Cormega: My Chris Lighty Letter

Did you ever see a karate movie where the student impatiently wants to do more then the chores the master gives him; only to later find out that the chores are key parts to the training. That’s what my relationship with Chris Lighty was like. He was Steinbrenner and I was Billy Martin (he just never fired me as much). He was a leader, a true leader is measured by the success of those he leads and Chris led a multitude of artist,producers, and DJs to success. When I came home from jail I was supremely ignorant. Intelligent yes, but ignorant when it came to the music industry. I thought being a good emcee meant I would automatically be successful. I thought I was somebody because I was known and respected in the streets. Chris taught me that respect in the street means nothing in the industry and that being a MC and being a recording artist are two completely different identities. He advised me not to bring certain friends around. At the time I didn’t understand or appreciate that advice, but sure enough the same people he spoke of I don’t associate with anymore.

He invited me to a barbecue at his house. The invite was for Mega and one person. I came alone and was upset when I saw my peers with more than one guest. Later I realized why my invite was for Mega and one person. Most rappers aren’t known street figures and I was still one foot in the industry and the other in the streets. Now I understand exactly why my invite was Mega and one person! Honestly, now that I have a house, I would do the same thing. Home is where family is and for him to even invite me to his home was a gesture of trust. He gave me a tour of his house just he and I and said in so many words this is what its about, not the streets. He had the basketball court in the back and when I got some money (years later) I got myself one similar to his. So yes I swagga jacked Chris.

My album sat on the shelf for years but Chris (and he alone) tried to put me on the “Survival Of The Illest Tour.” I wanted to prove to him that I was ready and by most accounts I was. So when the tour was over and I was on a few albums, I felt I was ready but I didn’t feel like I was a priority at Violator, so I told them to release me from my contract. I had to speak to another exec at Def Jam and finally I was released, free to sign elsewhere or in my case go back to the streets.

I bumped into Chris years later and he hooked me up with someone who wanted to do business with me. I respected that, but I fell out with him months later when I discovered that he was managing my then rival (a rapper you may have heard of). I felt betrayed because Chris was like a big brother to me. I said things in interviews about Violator because I was hurt. Truth be told when I later put out The Realness, it was for the fans, but it was for me to prove to Chris, that I had what it took to succeed.

About a year ago DJ J. Love called me and said my name was brought up and Chris’ response was “that’s the one that got away” I was happy to hear that he said something positive. Just last month we saw each other and it was like we never parted. But now we part! Chris is always going to be who I aspire to be like in the industry. He represents WINNING, LOYALTY, and CONSISTENCY and to this day I’ve never heard an artist say Chris jerked them. Even though Testament wasn’t released by Violator, I will say this, he gave me 100 % publishing and I had nice point percentage. My first deal was the biggest at the time for a new artist. A quarter million and that was because of Chris. My first recording plaque came from Chris, first tour came from Chris, and the first true sorrow I ever felt for a music executive dying is from Chris. – Cormega


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  • respect.. mega always been real.. rip chris lighty

  • RobOne

    Mega Montana is the man! I remember back in the day in a Source interview (?) that Cormega mentioned that Chris Lighty didn’t like him, but I’m glad that he realized that Chris was only looking out for his career. It takes a mature individual to recognize. Also, I am surprised by how much Chris helped Cormega — must’ve been a good man to know.

  • let the truth be known


  • KingChandler

    Mega’s one of my top 5 D.O.A. That man is one of the few artists I know of that you can consistently hear the growth and maturity in his music with every album and in this case, in his personal life as well. R.I.P. Chris Lighty, I only know what the average hip-hop head knows about him but behind the scenes it sounds like he was a real stand up dude.

    • hoeyuno

      Cosign… Every last bit.

  • Sosa_Limone

    mega = one of the most underrated rappers ever. this was a nice read and u can tell he was sincere. glad they were able to reconnect before chris’ death, thats a terrible burden to carry. RIP Chris Lighty

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  • Mega was off message though, he spoke more on his achievements than he should of. I actually know more about Mega now, if you get my drift.

    • NoGoBoi

      apparently u didn’t understand what he was saying. all of his success came from the support, guidance and love from chris lighty. sometimes it’s hard to understand words if you can’t read them properly. respect to mega, i understand what u r saying!

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  • Mega Speaking Real Words RIP Chris Lighty

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  • Jim Beam

    He probably killed himself because of the state of hip hop. I mean, he sounds very much the hip hop enthusiast. He’s been doing this for over 20 years. When you think about how bad things have gotten since then it makes complete sense. I slit my wrist the first time I heard laffy taffy.

    • dominicancoke

      Woooow u are one of those people who speak to hear themselves speak.

      • Jim Beam

        Woooow. Go suck my balls.

  • dominicancoke

    Rip chis lighty and props to of the most underated rappers but lets no get things twisted here chris didn’t just die he made the choice to die.which sucks and goes without respect in my book and all this over a women I mean life goes on she will do her..smh and I quote 50 cent dont be stupid endup dying my n!gga use your head/shes gone find some body else dick to suck when you’re dead/

    • Sparky Flinstone

      U don’t really know what happened homie, u only know what the media has told u that’s all u know…. there are many who believe the story don’t add up. This could easily be HOMICIDE made to appear like a SUICIDE

  • Sparky Flinstone


  • foxbrownfox

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  • World b0$$

    the realness

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Great letter, respect to Cormega… RIP Chris Lighty, silly mistake by him, thats what happens when guns are around… smh

  • 7yoyo7

    Yo Mega! We are still waiting for that M.A.R.S. collab album!!!
    Just sayin’…

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