Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne Gets Daughter A Bodyguard? Ill Rumors!

Lil Wayne hired a bodyguard to protect daughter from MemphHitz?

This seems extreme. If you watch Love and Hip-Hop ATL, you know that one of the characters, K. Michelle claims that MemphHitz beat her down. Well, people question that as fact, but she maintains its realer than real. Memph is married to Toya, Lil Wayne’s ex, who is the mother of the rapper’s daughter. Welp, Weezy has apparently hired a bodyguard to protect his daughter from her own stepfather. Too much? Maybe he should get custody? Weird.

K. Mitchelle re-acted the act.


Lupe Fiasco admits that Chief Keef scares him.

Damn, dog! Randy Jackson quit American Idol! Nobody will be sounding pitchy anymore!

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  • Lyve Wire

    dont lupe have ‘dreads’?

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  • OnlyFaDaReal


  • TruthSerum

    I wouldn’t give Lil Wayne custody of a dog , that syrup sippin idiot is surrounded by the Bloods he pays to be his friends 24/7 , if that kids stepfather really is beating her or whatever there has to be a grandparent or aunt somewhere that could take her in

    • Southcidal

      If you don’t know that man don’t speak on him personally. I try to only speak on these artists’ work. Wayne might be the leader of the youth council at church for all we know. What’s on TV is just entertainment. That white cup could be filled with Kool-aid.

      • So why fake the funk to promote a negative image?

      • Southcidal

        Its called show business. Get it? “Show”.

      • Yep….do you?

        It’s a mental programming.

      • Southcidal

        Only if you let it program you. You being you and your kids or whoever else you see slipping. The world has much more pressing issues than rap songs. Too often we turn our heads away from those and focus on bullshiit issues.

      • Ok, not us, per say, young kid, pops doing a bid, mom strung out……now where does his guidance / culture come from?

        There are bigger issues, indeed, but this is one as well.

      • To make money, that’s the whole point of glorifying the lifestyle to keep the poor …well poor, wasting their money on promethazine. *among many other temporary solutions to permanent problemS*
        it’s a cycle man…

      • exactly.

      • scullyson

        leader of the youth council at church ?? I can see him now lending his expertise to the youth choir singing “stupid” : Weezy in this &*^%$ stupid chain on my neck Come a lil closer smell &*^%$ on my breath… couldnt be serious…

  • AK

    Seems like everyone puttin hands on females these days what happend to the days where you had a down bitch or gansta bitch do it for you, and if wayne is so concerned about his daughter should of strolled up strait into the studio where this guy go to and check him.

    and i see where lupe is coming from its nothing new promote the ignorance to the youth
    they eat it up, at the end of the day its all enterainment tho take ignorent rap out the world the shootings and killings will still be there.

    • Southcidal

      I agree, phuck a body guard go check the dude yourself. Niggaz off of Apple and Eagle are turnover in their graves. UPT, N.O., 6th and Dryades, TrendSetter Set!!

  • Southcidal

    Lupe is right, 100%. But he blames Cheif Keef at some junctures then takes that blame away. Truth is Cheif Keef is what? 17? He doesn’t know the effect of his music and really doesn’t give a phuck. But this type of ignorance is what the kids like. A 17 year old Cube, Snoop, Big, were all the same, they didn’t give a phuck at that point in their lives. But Chief Keef’s content is so plain and simplistic that it’ll grow stale even on 13 year olds after a year or so. He hasn’t shown the creative to create major music yet we wonder why Hip Hop sales are down. His flame will flicker for another 5 seconds then the major record companies will be signing the new him next summer. The “scary” part is that the 40 year old A&Rs also don’t give a phuck.

    • Sexy_Sabe


  • scullyson

    Why dont Wayne just get “Baby” to handle That? Thought he rides with whatever his son say? Wayne word is law right ?…smh Julez >>>> Get wit it or get away from it…

  • jamaicanbornanbread

    i think wayne is better consumed in small doses….i mean i think he sucks more than female porn stars….nonetheless every man has a right to protect their seed….it might be a little extreme…but he can cover the bill…….once again lupe is on some real shit and you tryin to play him with this misleading headline….he said the community and the state of mind in said community scares him…..not the physical rapper keef himself…….oh and fuk lil wayne and dat bitch baby….new york hates ya’ll too

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Lmao….what kind of nigga knowingly allows his child to continue to live around a potential threat/danger and not pursue custody…and of all the things a mafukka should be prepared to do jail time of any kind for it should be one’s child…not a gun up under the car seat and syrup and pills and all that fuckboy shyt…if Memph is who he’s being portrayed to be and he was a threat to my child he’d be one dead mafukka…POINT BLANK RANGE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT WITH NO REGRETS FOR THE OUTCOME…and I’d do that bid with a smile on my face…fuck the money and cars and all that other, superficial shyt…but that’s me…Wayne hiring a bodyguard to PROTECT HIS CHILD, it shows how much of a chump he is

  • Lyve Wire

    the body guard is for the POTENTIAL of a mishap. going to ‘check’ him does nothing, especially if a fight break out. wayne would be the aggressor, since he went to dude spot/studio. then everybody would saying ‘damn wayne, why didnt you get her a body guard or something’. and wayne being jailed does nothing for protecting his kid.

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  • harlemsown21

    Niggas on here talking alot of shit about what they would do .. when they probably don’t even take care they kids now… Lets be real there’s nothing that wayne has to go on that says his child is being abused so he’s hiring people in the event that it might happen.. why would i go see someone over something that might happen… that’s like going to slap your girlfriend cause she might cheat.. some of you nigga need to grow a brian

  • Props, a father taking extreme measures for his baby girl. Need more fathers to be that extreme about they girls. respect


    i did it so shut up and that is what she gets she need to do what i say