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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z's Made In America Rumors!

Beanie Sigel Officially Lost!

Damnit! I had this all written in stone. You KNOW THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!! Beanie and Jay-Z were supposed to kill their long-running beef on this day at Made In America. But, it was not to be. Beanie Sigel sits somewhere in jail. Damnit! Jay-Z had a whole set devoted to Philly and they said Beans name and all that. He was definitely supposed to be there. No, he is in jail and nobody bailed him out if he was able to be bailed out.

It was just brought to my attention, Beanie was arrested on the way to jail on the tax charges. He couldn’t have gotten bailed out. SMH. At least Freeway got up there and showed there were no hard feelings when Freeway got on the stage at the press conference back in May. LOL!

Nah, it was all love!

Rick Ross and the MMG set.

I didn’t see the Made In America set with Rick Ross and the boys, but I heard a few things. I heard it was a mess backstage that there there were a lot of people trying to get back there. It was so chaotic that the reportedly stopped letting people in altogether. This managed to cause massive problems, I heard. Some fights broke out and others just left. overall, at that point in time, I was informed it was very chaotic and folks left pissed.

Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music Broke YouTube?

Well, if you didn’t know, AllHipHop linked to the Made In America live stream. And, while there were some resolution issues, it was pretty smooth the whole time Jay-Z was on stage. But, when Kanye and the posse came on, the issues started. YouTube didn’t have enough bandwidth to handle the surge in traffic. The live stream basically crawled to a halt when Big Sean, 2Chainz, Pusha-T, Kanye and them got up there. That’s a good sign for Cruel Summer, which will actually be released in the fall. The stream did come back though. So, all wasn’t lost – it was still off and on. 90,000 people on one stream is probably going to slow things up.

By the way, there were plenty of cameo appearances. Why didn’t Chief Keef perform HIS song when Kanye and the crew did the remix? You think Yeezy was pissed at Keef’s comments that Kanye ain’t do nothing for him?

I’m out of here!

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  • Hahahahaa! That bottom pic is iLL!

    If Beanie was on way to jail for tax charges, he would have missed MIA anyway.
    I think Sept was Beanie’s date, the 10th or 14th?
    Would have to ask El Bark.

    >>Flashes El Bark signal 3x

    FreeWay & Rick Ro$$?

    I know Freeway Ricky Ro$$ feeling a certain kind of way!

    • hoeyuno

      I didnt put that together(freeway and the bawse). I wonder if boss rawse wishes he handled the real rick ross situation a little more like how freeway handled it…like a man.

      • Would never occur to him to be a man….or it would have.
        Fawlse is an “ole dik n the booty a$$ ninja”, so right now, he thinks he’s winning.

        In reality, he is.

        Look at Nelly Vs KRS Battle

        Nelly won? ( Well, his career still was destroyed, but he got increased label backing. ( Granted it didn’t help, he got eithered so bad, he apologized for dissing the Teacha….& for having the nerve to “SING” the diss? LOL

        Freeway a herb too, but is still a stand up dude, so certain rules apply.
        That’s why Freeway was never in the controversy.

        I mean Dik Fawlse actually dissed The Real Rick, called him a snitch, etc.,…after tattooing the man’s name on the back of his hands.

        Certain ‘chet you can never recover from, and that is one of them. SMDH

        KRS, EM, JadaKiss are the 3 MC’s Fawlse should never beef with.
        All will roast him, but Em’s sellout a$$ is more than likely to spazz the f’ugg out & lyrically injure Fawlse real bad on some back to the roots ‘chet…..& stay on some no retreat / no surrender ‘chet until Fawlse is long gone or Em gets cased up.

      • Lyve Wire

        how is free way a herb?
        why is jada a threat to ross? ross gave his/lox a career rejuvination a few times… (600 benz, maybach music 3, bmf, etc, etc). i like the lox, but i dont see that ever being a problem.
        ross called eminem out a few times during the ross/50 issue. em never replied.. maybe busy dissing mariah carey or something.
        did nelly really apologize to krs? when?

      • Nelly apologized after 3rd Diss by KRS ( Clear “em Out )?
        Em didn’t respond to Fawlse because Fawlse is wack, hasn’t earned a chance to be dissed again, at least by Em.

        Think about it, Flow for Flow :
        Fawlse VS EM
        Both Spit their best 16?
        What’s Fawlse’s Best 16?

        Em has to many to chose.

        Why is Jada a threat or would be?

        If The Bawse / Fawlse stepped to jada on a battle tip…get serious, can the Fawlse even battle?
        $00.50 Damaged him, he’s lucky fif didn’t hire the dude from “Deeper Than Macs”

        Fawlse can’t battle…he’s a fat target, best he can do is release a diss record, but as far as responding to one?
        The whole MMG lacks basic depth in lyricism. They might beat $00.50 in a battle, but that’s about it.


        “Yessss!” YaYessss!”

        Be yourself, never pretend to be another.
        Herb in the industry. ( Not Knuckle game )

      • hoeyuno

        You know im not mad at the youngins for doing hip hop there way. At least there keeping the art going. But I am mad that they keep supporting and buying fat rawses music. Back in the day if a rapper was exposed to be a fake he was done. Popular or not I have never seen what anybody sees in his embarrassing ass. That’s what he is a embarassment to hip hop. And there has always been fake people in the game but he takes the cake…. Or eats it…. while watching his hero mc gusto in cb4.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

        LOL-N at Gusto!

        Prophetic movie if there ever was one!
        “Now they can’t write, can’t fight, never was hardcore…”What’s the name of that movie? Um CB4?”…..King Sun

      • Sparky Flinstone


      • $18592567

        Rick Ross will air Jada out in a battle the same way Beans did em back in the day. SP will definitely have to help Kiss out just like he did on the Fiesta beat.

      • LOL-N…..don’t confuse that BS Jada drops commercially. His underground/ freestyle / battle flow is sick.

      • $18592567

        How Beans tell Jada that he was gonna ‘kick his ball over the fence’? SP was like ‘Nah… They tryna to do my lil manz dirty’. ‘I could tell by STYLE (As in Styles P), He wrote most of ya shit’… If u do a poll, I bet people tell u Beans won that one.

      • Yeah, but that’s beans, not Officer Ricky!

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Um, “B’llsh’t” If you are going to write about a puppet show, could you feign that you know how to write objectively. We, the pundits are in two categories, fans and readers. There was really no point in writing this story. You have been writing this story for 8 months. There is no build, no mystery, no ah ha moment. Anybody who has backstory on this story knew what was coming. Anybody just casually reading can see what is happening. (repeat) Anybody can see what is happening. You have to pay rent and get those ad checks. Fine. Just learn how to write a story if you have to be on the Jay-Z payroll to bill him they way you do. Beanie give an interview confirming no love between him and Jay-Z..then Beanie is off to jail…Jay-Z launches Made in America…please, next.

    • ??????????????????????????????? make sense, then write

      • hoeyuno

        At least the illseed stalker hasn’t been around for sometime now

      • Oh Man! iLL$eed doesn’t come out much!

        What’s up with Beanie? Update?
        El Bark ( Hit On Facebook = Bark Bizzle ) always has the inside scoops on Philly / Beans.
        (Public Info, obviously certain ‘chet he can’t discuss. )

        What’s up with a Philly News section?
        I’ll make it happen for you if you want.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        At you and anyone blanking from the “Big Announcement” to this very post. Beanie never confirmed any appearance or peace talk. There are rules, you know this any everybody else does too. In Hip Hop, when you got beef, you need to make an agreement if not peace. You and anyone one spinning for Jay-Z kept with the peace talk with Beanie angle. Beanie never confirmed. The pundits came out with”Jay-Z need to make peace with Beanie” before he did business in Philly. It never happened. Beanie went from silent to one recent interview, where he confirmed there was no Love for Jay-Z or Dash. Beanie was already on a timeline with the law. So it is what it is, but you been trying to wash some sort of peace talk that was never confirmed by Beanie, online or on the streets. You coming with the come on: “Damnit! Jay-Z had a whole set devoted to Philly and they said Beans name and all that. He was definitely supposed to be there. No, he is in jail and nobody bailed him out if he was able to be bailed out.
        It was just brought to my attention, Beanie was arrested on the way to jail on the tax charges. He couldn’t have gotten bailed out. SMH.”
        Check for spin 2012, You will not have the room to say Beanie had intended to show, but could not because he was locked up. Where was your article on his recent interview for having no love for Jay-Z or Dash anyway? I know you saw it and have opinions. What are they? How you put this as a “rumors” and not “News” is further, that makes a ma’fa wonder. What you could do is focus on the music, and all anybody could grab was how cold is was that they didn’t make peace, and the show went on without Beanie’s blessing. Note that you coming at me, makes a reader know I reached you. If it didn’t make any sense, then my comment would go unchecked. So stay mad, be offended..I just hope you write more on music instead of rehashing and spinning something that was never confirmed by Beanie in the first place.

      • Yeah, but you coming back after he came at you shows he hit a nerve!

        Goes both ways!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        This article struck a nerve. His comeback was lame. As of late moderators and now a writer are sounding back at me, and that is saying something about my comments in general. Upsetting the business as usual. There are no both ways here. I left a comment and he can just sit there and take it, ignore it, or moderate it. He chose to surface. I just want him to admit that Beanie never confirmed love nor show for Jay-Z. He will never do that. He’ll just “forget” and spin supposed intentions. That’s not honorable. It’s really easy to write the truth, especially when somebody just spoke on where they are at with all of it.

      • It’s the rumors section, hit up Chuck & see if he’s hiring news writers, if not, hit me up if you want to get on at 4UMF ( dot ) Com. We are hiring!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Placing an article like this in “Rumors” keeps a blog from being caught in something they don’t really want to be caught in. See what Grouchy Greg wrote for the next day got put in “News” gave enough respect between Beanie and Jay-Z beef, Freeway speaking on Beanie and Family and gave room to the M.I.A event.
        As for hiring and writing, I hope that this site does more of what dude Greg did the other day instead of what this dude did the day before.
        Letting these writers go rogue and having your company name backing it ain’t healthy. TMZ and the like, can pull mess like this, because it has no accountability to the artist and the readers/fans in Hip Hop. AHH knows the code. It can go ahead with the tagline of the world’s most dangerous site, but this is not a story they can label as fodder/rumor, now, and get quoted later as truth.

      • 4UMF = Accountability
        Our writers write the facts, unless it’s clearly labeled as an editorial or rumor.

        Rumors section is open, was holding it for iLLseed if things didn’t work out with AHH, but we are always hiring.

        Link up!

        >>>In Frank White’s King Of NY Voice:
        “I’m at 4UMF! Your all welcome! >>>Clapz Artie Clay 2 X ” Welcome To Join!”

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        I am back at my daily grind and just got done working Bumbershoot in Seattle. I will check for 4UMF when get grounded today.

      • Aight!

        I’ll put the word in.

      • johnblacksad

        El bark?

        damn, i thought the maggin dayz were over… smh

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        I’m not El Bark.

      • LOL, that ain’t Bark! Hahahahaa!

      • Bring Back the MAGS!

    • baseforyourfase

      did you even read what you wrote before you hit post? fool.

  • hoeyuno

    Musta been a good show. Too bad beans couldn’t make it tho…

  • blackcard

    ” beans i aint trying to change you/ just give you some game/ so you can make the transition from the hood to the fame”…one of the realest lines ever!! jay was trying to reach this dude back during blueprint 1 and 2….everybody cant go with you on the ride to success..beans comes out when hes 40 has nothing to show for it but stories and pics….”this cant be life’..but it is when you chose it.

  • KLewis

    thing watching Jay-Z at Made In America: Jay gives up his mic to
    Freeway, but is now left with a bad mic. So… he looks at Young Chris,
    but realizes Chris is talented (or doesn’t wanna be accused of stealing
    something else from Chris) and allows him to keep his mic. Hov then
    turns to Neef, and goes to snatch the mic out of the 2nd least talented
    member of State Property (also 1st laziest and 4th longest arrest
    record) and gets caught, winds up giving him a hug with the look like
    “Ah man, you caught me, now hand it over.” Thus leaving Neef to play his
    ordinary role of being the guy that’s not in Jail or Beans, Crakk,
    Free, Chris, or the one who plays Baby Boy.

  • Is that a real human at the bottom? I mean….scared the shit outta me……..