Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Shyne & Max B Cut From The Same Cloth?

Fresh off of his Twitter vent on Diddy, Shyne has jumped back online to defend Max B. Both Max B and Shyne didn’t “snitch” and ended up getting heavy federal time for it. Earlier this week, Max B’s conviction of 75 years in prison was for his part in a 2009 robbery that left one man dead. Although Max B wasn’t there, the jury declared that he was the mastermind and he was convicted. This conviction means that he will not be eligible for release until the year 2042.

Shyne knows a thing or two about being behind bars, and decided to show some support for Max B on his Twitter page. Check out what he tweeted below:

“Free Max B!,” he tweeted August 26th.

“”@michieogryboy: Free max b!”bigga velli the don !!!” max b could’ve rolled over but real g’s don’t fold. All the way to the electric chair”


I guess these two are cut from the same cloth. Would you snitch to escape a 75-year sentence? I wonder if Shyne could do it all over again, would he have placed the blame on Diddy?

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56 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Shyne & Max B Cut From The Same Cloth?”

  1. $18592567

    Shyne was locked up in NY’s State Prison System.
    Max B is locked up in New Jersey’s State Prison System.

    Hate to be that guy.

    Bigavel ALLDAY!!!

  2. brotha_man

    Get ya mind right Max B do the crime do the time. Men need to step up leave this gangsta shit alon and raise their kids. real. cant raise a child from a jail cell

    • nothinlessdenSour


  3. $18916246

    Max B (street name)…Is fooling himself. This man has served time prior to this conviction and knows better. Trying to play off of the notion that he was not actually there at the crime scene obviously is no means of defense in this case as he was given the maximum sentence of 75yrs…LIFE! Now on to this promoting of phony allegiances amongst n*gga minded men. It is one thing to be called, seen as, and or treated like a n*gga. It is another to outwardly promote being a n*gga and inside of this accepted mindset the n*gga personified class rants about death before dishonor and that he or she should be able to trust another n*gga.

    This is absolute foolishness. A n*gga personified thinks nothing of him or herself, he or she is plagued with short sightedness, a bottom feeder, he or she is motivated by fear and confrontation and otherwise seeks to imposed both as a means of n*gga survival. A n*gga personified is mentally and spiritually defeated so he or she cannot see or fathom any success beyond his own meager existence. This, “I don’t snitch”, “snitches get stitches” is loaded n*gga talk. Knowing if his or her own freedom is challenged by the authorities the personified n*gga snitches with glee, giving up every possible detail of an alleged crime as expected, and as we see now-a-days on TV while viewing shows like First 48.

    Black people wake up…WE ARE NOT N*GGERS, N*GGAZ, or NIGGUZ. But as long as we seek to personify the n*gga existence with phrases like real n*gga?, before we consider living a real life, We as a people will always view our lives as prosperous black people as an exception, or luck. We are foiled as people by seeing ourselves as n*ggaz 1st. Begin to see the n*gga existence and all its attributes as an unwanted plague. We are the 1st people, the oldest people on the planet and we owe it to our existence to thrive as such.

    • Southcidal

      Its just a figure of speech paradyme. I think black people needs to stop talking and start doing more doing. If I’m building Fortune 500 companies, giving back to my community and being a positive role model for the youth is my calling myself a nigga really that big of a deal?
      A “real nigga” is a black man that raises his kids and teaches them to be better than he was.

      • $18916246

        @Southcidal, I agree the word n*gga can and has been used a term of endearment. The problem with black society is when the term becomes personified. i.e, One lives and believes by the actual negative definition. The problem here is year in and year out n*ggas want to be excused for n*gga behavior. This is where black folk and n*ggas are divided and rightfully so. I work hard, married, and raise my family intentionally.

        I intentionally look to avoid the common pitfalls of life by believing in a higher spiritual power, watching what I do and say. I watch what I eat. I am intentionally a role model to all and any who can relate to me and my values as presented on the surface as few people can actually know me personally to know otherwise of the positive nature I intentionally present for the good of myself and my people I encounter. My good life is not an accident or luck. I am not a n*gga. A nigga does not raise his family, because he can’t.

        A man can only love himself and the world around him enough to raise a family. Southcidal, you are a man. Yes we use this word n*gga, throw it around for greetings, daps and hugs…no problem….I am not a n*gga. Knowing this allows me to thrive on positive path supported and loved by GOD….whom ever and what ever you choose to worship is your business…right and wrong has it’s own way of revealing itself…choose your path.

    • Celz

      You forgot to add “In my opinion”.. The people I know don’t use the word in your context. So I’m glad it means that for you and I agree it means that for too many people but that is not the definition of the word.

      • DiscoverDior.com

        Shut up………@Southcidal:disqus made some great points and you sit here and try to get all technical? You people never have nothing to add to these articles, just typing silly shit all day to get noticed….@Southcidal has expressed himself in a respectful way the least you can do is add to it or just read it and keep it moving.

      • Celz

        Your lame lol the word didn’t send Max B to jail. Him being a career criminal did. Stop putting so much power on the word if all it takes is a word to send you to jail that’s where you were headed anyway. Using the word N&^&a as term of endearment takes the power of the word N*&%er away. So your grandkids won’t feel the same verbal abuse that your grandparents did. The word is irrelevant the mentality that comes with our negative culture being commercialized, exaggerated, and glorified is where the issue stems from.

    • Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

      Very true. Alot of what our people do is Kindergarten games at the age of 35-40. Stupidity, foolish pride and inspiring young kids to serve time in jail too. Jail should be avoided at all cost. Forget all money and luxury goods. Your time on earth is limited. Spending years in jail during the best time in your life makes no sense. what you gonna do later when you’re out at 40plus. No career, no money, no education. Good for Shine he has a father who is president in Belize. Most people are not that lucky.
      And once you are out years later, what is the reward for not snitching? All you see is your homies already moved on with their lives. And you’re out still keeping it gangsta

      • Richie_Ochoa

        A black man calling himself dior is poisonous to our society. I have no respect for men who name themselves after Fashion designers… Who by the way rarely hire black models and give nothing to the black community. Get ya Sh*t together before you start hatin..

      • DiscoverDior.com

        It is my real name…It’s not a name that I chose myself…You need to get you’re facts straight before you go talking smack….Besides, my name has nothing to do with the above topic.

    • nothinlessdenSour

      YOUR AN IDIOT…THIS “NO SNITCHIN” THING IS IS DEEPER THAN “NIGGAS”..READ A FUCKIN BOOK OR LEARN SOME HISTORY..THERE WAS A NO SNITCHING CAMPAING HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO WHERE BEING A TRAITOR WAS WORSE THAN BEING A MURDERER…shut ya dumb ass up, its niggas like you who always bring the fuckin race down…and for the record, max b wasnt at the murder scene. Was osama the one who hijacked the planes????

      • $18916246

        @ nothinglessdensour? Coward and N*gga sympathizer….I’m no match for your ignorance…Hey, I can’t feed a baby steak….i.e. You are an example of what I’ve already said here: (above) A n*gga personified thinks nothing of him or herself, You are plagued with short sightedness (Can’t see the big picture?..here’s a hint bruh..and I reiterate: “BLACK PEOPLE (US or abroad) ARE NOT N*GGER’s N*GGAZ!”), You are a bottom feeder, motivated
        by fear and confrontation and otherwise seeks to imposed both as a means
        of n*gga survival (master taught you well)….sing it with me dummy….Who the cap fits/Let him/her wear it….Dummy! Stop replying to my commentary..It’s grown, progressive, black folks talk.


      He wasn’t there! His girl set-up the victims & blamed it on him! He was making a minimum of $4,000/day doing shows. It doesn’t make sense for him to try kill 2 guys for $30,000!!! Not an NYC dude that makes money already & just did a bid! << That doesn't make any sense!

    • Anthonyd Smith

      Cosign! These rat bastards are Sammy The Bulls in blackface, Tommy Hil snitched and got murked, and every other rapper at one point or another done gave up infoinfo in a rhyme or a interview. In short, the World is a Snitch Ghetto…

  4. therealest1

    Shyne is a confused ass clown though. He converted to Jew upon prison release. And he always looked stupid and inappropriate with an oversize baseball cap wearing a suit.

    • TruthSerum

      lol, yeah that picture rockin that hat w/ a suit & tie looks about retarded, I bet Shynes mother still dreses him in the morning

  5. TruthSerum

    Who was Max B gonna snitch on, he was the guy at the top of this situation, his co defendants snitched on him. The whole plan was his idea, nobody to sell up the river unless he knows a big time dope dealer or summin.

    Max is a clown for turning down that plea bargain they offered him, he coulda done 8 years instead of this basketball score sentence he got now. Stupidity ain’t wavy at all

    • jamaicanbornanbread

      son could’ve snitched on his cousin..one of the shooters….dem bitches dat good dem dudes there in the 1st place….son could’ve snitched on a key drug figure in harlem or conn….i think max had the ability to be a music icon…so i guess this shit wasn’t so wavy….still son music game is still the waviest….OOOOOWWWWWWW

      • Celz

        You can’t snitch on your snitches under you lol.. Snitchin on them is snitchin on you.. They already snitched on themselves by snitchin on Max B.. He would just corroborate the snitche’s snitch

    • nothinlessdenSour


      • TruthSerum

        Yeah, I’m the idiot while your defending a guy who turned down an 8 year plea bargain so he could stay in jail till 2042……SMH

      • nothinlessdenSour


  6. jamaicanbornanbread

    well….my morale and my ethics clash….i’m from a culture that preech see and blind…hear not tell…..granted i know this whole no snitching thing derives from the underworld or men who live a dubious life to keep a silent ear to the law from there wrong doings….like when the mafia was flooding harlem with drugs via bumpy johnson…frank lucas etc. etc…..thats how they stayed rich and in power if someone talked they were handled….yet i have watched my best freind and my father and my uncle both get deported because they would not talk…a part of me has to stand up and salute max beastly and shyne-po for there respect for the old ways of getting it in….also i heard that max set up some outer towners with promise of snatch and business in the drug game just to get them headshots…which means two familys have lost a love ones….people have lost fathers and sons and brothers…..dont they deserve justice…then why am i saluting max…as well as some of you..u see whut i mean by my morale and ethics clash…honestly i dont know whut i would do face with 75 years….expecially if its to protect p-diddy

  7. Oknas

    if i was about to do 75 years in prison for something i damn well know i wasnt involved in you damn right im snitching. I only live once who wants to be in jail for the rest of their life? But if it something i was involved in and got caught I’d take it like a man.
    That snitching shit doesn’t apply to every situation in life, niggaz need to know the difference

    • Cho

      Co-Sign, it doesn’t even have to be 75 years, it could two year and I’m not involved, SHIIIT !!! .. that’s being a “real n*gga” crap is destroying young black men .. I got two much to lose to be involved in those f*ckeries.

  8. ProperGanderMan

    I hate commenting… but the fact is, Max B was either implicated or involved in a crime and is now being held responsible for it. While this “no snitching” thing is a problem in our communities, it does not apply here. Don’t let Shyne get you all hyped up. Shyne is obsessed with credibility and “snitching” was a major point of interest in his situation. Shyne doesn’t get the love that even Max B gets, regardless of the fact he was once with Diddy. He’s trying to identify and show a similarity between himself and Max, for attention of course. As for the so-called “nigga-personified”… that shit sounds nice, makes a lot of sense and was well-typed, but it’s clear that while you understand ONE of the many complex yet simple ideas that have a devastating impact on minorities, (Blacks, in this case), you clearly don’t have an understanding of crime, and the closeness it has to our hearts and minds in our communities. It’s not an impulse to do wrong, it is a desire for “more” whatever that may be, and the reality that Blacks in America are not included in the American Dream to legitimately receive more. We still have a “defy the master” mentality. We belong to criminal “guilds” like it or not, and there is a certain “honor among thieves” concept that we adhere to (no snitching). The owners and controllers of this country/system sell drugs and things are fine or overlooked, but when minorities sell drugs they are “drug dealers” “thugs” “criminals”. Nothing excuses murder, robbery, kidnapping etc. and whatever else Max was convicted of, but you must understand it is not limited to “niggas”. It is a human impulse to commit these acts. If he was white, you wouldn’t be running off about a “nigga” mentality. You probably wouldn’t have posted shit. You certainly wouldn’t have posted a thesis about it. We’re in extraordinary conditions out here that create an unknown number of psyches, You don’t know what drives a man to do things. All criminals are not gangsters, and just because you don’t implicate others in a crime doesn’t mean you have a “nigga mentality” Everyone sounds so intelligent in the comment section, but this ain’t have nothin to do wit snitchin, it has to do wit murda, robbery, kidnappin. These acts are not limited to niggas, so why do we have a “nigga” discussion when a human being who is dark-skinned gets convicted of a crime? While it’s not that serious, It’s so much more to this than “nigga” shit. Stop being trendy, Stop tryin to “stand out” or appear intellectual, and start making sense. We’re smarter than that,

    • $18916246

      I’m not new to the blog’s here @ ALLHIPHOP.COM. I’ve been around for many years and pretty much since this website started. I’m passionate about my views concerning HIPHOP, my people, and people in general. I don’t speak or comment in a way to sugar coat reality. My responses or replies in most cases are not knee jerk. I’m no keyboard bully, typing tough and not really the tough type. I’m speaking from no societal pedestal of any kind. I grew up in the hood. Newark NJ. I am a grown man who welcomes any civil reply to what I have to say. I don’t know everything. No one does. In reply to what I believe was stated by you about my comments, I offer no excuses to the youth my younger brothers and sisters.

      We have to stop with the excuses. Gates on cemeteries, bars on jail cells. Neither serves as visual deterrents as black people collectively lead the planet in senseless acts of death and violence on one another. Responsible black people have come and gone and still remain, fighting the unending fight for collective progression of black people all the while informing and sacrificing themselves in doing so. Yes I agree a complexed system is in place that is designed to derail us. Their are many traps. We all suffer set backs of some kind at some point in life. We could never afford to celebrate ignorance. The defeated mindset has no place in the path of progressive people.

      In life we make choices. Choosing to perpetuate ignorance as means of living is a painful and senseless choice. I ask how can we be men, build our own civil communities, protect our woman and children and embrace such behavior and thinking? The Snitch…a mindset easily dispelled by anyone who has served time in the American penile system. Prison staff, Convicts or Ex-cons fail to tell the truth about what takes place from behind prison walls. A consequence of being institutionalized I guess, employed or detained. If we believed in any sort of no-snitch rule, black men would not be successfully categorized and targeted as the American prison poster children. Snitching or telling on a co-defendant starts long before a senseless crime is committed. A fear of being detained and his or her co-defendant is being set free perpetuates this act and seals the deal in most cases.

      All we have ever done is snitch on one another in exchange for plea bargains and lighter jail sentencing. So why not educate our youth on the facts instead of perpetuating n*gga folk law and perspective. We have to begin to cherish our own lives. Love and respect ourselves and one another. Love our women, raise our children. This sadly is being seen today as being white or Cosby like, unreal. Well so is your survival black man if we continue to side with n*gga minded ways. Ignorance is a choice and displacement of vital priority. Choose to lead yourself. Choose to look beneath the surface. Choose to be a role model. Choose to thrive on a positive path. Choose to believe in a power greater than yourself. Love your brother’s and sister’s. Honor your parents. Perpetuate family values. Earn your woman’s respect. Be responsible. Raise your children. Den*ggafy yourself…..It’s your choice.

      • RBG4Life

        Great points expressed by both of you! I feel if we could take the understanding from ProperGanderMan’s post, the reality of paradyme’s post, and create a mindset amongst ourselves that we instill in our children we could possibly break the cycle. Much has been done to sheep herd us into two extremes(f*ck it and/or submit to a marginalized life), so it will definitely cost us because forces do not want to see this cycle broken. Deep down I think many know this, but the fact it takes a unified collective effort to value and open its “eyes to the prize” is where the problem lies.

      • Contraverse77

        Probably one of the most realest and honest posts I’ve ever read! Paradyme is right on so many levels. I feel people in general just need to wake up. This world is filled with too much corruption and violence, and instead of using hip hop as a weapon to fight against it, we use it as a tool to glorify it.

        Paradyme’s post should be made into a 16 bar verse and played by every radio station in the world.

        Only the truth shall set us free.

  9. Lamonte Johnson

    All hip hop you some cut for the shit you put in your articles. Ya do it just so we can comment cuz without comments ya have no site

  10. MiiUziWeighsATon

    Shyne was a flunkie…he bust his gun for a nigga who wouldn’t bust his gun for himself, let alone another mafukka…Max mastermind the whole shyt and used his pawns/flunkies to execute his scheme…so how the fukk are they cut from the same cloth…I will say this, they were both stupid…once you are sitting at the table with Puff there is no need to prove ya thug…the paid security is there for that….u far from the corner and looking at the opportunity to touch money on a large scale which will allow you to make things better for you and yours…Shyne blew that dickriding and trying to bring to life his onstage persona…Max, although he wasn’t with a Puff, DipSet was doing alright and they were making money, all Max had to do is keep doing what he was doing and playing his part within the structure of the group and keep the street shyt alone he’d be free and still wavy…lol

    • $18916246

      Ditto that bruh…I’m not a n*gga of any kind. I’m a black man, husband, father, and role model…and unreformed. I never thought I would see a time when disenfranchised black people would shamelessly defend being perceived as n*ggas. I guess this is an example of the long term affects of black folk doing too much to embrace the term. I see and have said…”That’s my n*gga”, my main man, my beloved brother. Now how do we arrive at “I am a n*gga?….No whips, No chains? A damn shame bruh.

  11. Lark

    Shyne can’t blame anything on Diddy. Shyne has himself to blame. He’s the one that pulled out a gun recklessly and shot innocent people. He is a accident murderer, not gangsta at all. You don’t get points for hitting innocent bystanders. On the other hand, Max B is innocent!

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