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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Nicki Minaj Supporting Mitt Romney?

After several pushbacks, Lil’ Wayne and DJ Drama finally released their “Dedication 4” mixtape last night. Among one of the standout tracks was the new reworked “Mercy” track featuring Nicki Minaj. On the track, Nicki claims to be a Republican and clearly states that she is voting for Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Check out what she says in her verse below:

“I’m a republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b*tches are f*cking up the economy”.

Is Nicki serious, or is she just trying to stir up some controversy? She just got some money; there’s no way she is already a Republican?!

Sidenote – I heard that Mitt Romney’s go-to campaign slogan “Keep America American” was a slogan used by the KKK in the 1920s! According to the Huffington Post, the KKK used the slogan to try to rally White supremacists to initiate violence and intimidation against African-Americans, as well as Catholics, gay people, and Jews.

Somebody needs to sit down and talk to Nicki and provide her with some facts! You can listen to Nicki’s verse on the track below:


Not so fast Sydney!

But according to Necole Bitchie, she was supportive of the POTUS earlier this year.

Nicki may be a monster or a Barbie, but she ain’t stupid. She knows what’s up. So does O.

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  • DJ Wreck

    It is a stupid line. Her rappin skills are butt! I wonder if she cares that Mitt Romney wants to make it so hard that her illegal Trinidadian immigrants have to self deport.

    • hoeyuno

      Ha ha no shit.

  • Shane G

    She also dissed the crips.

  • She is a garbage rapper sell out who cares.

  • 7yoyo7

    Publicity & communication 101

  • dominicancoke

    This nasally voice jelly beans for brains brawd speaks for her self! I worked near the 08 gop rally in pensilvania never seen so much blatant racism one lady told me and my cousin to go back to mexico lol these folks dont like blacks at all heard the n word and the this is our america chants. As for dick romney? Lol dude was born wealthy just like bush and.worse yet hes a freaking m#rmon if your black do your history m#rmons started accepting blacks in the mid 70s they said blacks were cursed and part of satans army wow

    • Alf Capone

      look up elijah abel…………other christian religions were worse

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      I tried to school somebody on here about the Mormons last year, and got called “ignorant slime”. I Cosign what ur sayin bro…ppl better wake the f*ck up

    • wow

  • TruthSerum

    So what if she is, that’s why we all get a vote instead of being led to the polls at gunpoint and being forced to vote for somebody. You people on this site are hypocrites, its always one or the other

    “What do you mean you dont vote, you have to vote!!!”

    or its……

    “What do you mean you dont vote democrat, you have to!!!”

    Smh, why dont you just print what you mean….


    And lol @ putting up that picture of the Klansmen next to Romney, that’s the same kind of propaganda you get from FOX news, but I guess its okay when you do it huh??

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Yep. But they do not see the hypocrisy in this thought process.

    • ladynamor

      LMAO, sure its a normal thing, I dont even take this shit serious, You are either white or a person who is disgruntled about your life. #Self hate

      • TruthSerum

        Sorry but total strangers making personal comments isn’t enough to offend me, Just pointing out the hypocrisy

      • ladynamor

        Hypocrisy? Fool, this is marketing. There is no validation in her statement. YOU may really feel that way, she does not. She gets paid for the negative attention, you are just stupid for no reason at all.

      • TruthSerum

        This is the comment section of a blog, I made a comment and your trying to engage me in an argument about it. Somehow I feel like your the idiot here. If my comment was so stupid and meaningless you wouldn’t care enough to cry about it. I made a comment on the headline and you call me stupid. What’s that make you for hurling insults at a guy in the comment section, lol, just get off me

      • ladynamor

        this is a hip hop site. name one rapper that supports you and nickis position. BTW a guy named kitty? why am i even engaging in your rhetoric?

      • TheBoxcarHobo


      • johnblacksad

        maybe he is both… white AND disgruntled about his life… sad!

    • jamaicanbornanbread

      so its ok for these crackers to lie to our faces……it’s damn near blasphemy that any woman…better yet black women to vote for bitch romney…and the fact that u defending this travesty proves u a tea-bagging cracker who jerks off to bill o reily…people like u should take the do-do bird approach…..jump off a cliff bitch

      • TruthSerum

        Typical response, lol……. Funny thing is I voted for Obama last time and will again this time, I’m just not enough of a fanatic to jump up and down and throw a tantrum because somebody wants to vote for the other side, its called “Freedom of Choice”, something folks like you seem to want to take away, truth be told you and Bill O’Reilly are the exact same type of person, you just happen to be on opposite sides but the whole close minded “Everybody who doesn’t think like me is the enemy” mentality you have would fit in well with all the people you claim to oppose….So go ahead and think up some more grade school nicknames and racial slurs, I’m not offended by the opinions of clowns who throw insults at me through cyberspace, lol

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    She can vote for whom ever she likes, that being said f@ck the democrats AND the republicans. They are BOTH the problem.

    • Co Sign!

    • exactly..too many people on this page not getting it..still caught up in the red vs blue propaganda

  • YungKizz

    she garbage anyway this should be donkey of the day

  • ladynamor

    Anyone who will wear a fake ass, fake tits, fake name, fake like shes gay, fake like she is Lil Kim, fake like shes Katy Perry, fake like shes Beyonce, fake like shes rihanna, fake like shes a chinese barbie republican, why not?. Cant figure this one out? This is easy peezy lemon squeezy. “Pay me attention please, Im an attention whore”. LMAO-Rappers are struggling over in the YMCMB camp. Need to drop one of those thousand groups sitting over there NOT making music. SMH

    • u forgot fake like lady

      • Dadon850

        Damn Ryan, you beat me to it!! lol

  • Negro Peligro

    Well what about whiny rappers complaining the government isn’t doing nothing for them. It works both ways. You can’t vote Romney and then go complain about the state of the Ghetto. I mean I know nikki is about as deep as the top layer on a piece of laminate but I DON’T WANT TO HEAR NIGGAS MAKING MONEY BITCHING ABOUT HOW BAD THE GHETTO IS AND THEN GO VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE LIKE MITT ROMNEY, DON’T VOTE, DISCOURAGE VOTING, OR VOTE AGAINST A CANDIDATE LIKE OBAMA who’s done so much to help the under privilege with actual LEGISLATION that really affects their day to day lives. LIKE UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE when republicans wanted to cut it. Republicans like Mitt Romney who said helping PEOPLE OUT OF WORK DUE TO BEING LAID OFF BY UNETHICAL BANK PRACTICES and Wall Street people like Mitt Romney which isn’t a bad thing buying up businesses and laying all the workers off or running the business on E to get profit. Who’s protecting the workers in that scenario. That’s what Obama did. So bitch about the ghetto but who’s fighting to protect the food stamps. Who’s fighting against private corporations passing laws to lock up more Latinos. Private corporations passing more laws to lock more AFRICAN AMERICANS. Mitt Romney’s campaign chairman is CEO of a Private Prison. What you think going to happen to URBAN youth out of work once Romney get in power. Gonna lock up more of them. So I don’t want to hear Kendrick Lamar complain about nothing cause he’s no different than a politician. Use a problem to enrich himself then don’t offer no solutions. Actually disrespect the people out here making a difference.

  • Negro Peligro

    YO WHO CHANGED THE CRACK LAWS. OBAMA FOUGHT FOR LEGISLATION SAYING CRACK LAWS posed a racial disparity to cocaine laws. I don’t want to hear no rapper crying for his homie trying make some money if they don’t vote for Obama. Cause that man fought to change those laws for you.

  • roguestatus

    haha, oh my….AHH reachin for stories….this site weak, IM DONE!

  • Adrian Barron

    ROMNEY aint gonna win anyway – aint enough prejudice toward having a black man in the world to stop OBAMA from getting another 4 years – winning that congressional vote is a different story – cuz as much as AMERICA may be ready for a Black man or a White woman to be president and vote them in – them old phucks in congress aint ready to relinquish that power and never will be

    • ladynamor

      Yeah but if they gt enough house nigs to sell out, they may look better while losing. LMAO

  • hoeyuno

    George bush says”I destroyed the american economy and they blame the black guy”….

  • hoeyuno

    Nicki are you that stupid. Obamas been trying to give everybody health care. It’s people like mitt romney who have been bashing him for it.

    • Adrian Barron

      quiet as kept – ObamaCare is the same thing as RomneyCare save Romney only wanted it for the rich and wealthy in Massachusetts and Obama wants it across the board — insurance companies still wrote the damn thing – and once everybody get’s affordable HealthCare where are all the doctor’s gonna come from … i need dual citizenship – here and Canada where the shyt is FREE.99

      • jamaicanbornanbread

        its not the same thing……u provided the information….how is it the same when its only for the rich and obamacare is for everyone

      • Adrian Barron

        cuz its the same damn proposal – smaller and larger scale
        you still missed the point – they playing games with ya’ll cuz neither OBAMA or ROMNEY wrote or even played a part in the damn HealthCare bill/reform – they just attached they name to it

      • hoeyuno

        Doctors still make the same rediculous money in canada as they do in the states. If you go to the walk in clinic or your family dr (whichever doctor you choose) for a check up and say at the end if it it’s $200. Well what happens is they put your care card number into there magic computer and the government squares up with then on it. If your household income is under $25000 a month you never pay anything and if your household income is over $40000 you pay $40 a month or $90 for a family. And lets say you are over that poverty line and you have been neglecting your monthly fees nothing ever happens. You could have not paid for 2 years and your still gonna be good when you break your arm or get the clap…. Hope that helped.

  • ladynamor

    Sad part is, the republicans dont support HER fan base. They loathe gays and they wont support her either. She killed her own career and Cash Moneys with it. Maybe she intended to dead the whole company on purpose. This will come back to haunt the living spit out of her one day. I feel sorry for her. She is not the brightest bulb in the socket.

  • Oknas

    If you only vote for obama solely because he’s black(half) then you’re a fool as well. I vote no one cuz aint shit changing either way

    • johnblacksad

      really? since ain’t sh!t changing either way then you might as well vote for Obama solely cause his black. Ain’t sh!t ignorant bout that!

  • GuestwithacapG

    Now every little dumb girl who worships this broad of voting age will follow suit. Don’t underestimate the stupidity of fanatics. Cam, had dudes wearing pink, Wayne has dudes wearing tight a$$ ski.ny jeans, nicki has chicks already dressing like her and making dumb faces, don’t think she can’t influence people to vote republican. It is sad that these entertainers have so much influence over people but won’t use it to uplift.

  • $28825362

    MeanKitty813 hit the nail right on the head:
    “putting up that picture of the Klansmen next to Romney, that’s the same kind of propaganda you get from FOX news, but I guess its okay when you do it huh”??

  • Kevin Farley

    i’d be supportin him too if i was rich

  • Synista

    I want my 12 seconds for even clicking on this worthless….

  • sundanse

    Most blame Bush and the Republicans for the state of the American economy, however Mr Obama decided to hire the same people responsible for the collapse of 2008. This doesn’t make you Americans weary of the Democratic Party and there vision for the economy?

    • jamaicanbornanbread

      romney can do better…u forget the senate are republicans…..git ur bitch ass off this site….the state of the economy is bush and the republicans fault…period…..u going to a klan rally later?…faggot

      • sundanse

        ez bredren, just asking a general question. Save the tough talk for your boyfriend. thanks

  • BulldogCG

    There are plenty of black republicans and yall rock with some of them, its really a good thing, more diversity makes it easier to hold them accountable. Im not sure why people think the democrate got they back so much, they dont give you money cuz you can make money with money, they give you food stamps and shit and pay your rent to keep you dependent and people think they free, but dont own a damn thing, including their own time. If you cant move how you want, you are not free, if you dont own land, you are not free. If people want change they have to change, get some game, cant stay in the same lane where everyone can see you coming.

  • I think she’s confused. Republicans color is Red so maybe she thought that’s who she has to vote for… idk Just tryna help ya out Nicki
    Anyways, who cares…


      ummm republicans colors r blue -___________________-

  • Dadon850

    See here’s the thing. Nicki has realized just like a lot of rappers that she doesn’t need Black people anymore. Why do you think so many rappers constantly tour overseas or even move there?? When they do shows, they sell out with the crowd being 98% white. Here they can’t even be the opening act for tity boi!! As or Niki, she know the whites are buying her music and putting money in her pocket. She’s not the first nor the last to do this. The only time these kind of people want to cater to Blacks again is when they are facing criminal charges. Because they know we will support criminals.

  • Thomas Chatman

    Who the Phuck Nikki think she is, I not buying any of her CDs anymore. Stank azz!

  • Thomas Chatman

    She’s doing it for attention, but she definitely is not going about it the right way….WTF

  • jamaicanbornanbread

    are ya’ll surprise…..young money preach the same shit mitt romney preach….whuts sad is to the dude she is backing sees her as nothing but a rich niggarette

  • You all said you don’t like or support Nicki Minaj so why do you care so much about her political opinion?Everyone has a right to their own political opinion…Half of you all are not even registered to vote, and you dare to pass judgement.

  • johnblacksad

    She crossed over selling music to young white pre-teens… now she tryin to please their parents too…

    dumb b!tch only tried to make “romney” rhyme with “economy”… smh

  • D_Ably

    everyone in young money need to just leave politics alone, its like a retarded kid tryin to do algebra

  • Pierre Elliott


  • carmen fleming

    Ms Minja probably made more money last night that I made in the last 10 years. I think that’s good for her. But with all due respect I believe she needs to learn what the person she is endorsing stands for. She seems to be laboring under the misconception that money makes her the kind of person he is seeking office to support. I would also like to say to the people making negative personal comments it is really counterproductive. Get out and vote.

  • BigDaddy

    This is why I hate politics…it keeps us all divided…If someone doesn’t agree with you they are evil…weak…naive…misled…coons….etc…It’s all a ruse…both sides play for the same team…and neither cares about us regular folk…They give us 2 clowns to fight over so we believe that we had/have a say…meanwhile the candidates who don’t belong to their club never had a remote chance to begin with…whether you choose heroin or cocaine…you lose…the only winners in politics are the dealers

    • BigDaddy

      Think it’s a coincidence that both Reps and Dems have held office for 84 years each?…Every 4 years the country splits just about 50/50…we almost had a recount for Bush/Gore…Senate/House seats as consolations for the losing party…Using each other as the excuse for not getting anything accomplished…WAKE UP!!!…It’s all a ruse…The winner has already been selected before you vote…They play for the same team!!!…They have fooled us into believing we have a say/choice in the matter…We do not!!!

  • Southcidal

    Nicki is a coon. She would rap in black face for a check. She has talent though, she shouldn’t have to pull of PR stunts, just make that crack.

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