Hip-Hop Rumors: Is 50 Cent Bailing On His Headphones Company?

It looks like 50 Cent is having some trouble with Bradenton company aka Sleek Audio, LLC, the company he partnered with for his “Sleek by 50” wireless headphones. 50 Cent has officially filed a lawsuit against the company for $285,000, the amount he invested in the company as well as an additional $61,429 in back interest and an additional 15 percent for any debt as well as reimbursement for his legal fees.

According to the Miami Herald, the company is claiming that 50 defrauded them when he took their idea to a competitor, SMS Audio. According to the lawsuit, “Sleek would have never borrowed money from Jackson or allowed him to invest in its company had it known that Jackson would ultimately use this tactic (of misusing the money) to steal its design, technology and headphones,” the company said in an un-sworn court statement.

If 50 did take their technology to a competitor, that pretty shady.  Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the owners of Beats By Dre can rest easy, it looks like 50 Cent is out of the headphone game.

Sidenote – 50 Cent released a statement today regarding the tragic death of his manager, Chris Lighty.  Below is the statement he released to Billboard Biz:

“Chris has been an important part of my business and personal growth for a decade,” said 50 Cent in a statement through his publicist. “He was a good friend and advisor who helped me develop as an artist and businessman. My prayers are with his family. He will be greatly missed.”

R.I.P. Chris Lighty.

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  • Lump Beats

    I thought they were they same company. Oh well…
    Can’t believe Chris Lighty self-murked. I been hearin his name for years… “What is Chris Lighty if he wasn’t such a baby?” – Tribe Called Quest… what was that, 1993? I know some of y’all wasn’t even born yet… I’m dating myself, word to Dennis Rodman (another reference y’all prolly won’t get lol)


    • 92 on TBC ( 91 / 91 ) Check the Rza soundtrack comments for dating self.
      Hip Hop History dropped.

  • HustlaDaRabbit

    Great article. Thanks Sydney, good writing!

  • 50 cent fell out at one point with Dr Dre because he debuted his “Sleek” headsets knowing dam well that his close friend Dr Dre already launched his own…..50 cent is shady and has a system of walking away from things that he started much like G-Unit….And as I also said with his new venture TMT 50 is going to bring the same method to Boxing as he did in HiP-Hop…Point is say what you want about Ja Rule but 50 cent stole his whole style and ran with it, and now that 50 cent has exhausted the style of Ja Rule and Murder Inc, he has nothing else to come up with on his own.


      • Yea when you can’t back up you’re statement then you start acting childish like making fun of someones name, how old are you 15? Get a life your’e gramma could use some work too.

    • true shit….his business ventures aren’t what their cracked up to be…the biggest deal he’s known for is the vitamin water deal….all that other headphone, movie and ugly ass clothing line fell thru

      • BTV Global, LLC

        clothing line made millions, Headphones selling like hell and a bunch of Olympians had them on. Also he’s making millions off his DVD and on demand sales of his independent movies. Yall fools need to learn business just like yall know HATERNOMICS

      • Shut up you only know that they tell you on the internet……Just because 50 makes 100 million dollar deals doesn’t mean that he has 100 million in his account….You all use the word “Hater” way too much….Check facts before you go ranting.

      • disqus_oL2JftzCgz

        Dior how about we take away the word Hater for you and officially crown you “DickRider”? Is that better? Because you definitely are on 50’s nuts. There’s no reason to have all these emotions for a man you don’t know.. unless..

        But as far as the bullshit you’re saying.. he’s made over $80million on the Reebok deal alone, clothing line that at one point everyone had on, cologne, Kim Kardashian’s first perfume was put out by 50, video games, record sales, record label, best selling business book, movies, the $100 Million+ vitamin water deal, SMS Headphones, SK Energy drink, and now he stepped into the boxing arena and what did he do? Oh that’s right.. he represents the highest paid athlete in the WORLD. That’s pretty good for your first day as a promoter.

        Maybe you wouldn’t hate other peoples success as much if you spent less time blogging and had some success of your own.

      • PrinsUvZamunda

        You got ’em! Silence is golden…

    • www.youtubedaily.com

      yeah g you right i read an article about him on TORCHENT.COM

    • tahpics

      Cool story bro.

      • Guest

        You lost the plot @ Fiddy stole Ja’s style.

      • disqus_oL2JftzCgz

        Lol yeah ok. Ja’s “style” was taken from Tupac & DMX. Maybe it was Ja who invented gangsta rap.

    • BTV Global, LLC

      dude shut up, because you typed all that and don’t know what you are talking about. READ the damn ariticle again. He’s not walking away from HIS company. Sleek is the one he helped, but his COMPANY SMS is doing VERY WELL WORLDWIDE so get you and your girly name off typing up hate.

      • You don’t know what you are talking about…Worldwide sales? were did you get you’re data? Show me some proof?

      • NEWSKULL

        SMS currently has distribution in 30 countries, with prices ranging from $119 for in-ear buds to $399.95 for the Sync by 50 over-ear headphones with Kleer wireless technology, and with its top market being the Nordic countries, followed by the United Kingdom, and then the United States at No. 3. Working with a rapper who sprang to fame with an album called Get Rich or Die Tryin’ nine years ago doesn’t sound much like the company Nohe kept in his days at Gillette Corp., or his followup business at a venture capitalist of his own firm in Boston—through which he bought KonAudio. But Nohe says his partner is dead serious about business.
        “It’s been terrific,” says Nohe. “[50 Cent] is very focused in terms of his business ventures and he has many of them. He clearly sets direction in terms of the quality of the products that he wants, the style and design of the products that he wants.”

      • disqus_oL2JftzCgz

        You showed him proof and he stfu. Who would’ve known that’s all it took.

    • disqus_oL2JftzCgz

      Dre raps too, should 50 stop rapping? They’re friends though?


    Dre could rest easy 50 is out the headphone game? lol I’ve been told u no1 was rockn them dumba$$ headphones but him wait till next week when the forbes list come watch how much money 50 made last yr I’m guessing it’ll be about 2mil if that and give it 3 yrs he’ll be filing chapter 11

    • Well I am not wishing bad on anyone…But my point was that 50 cent is known for stealing, it all started when he crushed Ja Rule’s empire,and copied his style…It seems like that’s the way 50 does business…..Dude first made a song called ‘How to Rob” and he was serious about it.

      • Lyve Wire

        you right, but 50s fans are die-hard (just not when it comes to buying his music, anymore). he steal ideas and jump ship when they start to fade. its a good idea, and he’s not alone when it comes to that strategy. either way, 50’s fans will never admit that he stole ja’s style, but they know its true.

      • Agree.

      • disqus_oL2JftzCgz

        Please explain how. Please. Was it all the love songs with Ashanti? Was it because Ja was a gangsta? I grew up in Queens. Everyone from the neighborhood knows who was who. Does 50 sound like Ja? Does he look like him? Does he dress like Pac? I mean Ja? Come on with this shit.

      • Lyve Wire

        no, he dont look ike ja, but ja didnt look like pac either; pac wasnt the first rapper with a bandana. interestingly enough, 50 have more similarities to pac than ja has. think about it….
        i’m not from queens, so i dont know what happen away from music, but when it came to music, 50 came at ja with the the whole ‘singing angle’. he basically clowned him for all the singing, and everybody was like ‘yea, 50 right. ja rule does alot of singing to be a gangsta’. funny thing is, 50 havent stopped singing since. he dont ‘sound’ like ja, but he took his style and ran with it.

  • So Disrespectful

    That’s a business move…and the writer failed to realize that Sleek and SMS are two different brands so the SMS by 50 headphones will still be selling even if not as much as Beats headphones. And btw, Dre sold his name to Beats when he cashed out on $300 mill with Jimmy so he has nothing to do with its profits anymore.

    • Wrong Dr Dre has a new partnership with the brand and will be giving the entire “Apple” brand some stiff competition.

  • JON_JOHN1972

    Again people are so dumb 50 is not out of the headphone business SLEEK AUDIO & SMS AUDIO is two different companies SMS AUDIO is a company 50 own & from what i understand they are doing very good business so 50 is good wit that now SLEEK AUDIO 50 IS SUING THEM FOR A 285,000 FOR A LOAN HE GAVE THEM


      SMILE GANG Man…Let them Hate!…
      SMS AUDIO got retail stores WORLDWIDE… 50 is actually promoting the headphones in Europe This week he was in Danemark, Hungary, Germany… Next Week He will be in Dubai….
      For people saying 50 is losing his money… he is not… He IS INVESTING (TMT,SMSAUDIO ,SK ,CHEETAH VISION)… big Difference… AND Dude is grinding HAAARRRD!!!… I know His reward will be huge…
      BUT With CHRIS LIGHTY gone it will be though for him to ADAPT cauz finding the right manager is difficult

    • And you are missing the point as well, 50 is being sued for “stealing its design, technology and headphones,”……..They are not speaking about how much money he has in his account or which brand is which…Basically 50 stole the concept and launched his own brand of headsets….Much like 50 stole Ja Rule style and broke his empire..Much like how he rapped about how to rob, 50’s business is based on copying and stealing shine from other people. He did it in Hip-Hop, he does it in business, and now he is about to do it in the world of boxing, and that’s my point.

      • So Disrespectful

        Dior you need to go get your boy Nick Cannon’s headphones and stop hatin on here about money you aint making

      • ulostatlife

        This dude here knows what time it is…Everybody else on here is a bunch of sheep..

      • Southcidal

        Dior, I think this is the first one of your comments that I’ve agreed with. You hit the nail on the head with 50.

  • whoever did this rumor is fuckin incompetent!!!! He’s suing his ex partners dickhead smh

  • Doe Boy

    ? is beatsaudio in beat by dr dre the same thing or do dre jus have a head phone line with beatsaudio…..u kno like jordan n nike….or is it all the samething in the head phone jus call beats by dr dre…if so dre killin cuz my laptop…my wife cell phone…in i think the new 300c all got beatsaudio in them

  • disqus_oL2JftzCgz

    Here we go again with this bullshit site. The headline makes it out as if he’s bailing out on his headphone company when they know he’s suing a company that he hasn’t been affiliated with in years. Then they say ” Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the owners of Beats By Dre can rest easy, it looks like 50 Cent is out of the headphone game” when SMS Audio is in retail stores across the globe. This site is becoming trash like Media Take Out

    • ulostatlife

      Here we go again.Another G-Unit stan up in arms because the article isn’t glorifying or making a hero out of their idol.How has he not been affiliated with them for years?he dropped that mixtape for sleek audio not even a year ago.Stop whining when your general gets exposed for shady business.You dudes need to stop idolizing everybody especially false idols like fiddy..

  • King Cold

    smh the hatred for this dude is sickening. some of yall need to grow up and stop actin like kids. if yall would oick up a book or magazine and read SMS audio by 50 is selling like bottled water. hes gettin his doe, how about yall get sum and stfu. soundin like fake ass sydney on here like yall baby mamas beggin for child support

  • SursumAd Summum


  • You Curtis Jackson groupie ass niggas kill me! Since when did it become the status quo to honor a fuckin snitch? Nigaas must have forgot that the only way this nigga got to where he is was by calling the Feds in on Jah and Irv on the Supreme shit! Anybody supporting this fag is a coward!

    • disqus_oL2JftzCgz

      Ja I didn’t know you can blog from jail? By the way.. when you call someone a snitch just remember that Freedom of Information Act makes the transcripts available. That’s how Alfamega was found out.. that’s how Jimmy Rosemond was found out. Don’t your stupid ass think someone as big as 50 cent snitching would be known? Ed Lover just called, he said.. C’Mon Son!

  • Southcidal

    Imitation generation. Dre has success with headphones, now everybody wants to jump in it. If I was gonna spend a wad of dough on headphones it would be for the Dre shiits. That’s like have 200 bills to spend on kicks and copping the Ponys instead of the Jordans. 50 Cent is far from a smart business man, he just got hot off of dissing people.

  • suge380

    Did anyone really buy 50’s headphones? I mean out here in WEST all i see is Beats by Dre’s headphones (not that i would waste that kind of money on them, lol) . I don’t get it, cuz any headphones that cup your whole ear and keep outside sound out, gonna sound bomb, they just went back to the old school 70’s design. Nope not gonna fall for that one.

  • hoeyuno

    If you spent 2 or 300 smackers on a pair of headphones and your not a dj or a recording artist you need to hang yourself with the cord when the right side starts to short out a month later.

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