah album just google me i mean him..doom doom I say…

  • BilderbergSuperstar