Tiny Lister aka "Deebo" Faces Five Years In Jail Over Mortgage Fraud

(AllHipHop News) Popular actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister a.k.a. “Deebo” from the “Friday” series of movies, pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud yesterday (August 31).

Lister is accused of defrauding lenders out of $3.8 million, by using fake information and bank statements to obtain mortgages on four different properties in Los Angeles.

After the mortgages were obtained on the houses, Lister and three other associates allegedly used the properties as collateral.

Lister also admitted to withdrawing over $1 million in loans against the properties, which were never paid back.

According to TMZ.com, Tiny Lister is facing up to five years in prison.

The news of Lister’s possible incarceration, could seriously impact the production of Ice Cube’s new installment of “Friday.”

Ice Cube had stated in previous interviews that he was writing the script for “Last Friday,” which he hopes will include original cast member Chris Tucker.

In addition to Friday, Tiny Lister has had cameos, or starred in number of popular movies like Master P.’s “I Got The Hook Up,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Wash,” “The Players Club,” “Jackie Brown” and others.

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  • therealest1

    This is shocking considering the fact this man made a better than decent living being in movies all these years. I guess greed and temptation got to him like that. Wrong choices on his end indeed.

  • dominicancoke

    Thats what he gets for knocking red out and.stealing his bike and chain his grandmomma gave em that chain

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Knew a Friday with everybody in it was to good to be true.

  • Brotherhoodx


    How do you know what kinda ‘living’ he’s made?

    • therealest1

      Come on, man! (ESPN NFL analysts’ voice) Let’s be hypothetical at least, look at his resume, he’s had quite a consistent career in movies and some T.V. despite not getting an astronomical salary per movie like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, etc.

      I’m sure he’s made enough money to live comfortably as long as he lived within his means. He sure was doing much better than most actors out there because a very high percentile cannot maintain consistent work in movies or T.V.

      What’s wild and crazy about this case is the fact Lister was currently featured in a high profile beer commercial with Ice Cube almost daily. I’m quite sure he was reaping cool residuals from that since it was shown quite frequently. He even had a somewhat memorable part in The Dark Knight which grossed over $1 billion.

      But who knows what motivated him to resort to this mortgage fraud he’s about to go down for? Perhaps he squandered his earnings, made bad investments, got duped into shit, etc. which is why he resorted to this crime to recoup his money. Or perhaps the greed and temptations compounded with being involved with the wrong kind of people were too strong for him to resist as I mentioned earlier.

      Its too bad he still had a hood/criminal mentality despite the fact he found his way out being an actor. I’m all for successful or famous peeps going back to their ghettos and hoods to give back, help with uplifting the people still stuck there and whatnot, that’s positive. But its hard to respect the ones who still want to keep it “real” by hanging with the people who don’t do anything to get out or get involved with shady shit to be “real” despite the fact they found their way out with something they succeeded in.

      I actually reminisced about Tiny Lister because of this news. I first recall seeing him 23 years ago making his appearance in a cross promotional WWE project, him as a wrestler feuding with Hulk Hogan resulting in 2 high profile pay-per-views, 1989 Summerslam and No Holds Barred match toward the end of that year. And being a co-star in WWE’s first ever movie project which was a flop, No Holds Barred with Hulk Hogan.

      What’s crazy is this dude is religious. I believe he’s also an ordained minister too?

      I even saw this guy at Fox Hills Mall in 2005. I saw him come across as nice to peeps who approached him.

      I could understand him resorting to this crime in order to eat if he was a struggling actor, but he sure wasn’t so he had no reason to even contemplate doing this. Now he’s really going to pay for it since he’s an adult and nonwhite.

      • Brotherhoodx

        I guess you’re at least half way right. I live in the UK and would say he’s not nearly as visible as you state he is the US. Over here he is only seen doing those minor cameo roles in movies. It’s a shame.

      • $11625525

        The guy probably made more money in his WWF years than most people see in a lifetime, even if that was in the 80’s. Add the movies and TV work to that and I’d say he made a good living.

        Bottom line, poor investment, misappropriation of funds or straight living outside of his means has obviously caused him to risk his freedom with a stupid scam.

  • Niggas will be niggas no matter how much doe they getting or we THINK they getting. You can take a nigga outta Hollywood but can’t take the Hood out a nigga.

  • chevy_weight_champ

    well move on cube my nicca thatz a sign 2 just let the movie go!!!

  • str84ward

    i agree..in some or most cases the stardom gets to people’s head far too much….now this dummy has to turn himself in NEXT FRIDAY LOL

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  • iamKingG

    I remember running into Tiny at the BET awards last year. He was a cool dude. Sad to see him go out like this. So Chris Tucker owes the IRS and this dude pulling mortgage fraud! That “Last Friday” will just not be the same without the original cast members
    youtube King G – Kush

  • Mike9130

    DAMNNNNNNNNN, You got locked the f**k up!


    Damn, and I thought he was a born again christian??? Well, that’s the way he was acting on that one episode of “Celebrity rehab”, but being a born again christian today really doesn’t mean a whole lot!!!


    Well, I guess they can substitute him with “Triple O.G.” Terri Cruise!!!

  • This isn’t good hope he still in the new friday movie coming out round christmas.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      hopefully he gets sentenced after the movie shooting is over…if not they’ll just probably have a scene saying Debo got killed..

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