Beyonce and Nicki Minaj

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Nicki Minaj Try To Swagger Jack Beyonce?

Nicki Minaj recently changed the photo on her Twitter page profile, and it looks like it was a photoshopped photo of Beyonce. The picture caught the eye of MediaTakeOut, who did some research and found the original photo, which was indeed of Beyonce.

Check out the side by side photos below:

The hand in Nicki’s photo is exactly the same as the hand in Beyonce’s photo. Even the way the curls fall is identical. Soon after being called out, Nicki deleted the photo from her page and replaced it with another one. Very weird.

In related news, today’s NY Post Page Six is reporting that Nicki Minaj and “American Idol” are almost all signed off on the contract to have her join Mariah Carey as a judge, but Nicki’s endorsement deal with Pepsi is holding up the process. You see, Coca-Cola is the official sponsor for “American Idol”, and Nicki promotes Pepsi.

Sources close to “Idol” also revealed that the show is banking on conflict between Minaj and Carey, and hope that the beef will translate into ratings. Will you be watching “American Idol” if Nicki joins?

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  • Contraverse77

    Someone needs to pop this broads airhead! There’s only one thing she’s good for….back shots!!!

    • So_Disrespectful_

      like your mother.

      • Nah, like him

      • Contraverse77

        Funny dude! I see you’re on that starship bandwagon. Fuckin QUEER!!!

  • Oknas

    shes been a biter but id still bite her lol

  • Nicki has that star power…She is coming from far—–She can mimic any female she wants, it just shows that she likes Beyonce’s style…..When the guys do it, it’s no big deal, why can’t it be the same for the females?

    • Contraverse77

      No disrespect my dude and I totally agree with your question, but let’s all be honest here. Regardless where she came from and what she has accomplished so far, this female is fake all around. From her hair to her a$$, she’s not who she really is until she started believing it. I’m sorry but me as the REAL person that I am I just don’t respect that. I do understand that artists reinvent themselves, but she isn’t inventing anything. Rather she is mimicking other artists and claiming it her own. Now although I wasn’t a big fan of Lil Kim, I respected her because she was being herself and being honest with her music…until now. *sigh.

  • Guest

    Banking on conflict. Wow. So the show itself can’t just entertain us these days, huh? The beginning of the end of A.I.

  • timwest1000

    Swaggerjackers jacking Swaggerjackers? SMH-Too bad American Idol wants us to watch the judges and not the actual contestants. Watch the show to watch the judges?

  • Lump Beats

    she photoshopped the wrong part… she should photoshopped Bey’s face on one of her pics… and posted THAT shit. She a funny-lookn mugg. Stick to showin body pics. And I’m still mad at yo for Roman Holiday. That shyt be playin on random on my phone and pssin me off. Ok that’s all. #imnothatin #imjustsayin


    now if Nicki becomes a judge that just lets us know how fake te industry is. Nicki has no amount of hist comparable of the other judges and should not be on the show at all.

  • King Cold

    judging from this and her young money crew theyve been biters. aint nothin new.

  • One of her fans made the picture DICK HEADS!

    • brotha_man

      she still posted on her twitter you big dummy. ”
      Nicki Minaj recently changed the photo on her Twitter page profile”

  • NO!

  • Derrick Yelnats

    First Kim then Rhianna she tried to with Madonna now Beyonce …….. Will the real Nicki PLEASE STAND UP !!!!

  • jamaicanbornanbread

    wasn’t gonna watch anyways….i think ya’ll nit-picking…..ya’ll surprised she s-jacking(i refuse to use the S word)….whut style or beats has ymcmb not jacked…there main man wayne has managed to bite gillie whole persona including flow…bite gang culture(bloods)
    ……and now biting skateboards and back-packers….he just might bite faggy ocean and come out next….nonetheless we no surprise….still would bone nicki though

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  • Sharnay Star

    it is not people romour its yours