Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Receives Death Threats Over Mitt Romney Rap Line

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj has raised the ire of seemingly radical Democrats on Twitter with a rap line that implies she will be supporting Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election.

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b***hes is f-ing up the economy,” Minaj raps on Lil Wayne’s new mixtape Dedication 4.

The move, whether or not she means it, has caused a seemingly endless flow of insults to the rapper.

Minaj has not commented on the matter, via Twitter or otherwise.

Here are some of the tweets, courtesy of Weasel Zippers:

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  • Wwwwoooooowwwwww !!!!! I understand the siginifigance of the “Romney” line Nicki made and it may not have been the best choice to use in a rhyme. But are we forgetting the there is something called “freedom of speech” . Attempting to kill some one based off a “lyric” means people have not mental capacity of thinking and have low self esteem themselves

    • shut yo ass up

      • BTV Global, LLC

        lmao @ harsh_reality101 reminds me of angry man on maritn (SIT YO ASS DOWN) HAHAHA

    • johnblacksad

      free to be dumb as fugg

  • KLewis

    Maybe it was her plan all along. Since she knows people hate her, she endorses Romney so people will vote for Obama. Lol In reality, it was a stupid rapper making stupid lines. No issue, nothing to see here. Move along.

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  • TheBigCheeFa

    wow nicki minaj pissed alot of people off.i know the money is good but she dont have to kiss the asses of the republican party

    • Yes she does. Remember she still has to pay for those ass and boob implants. Check out youtube video before she made it: no boobs, no ass, talking and flashing a bunch of dollar bills like a thug and bragging about how she “ate the box”(vagina) of some other female who made it and she felt slighted by.

  • Synista

    This ignant ass chick just wanted some attention that’s it was,she probably realizes she is trash and no one really listens to her garbage ass “lyrics” anyway so by saying some shyt like what she said, free publicity.

    • johnblacksad

      watch her quit twitter then come back again… this b!tch…

    • Southcidal

      Good Post! That’s basically it. What we’re doing now is exactly what that line was meant to do.

  • AfricanSoul

    Who is to say even those responding to her are not part of her marketing ploy? Their Twitter names sound funny and their tweets mad similar…especially the jump to kill her…or maybe I am wrong, either way she will get the buzz she won’t mind getting.

    Either way, that line is mad ignorant.

    • Nasir Isaac

      Dude, you got a sharp mind yo. I couldn’t agree more; this is some ploy!


      PREACH… She is just looking for some kind of Buzz since her album Bricked…

    • imaman2012

      doubt that…that’s our people.

      we’re no different than the other ones when it comes to politics. crazy and ignorant.

      and shes wrong the lazy fuckkks are helping the economy. they’re getting welfare and spending on clothes and jordans.

      my people

    • Southcidal

      The majority of her fans aren’t eligible to vote anyway (ages 12-15).

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    Well the bitch is getting that republican money now, you see her in those cola and shoe commercials. I really don’t like her music but hey get it how you live and don’t worry about the hate. Because everybody that hate makes her more money so just ignore her and hope she goes away. I don’t see that happening so deal with with it. You saw her performance on that award show she went to the other side getting that other folks money.

  • game213

    Yea rite, who are you guys fooling. Nicki obviosly did this for attention and publicity, aint no one sending her no death threats. so what she wanna vote republican, she knows saying that would create controversy so she says it, she gonna come out later on and say it was taking out of context, and that she meant it in another way.

  • Brick Soulja

    She can’t vote nor work in law enforcement anyway, because she isn’t really a citizen.


      How you know?

    • RichFromBX

      you realize that Schwarzenegger wasn’t born in the US and he went on to be the Governor of California and even voted for himself in the election. Also, there are no laws that prevent a naturalized US citizens from becoming local law enforcement or joining the armed forces…but thanks for playing…

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  • Slaughtr


    • Yeah! ^^^

    • She didn’t just say she supports Romney, she went Herman Cain wit it. Lazy black folks are the reason the economy is bad???? That’s coon shit.

      • exactly

      • AfricanSoul

        And that is the problem! People get disengaged from the whole thing while you see these bigots running around and organizing themselves to pass every destructive legislative imaginable.

      • shi

        she didnt say lazy black folks. smh ingorance

    • Maitreya One

      word u right

    • driveswift

      She might not actually even have the right to vote – did she ever get citizenship?

    • shi

      Politics should never be about race, and people shouldnt focus on it either.

    • Southcidal

      Totally wrong slaughtr. The recent democrats’ platform (don’t know about the Lincoln days) has traditionally been more structure in the interest of the little guy on the totem pole. Lets not get too far off course. It’s really not as complexed as many here think. It simiply comes down to the tax code. And the Republican stance is and has always been the trickle down effect, Reaganomics, tax breaks for the top 5% earners and de-regulation of Wall St so that the CEOs can retain earnings legally and screw shareholders.
      Obama was only trying to role back the Clinton code, but as a result he’s gotten called a socialist for it and has been accused of trying to “redistribute” the wealth. Isn’t it funny how Clinton never got accused of wealth redistribution or was ever call a socialist?
      But the real problem is poor to middle class whites who support political agendas that don’t actually support them. They’re the ones that are still caught up in the color thing. I can honestly say that if Rommneyhad Obama’s platform (tax the rich, stop war, build the middle class) and Obama had Rommney’s platform (tax breaks to the rich, deregulate Wall St, start random wars) I would vote for Rommey.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Democrats and Republicans are like the bloods and the crips, a danger to society.

    • haha I like that reference – They both do damage

    • yea they also remind me of a 357 republicans and Carbon monoxide Dems. In the end they both accomplish the same goal. One is sly the other is in your face like yea im gonna let you know your going to die. Even if Obama doesn’t have the reigns fully in his grasped im still rocking with him, because at least Obama is going to throw you a bone, whether it be education, stimulus, or something else. Mitt Rom is not going to throw you ish. Hes the type of dude that would be in a raft with all the life vest, and just watch you drown. Or better yet that kid in the sand box with all the toys, and will not share a single toy, with the child who has no toy. And also this is a hip hop website, people say they listen to artist they can relate to. I can not relate to romney we have nothing in common. He lays off people, In the past I have been laid off. He does not know how to make pancakes I do. He doesn’t even know proper names for house hold tool I do. Obama, has worked for some one else before. I have a boss as well. Obama had student loans, I have student loans. My point is that Mitt Romney has no idea and he aint trying to find out what im going through. At least Obama makes an attempt as social, issues, all Republicans care about is money. People once lived with out money so its possible to not have our whole lives revolve around a dollar. Im not going to die trying to get rich.

    • FKA Babe

      LMFAO !!!

      So true.

  • JJ

    Romney and Obama are the same, You will soon find out. And black people are racist as shit, vote for whoever you want.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      fool obama is the best candidate for this country we dont care that he is blk n repubs wiill mees up the economy obama is not even full blk u idiot he is not reall nlack to me because if he was he woould killed alll u racist pricks and smacked a good few of whities so vote obama or die he a good person good ppl do good things romney= worser than buush ok chump

      • Let’s try that again, but in a recognizable language chief.

      • Adrian Barron

        thats where you wrong – cuz i generally think ALL politicians are crooked – i knew that 4 years ago but i only voted cuz he was BLACK – same reason i will reluctantly vote again because he’s BLACK and not because i was fool enough to think there would be CHANGE

      • shi

        if you’re voting for him because he’s black. please stay at home

      • Adrian Barron

        another person under the belief that The US Government and all of its variables are out for your interest – if history has shown you over 400 years that change doesnt happen over night – i guess now im supposed to feel like it will come in 2 BLACK presidential terms / 8 years

        yeah ok?

      • shi

        another idiot “voting” for obama.

      • PETERPAN


    • johnblacksad

      F you… white peeps invented and trademarked that racism sh!t… F you again…

      • shi

        you’re ignorant for this comment. you must not have paid attention in middle school

    • johnblacksad

      if they are the same, the i’m rockin with Obama… does that make any sense to you?!

    • shi

      Not all.



  • She a stupid Ho’! Stu..Stu..Stupid Ho’!

    Then again, so is everyone hating on her choice. This is a corporate sponsored election, so who’s winning? It’s the wrong direction from the beginning!

  • Omzy Izaz

    5 grand says this bitch doesn’t vote.

    • driveswift

      She wasn’t born here, if she didn’t apply for citizenship she CAN’T vote. She’s also a moron.

  • Wow, what a bunch of stone age half wits! She said something we don’t like so she should die, really? Perhaps you should take your hands out of your pants and use them to open a book sometime. And stop listening to stupid rap music if you are going to get upset like little 2 year old children.

  • boboberg

    So the only black in America that supports Mitt Romney happens to be a foul-mouthed, retarded, low-life criminal named Nicki Minaj???? So what????

    • AfricanSoul

      Wait, how is she a criminal?

  • Mland1

    Facts are plain. Crime among people of color is off the hook. Every hood and every city. Blacks cappin blacks. It’s worse these last years than ever. That should be what we work to fix. Instead of lashin at who she votes for start workin on makin life safe to walk a street without fear of not making it home.

    • writingmomma46

      I totally, totally agree with your post. It is sad to see how blacks speak and treat other blacks. I know the many that died so that we can have the freedoms many now take for granted, such as going to school, are crying over this country and us as a people.

    • Amen.

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Miand1. Here’s another fact, YOU probably already know. At lot of the problem isn’t normal Black people, but instead Black leadership that ignores what they could do, to make Black lives better.
      Something you could do is to look up Allen West. Yeah, I know, some don’t like him at all. Look up his speech to the Congress, made this year, about “Black History Month”. You will possibably be very surprised at what he said. But, maybe not, as your post shows you are thinking, and seem to know the solution.

  • Taylor

    Has anybody ever heard of a metaphor? That’s what that line was. It’s doesn’t take a genius or a great amount of thought to realize that. This is why she has to give y’all basic ass “Starships” & “Beez in the trap” verses cuz anything else goes right over ppl’s heads… smh

    • johnblacksad

      you are white, female and under 12! i can confirm that now… if “voting for romney because all you lazy b!tches are f’n up the economy” is a metaphor… sigh… then I am Hov!

    • johnblacksad

      no metaphor here… just three year old bable at best… Dr Seuss got better rhymes than that!

    • Exactly!

    • $28825362

      You need to look up the definition of metaphor. A metaphor is use to suggest one thing resembles another. i.e, “A mighty fortress is our God.” If you notice that sentence has “is” in it to connect the two nouns, fortress and God. What Niki used was not a metaphor.

  • GuestwithacapG

    The point that a lot of you are missing is the fact that this artist has a LOT of influence over her fans. She wears a pink wig, a million of her fans followthe trend. She calls herselfBarbie and her fanatics follow. That is what makes the line dangerous. She could influence a lot of people to vote for Mitt. Whether she said it for just entertainment purposes or she truly means what she said, it is dangerous. Mitt Romney has no interest in helping anyone but the super elite.

    • Taylor

      The majority of her fans know that the line is not literal, it was a metaphor. In addition, the fans that wear colorful wigs and all that stuff are kids, therefore they couldn’t vote if they wanted to. It’s a rap song, rappers use metaphors & wordplay all the time. You’re right her fans do listen to her, they listen to her music, but they also listen to her interviews. In doing so they know that the things she stands for are everyone (regardless of your financial background) getting an education, healthcare, equal rights for women etc. Things that Romney DOESN’T stand for. She’s already stated her support for Obama. Her fans were smart enough to know the line wasn’t literal, it’s not her fault everybody else wasn’t.

      • johnblacksad

        sooo…. what makes you a fan of Nicki Minaj? you really find her wig that awesome or you think she’s lyrically on Nas level? i don’t get it…. i hope you are white, female and under 12!

      • Taylor

        I don’t care about her wigs, outfits, a$$, alter egos or any of that stuff. I like the majority of her music & I love her personality. You’d think with the amount of sarcasm you poured into that response you’d be able to detect sarcasm in that line that this article is referring to, but clearly not. It’s a shame that many of those white, 12yr old girls you speak of were intelligent enough to comprehend a simple line while many of you simply let it fly over your heads…

      • johnblacksad

        sorry my sarcasm detector didn’t work on this one…

        if you read what i said in my other comments… i seriously think this was no sarcasm, no political position, definitely no metaphor, it wasn’t even done to shock people like it could have been… no, none of that… i really believe it’s just a very weak rhyme… Romney/Economy… end of the story! C’mon… don’t act surprised ya’ll… ya know the whole YMCMB is the best at weak rhymes… they can do that all day!

        Only thing that could be given to her in this case… (still, i’m stretchin to find sumthin positive to say) …i guess we could say ‘romney’ & ‘economy’ belong somehow to the same lexical field… that’s it… besides that, it’s still a weak azz rhyme.

        First you said it was a metaphor (shaq face n!gga!)… now you wanna say it was sarcastic?! i don’t get it… is it a sarcastic metaphor or what? talk to me

      • “I’m a republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b!tches is fn up the economy.”

        Mitt Romney wants to take away assistance for middle class as he says that is to blame for the current state of the economy.

        First & foremost. this line has NOTHING to do with Nicki’s political views.

        Nicki is basically saying, I’m >LIKE< a republican whose voting for Mitt Romney. Then she goes on to mimick their sentiments about those who need assistance "you lazy b!tches is fn up the economy". In her case she's NOT talking about the middle class, she's jokingly taking a jab at the fact that there were several men on the original mercy beat & she basically bodied them all and needed NO ASSISTANCE.


        There's a second interpretation. Her mimicking the republicans with the "I am repub…" & then responding to that with the lazy b line as the Republicans were the ones who messed up the economy before Obama was in office.

        It wasn't a straight forward line, but it also really wasn't that difficult a line to understand. It's rap, stop taking everything literally.

      • shi

        Mitt Romney doesn’t want to take assistance away from anyone. He wants to make sure everyone is given fair tax cuts. ESPECIALLY to the 1% who pay for more than 30% of taxes ALREADY. do the math…guess who pays for most of the taxes, guess who gave you your job, someone who WORKED HARD to be in the position they’re in. unlike the LAZY FUCKS who are on UNEMPLOYMENT when they are FULLY CAPABLE OF WORKING. they are the ones who make the economy bad, NOT REPUBLICANS, NOT THE RICH, NOT THE POOR, NOT THE MIDDLE CLASS, the only people to blame ARE THE LAZY FUCKS AND THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THE LAZY FUCKS ^_^

      • PETERPAN


      • shi

        There’s a reason why people get fired or laid off. That shit doesn’t just happen. I didn’t say everyone on unemployment are lazy. I have little respect for the fully capable of working to work. When u get fired/laid off its called getting another JOB, and while it might be a couple of weeks/months before u find one, unemployment is fine. JUST DONT STAY ON THAT SHIT UNTIL YOU DIE DAMMIT

      • johnblacksad

        and btw… how many alter egos she got total? are they all voting for Romney too? that’s what the people really really wanna know… *n my diplomatic voice*

        Middle name sarcastic!

      • PETERPAN


  • ladynamor

    Seems like a lot of you “political experts” are missing the real point. Sure she can say whatever she wants, so can the people threatening her, we all have freedom of speech and expression, I hope. Some of us just have more education and class that’s all.The issue is, the mindless statement she made is not factual. The lazy b*tches are not what is f*cking up the economy, the Republicans are, with obstruction of congress and trying to slash their way to prosperity. From day one the Republicans vowed to do anything it would take to get Obama out of office, and they are. They do not care if they ruin a few of their own along the way. Now that they have manufactured this so called “depression”, they are laying back watching us blame each other for it. Some people are tired of listening to this sad, confused, bi-polar clown call people “stupid hoes” and “dumb b*tches” and a host of other things as if she is above them. Have some respect for the sisters she is referring to. She could be talking about your moms or sisters, or even your wives and girlfriends. Its bigger than the marketing scheme. It is about selling out YOUR OWN people for a buck, or a friend request or whatever. I just hope some of you radicals against Obama are not in positions that will affect MY kids.

    Edogz, you have always hated on Obama and the Government. I am sure you have used some Government assistance in your life. Quit inciting negative comments for your own personal agenda. I know you are smarter than that. ALL OF YOU ARE. Whatever it is you are mad about, it is not Obama’s fault. WHATS NEXT? Blacks justifying slavery? This is getting sick. I can hear you guys now, “Slavery wasn’t that bad, we had a job and a place to stay”. If you feel this way, go campaign for Romney for real. Get out and push his agenda, don’t just sit behind your computers stirring up controversy in the privacy of your cheap apartments. Scream it out loud, and stand up for it. Don’t be a coward and hide while saying it. Show face.

    JJ, you are not even worth commenting on. Who agrees that black people are racist? YOU and YOUR OTHER ACCOUNTS (and maybe a few other controversial non-educated people.) I cant see a black person agreeing that black people are racist. It is virtually impossible for us to be racist. Prejudice maybe, with good reason. Overall, I see you as a sad example of a man (of any race).SMH

    • johnblacksad

      sorry to come thru with the ignorance… but i’m voting for Obama BECAUSE he is black like me and i’m very very proud of it! Once i get into all them other political reasons, i might find out maybe there isn’t much he can do despite all his will to succeed… but frankly it’s fine with me… i didn’t need another reason in the first place… him being half-black is way more than enough for me.

      Ya’ll kno how many white mothafuggaz got a job, are sitting behind a desk as we speak only because their azzes were white… ya’ll have any idea how many much more qualified black job-applicants as much as this went down and is still goin down, i think “WE” deserve to do the same for a short minute..

      ok, i’m done… ya’ll can resume with the deeper arguments

      • I have news for you jobs go the same way. I have scored higher on a test but because they needed a minority they get the job.

      • johnblacksad

        You bet they did… for as long as minorities got F’d over… it’s only right…. that’s the type of news i like to hear

      • must feel good to have to have it given and not earned…… no loss here

      • johnblacksad

        “I can tell you lots of things that’ll make you believe
        In Corona yo it’s better to take than to receive”

      • read about when the irish came here how they were treated, Signs saying dogs and irish to not apply for jobs. You dont c mr whinning like a baby


      • same happen to my people…….here is a kleenex

      • shi

        overcoming doesnt mean holding grudges.

      • shi

        youre ignorant

      • johnblacksad

        nope…. i’m sarcastic, and you, you are mad!

      • Southcidal

        Ryan I understand your frustration, but understand what you’ve typed. “They needed “a” minority”. Which indicates that all of the other positions have been filled with people of the “majority”. You’re chances to land one of those other 10 positions were much higher than that minority’s chance to land that one spot.

      • SpaceGhost

        I am voting for Romney because he is white like me. Glad you are making your only decision based on race. That shows your true ignorance. This is what happens when you are let out of your cage.

      • Southcidal

        SpaceGhost I was agreeing with you until the cage comment. So your retort to what you felt was ignorance was………………………..ignorance? Huh? Smart………..

      • Southcidal

        So if Obama stood for what Rommney stands for (tax breaks for the rich, starting bullshiit wars, and basically going back to GW’s crippling policies) and Rommney stood for what Obama stands for (taxing the top 5% earners, building the middle class, ending senseless wars) you would still vote for Obama?
        Well let me put it simpler. In 2016 you’d vote for Hermain Cain over a Democrat candidate such as Hilary Clinton?
        If so you’re just as bad as these poor whites (tea partiers) who show support for politcal agendas that will probably hurt them just because the politicians are white.

      • johnblacksad

        damn, so you mean that on top of all that bullsh!t sarcasm i tried, Obama really is the best candidate based on their programs? waow, then i’m really rockin with him… see, i knew i was nothin like these white tea party fuggers!
        Go Hilary! (fugg this Herman Cain n!gga)

      • The Blue Collar Man

        Got news for you. Poison obumbler IS NOT Black like you. He lived in other countrys, when he was young. He was raised totally different, and has no experience growing up in America, until he was older, and he was then in the middle class life.
        We all know he is 50% White, but you never hear that he is almost that percent ARAB. He’s a dark skined Arab, and a very small percent African Black. No American Black blood in his linage.

      • johnblacksad

        “He lived in other countrys, when he was young. He was raised totally different, and has no experience growing up in America,”

        What a stretch! You’re actin like him not growing up exactly like the typical-typical-average-hood n!gga is a bad thing! c’mon… this the exact same reason why he stood a chance of being elected.
        A lot of people in the world blame Americans for being too self-centered… growing up in a different country until proven otherwise is an excellent thing! Amazing how you think!

        My dad is african, born in africa. I was born in Africa. I grew up in too many countries to start naming them… (yo, don’t even play, it made me smart as fuggin fugg!!!) …the way i see it, I am as black as Obama and vice-versa!

    • tell these mofos

    • shi

      people determine economy not a political view.

    • metro_con

      Good lord, I hope you’re 12 years old. If you are, congratulations on writing at your age level. If you aren’t, then hang your head in shame and please don’t vote. At the very least, crack open a fuckin’ book on economics or something, because you sound like a complete tool.

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  • Well, if you make lyrics for the sake of shocking people with disrespect, get ready for the backlash. Any African American who votes for Romney/Ryan, I don’t care to know them.

    • shi


  • Nicki is one unhappy woman. I feel bad for her and how turned out she is.

    • Pastor Wanda D. Cleckley

      Thanks I hadn’t realized it like that but “turned out” is good terminology… Cash Money is big on exploitation… I wondered how a woman would fit into that… she said on one of her songs,”I am the female Lil Wayne,” seriously baby? She sold her soul and her essence to say and do some of the things she does to promote her style of hip hop… it is what it is!

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  • “Ask the IRS bitch I’m payin for your healthcare.” The fact she’s cooning shouldn’t surprise anyone. She been sayin hateful sh!t twd Black folks since she been on. nappy headed h0es, callin Black girls chimpanzees on a song w/ Britney Spears. Ay, Nicki, when this sh1t is all over, you’re gonna be devastated to know these rich white folks never gave a f*ck about you & you sh1ttin on your own ppl to get some rich white money. They laughin at you cuz you’ll NEVER be one of them.



    • Guest

      Agreed 100%
      I am SO AGAINST BOTH… Nicki Minaj / Mitt Romney for SO MANY REASONS…it isnt even FUNNY.
      They have SO much in common…meaning they are BOTH SELLOUT, THIEVES & LIARS TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE !
      I mean THEY BOTH have done & said HORRIBLE THINGS that ppl just “overlook”…
      Im GLAD ppl are not BEING STUCK ON STUPID anymore & speaking out.
      Yea, we have free speech…thats good, the Westboro Baptist Church ( look THEM up )….are full of HATEFUL ppl that have free speech too…so “free speech” is irrelevant, we ALL have the right to ignorance…but its NO GOOD when you have the very REAL “power” to influence minds…and SADLY Nicki HAS that capacity.
      And when I say fully, I mean FULLY !
      To ANYONE supporting Nicki OR Mitt right now…you really….TRULY…DON’T know what your talking about. And I’d pity you.
      Still….there’s NO need for death threats tho.

    • STFUUUU! You sound dumb you and I know damn well that she was referring to @lilkim in ALL of those songs! Your making it seem like she was talking about black females as a whole. When she was talking about ONE PERSON!

      • johnblacksad

        You stfu! How you co-sign some bullsh!t straight up disrespectin the true Queen B?!

    • C.C.

      #Amen! Trying to hide her Trini locks under a pink/green/whatever colored wig. Nicki Minaj is not a rapper, she’s a corporate pop machine with no mind of her own. Only thing on her mind is money and she doesn’t care who she steps on & stereotypes to get it. I guess she really is like Mitt Romney.

    • Simply telling the truth

      These bars were directed towards two females who threw shots at her. Nicki Minaj is black point blank. Her actual hair used to be (if its not still) nappy, she boasts about her ass, ect ect…Nicki hasn’t taken an attack on the black community by dissing Democrats…their are multiple different races that side with the Democrats. Just like there are black Republicans. We cant be mad a Nicki for stating her opinion or her political views. She simply did it in a distasteful way that sadly is going to take a great stab at her fanbase. The only thing I, and yes I am a Democrat who believes that the first lady needs to run after Obama gets elected again, believe that Onika did wrong was bite the hand that fed her for so long….

      • Southcidal

        People aren’t mad at her for stating her opinion, they’re mad at her because of her ignorance. Regardless of who the shots were at, the fact remains that if all “lazy biitches” did decide to get up and become hard workers there still would be no work for them.
        Nicki was not one of the Madoffs enjoying the benefits of the Bush tax code and she was old enough to remember how good the country was doing during the Clinton tax code.

    • Southcidal

      CB I agree. She’ll rap in black face for a check.

    • Gail Harry

      I agree..cause she sure was crying because barbara walters stuck up for Ms. Mariah.

  • y cant she endorse who she wants? – wrong or right its her choice. Porbably did it on purpose bcause if she said and Obama line we wouldn’t even be talking about it….

  • Ike

    Y’all wishing death on someone because of their political views are so fugging hypocritical. The majority of the ones that share their ill feelings towards her political views are most likely the same ones that won’t go out to vote or they will find any excuse to why they won’t. Now instead of showing her through words better than you can tell her, thats her right and just like its her right to speak upon whom she endorses. You have the right to make your vote count. Just rock your vote and stand by the candidate you feel will do a better job as President.

  • Reality

    Nicki Minaj HAS commented on the issue, though not directly. Go to her Twitter account and look at her “favorites.” She has favorited several tweets that suggest that SHE IS a republican and supports Romney. So wompity womp at all these delusional stans trying to suggest that it was a “metaphor” because you’re so afraid to disagree with your “god.” SMH.

    • ladynamor

      ? What is the point of that? Our “god”? Im confused at your whole statement. Wompity womp? You act like you or she is winning. This wont help her. What is your political stance? Im confused at what you are saying. This will ensure Romney’s loss AND hers. SMH!!! Is there an OFF button on you somewhere?

      • Reality

        -____- You are obviously a tad bit remedial, so let me break it down for you further: I am not a Nicki Minaj fan. She most likely supports Romney, and the verse was most likely NOT a metaphor. The fans who are proclaiming it is a metaphor are MOST LIKELY afraid to disagree with her, so they’re using that as an excuse.

      • ladynamor

        I am a tad bit remedial???? The definition of remedial is to apply a remedy to improve skills, you sound RETARDED! WE ALL know what the hell you meant. Don’t try to insult me clown. The fans are saying that because they know how their favorite artist functions. She always says what is controversial to get attention, even at the risk of losing a whole community of people she once belonged to, Mr Smarty Pants.
        Once I finally figured out the gibberish you typed I see you were saying that Nicki Minaj is THEIR god, I think. I couldn’t understand what the hell you were saying. Instead of thinking you are smart, step your game up and type clearly. Your statement was confusing.

      • Reality

        I would feel like a monster if I argued with a special education student, so for the sake of my conscience, I’ll end the discussion right here. Enjoy your milk and cookies, dear. You is kind, you is smart, and you is important. God bless.

      • ladynamor

        You is kind. ??? I’m special education? LMAO If you talk like you type you set us back 75 years.

      • BigDaddy

        He/She is obviously attempting to speak to you on your level…since you couldn’t understand the first comment…which…other than “wompity womp”…was well written and easily understood…lol

      • ladynamor

        So you think because she subtweeted something, she is a republican also? Besides that, he edited that ish to make it legible. All that wannabe west coast slang and what not.

      • BigDaddy

        My bad…Didn’t know it was edited…sorry

      • shi

        lol he was referencing the help.

      • shi

        lol *applause* there is no point in arguing w those kind of people lol she cant even comprehend wat youre trying to say

      • shi

        lol remedial means slow lol you need to apply a remedy to improve your educational skills.

    • driveswift

      She might not actually be able to vote here, if she never got citizenship…

  • mike malarkey

    im voting for maxine shaw attorney at law!!!! RIDE THE MAVERICK

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  • Adrian Barron

    mf’s wishing ole girl death just as dumb as she was for that statement – aint nothing ever that serious – i dont rock with that broad or her music to even care about her political stance or views – all she ever been to me was a “i’d phuck the shyt out of her” statement anyway – now if Keri Kilson, Kerry Washington, Nia Long, or that Ethiopian model that Tyler Perry mess with Gelila Bekele said the shyt – i’d be disappointed but this bytch … i aint even surprised – but the broad prolly just rapping nonsense cuz she thought it sound good – either way if it was a punchline or her real view – i dont givaphuck cuz she is shyt to me

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  • she bogus for that mitt dont love hiphop nor do he care for her. she can move out of hiphop. her career is over

    • shi

      -____- if mitt romney doesnt care for nicki minaj than obama doesnt care about you. does that statement have any evidence? nope…neither does yours.

  • BigDaddy

    This is why I hate politics…it keeps us all divided…If someone doesn’t agree with you they are evil…weak…naive…misled…coons….etc…It’s all a ruse…both sides play for the same team…and neither cares about us regular folk…They give us 2 clowns to fight over so we believe that we had/have a say…meanwhile the candidates who don’t belong to their club never had a remote chance to begin with…whether you choose heroin or cocaine…you lose…the only winners in politics are the dealers

    • BigDaddy

      Think it’s a coincidence that both Reps and Dems have held office for 84 years each?…Every 4 years the country splits just about 50/50…we almost had a recount for Bush/Gore…Senate/House seats as consolations for the losing party…Using each other as the excuse for not getting anything accomplished…WAKE UP!!!…It’s all a ruse…The winner has already been selected before you vote…They play for the same team!!!…They have fooled us into believing we have a say/choice in the matter…We do not!!!

      • @BigDaddy, thank you for your statement. Wake up fools. These folks are not enemies. It is nothing but pure pagentry, made for your misinformation and entertainment.

    • Look man you are right, black america done lose there mind over Obama.

  • count_210

    you know what support nas,lupe,andre 3k,talib,mos def,kendrick lamar,big krit,and anyone i left out who actually have substance to what their saying, in 2013 lets try and get the ignorance out of hip hop please

    • Southcidal

      Nah, let the ignorant ones do their thing. Lets keep hip hop mult-layered. The majority of Nicki’s fans are 14 year old girls. Lets not take their joy away from them. That shouldn’t stop us who want more substance from going buy it. There was a point in hip hop when a Pac song, then an AZ song was followed by Whoot There It Is on the radio. The problem now is that there are more Whoot There It Is shiits being played than that real creative shiit.

  • Tony G.

    Not gonna get into political views..but she has the right to vote for whomever she chooses….thats her choice…whether we like it or not…id venture to say quite a few people on here trippin dont even vote…at the end of the day..she’s getting exactly what she wanted out fo that line….shock value….people are talking about it…she just became relevent again.

  • BMontoya

    Are all you people serious?? It’s a punchline. She’s mocking people who say “I’m a Republican, voting for Mitt Romney.” Where she responds with “You lazy b****** is f******* up the economy.” You all should go do some research before you come outta no where slandering the Queen. #TeamMinaj



  • Jessica

    Only an idiot would think she’s actually voting for Mitt Romney. Idiots. I’m sure she never thought the line would blow up to this proportion. But since you have a bunch of idiots making something out of nothing it has. It’s not unheard of for a rapper to compare themselves to a Republican to emphasize their wealth. BUt anyone who knows Nicki knows she’s been a vocal supporter of Obama. Idiots

  • …anyone else notice none of these are death threats?

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    • shi

      Im a republican. and I’ll buy her album ^_^

      • PETERPAN


      • shi

        lol being bored has no relevance to this post. retard

  • Rap Tor

    All of you suckas being played.

  • Jazzy

    As if, she is registered? #clueless

  • Thisthingofours.

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • Thisthingofours.


  • writingmomma46

    It is so sad to read these post that threaten this young female. No matter what, black on black violence is shameful to our ancestors that fought for us to be where we are today. So what if she wants to vote Republican. For every one black Repub vote, there will be 10 black Dem votes, as long as people get off their behinds and go vote! People have the right to do whatever they choose to do in this country. Thank God that we live in a democracy that we have that right! WAKE UP PEOPLE! It is when we stop beating on one another physically and verbally that we will rise as a powerful people.

  • I think she can vote for who she wants to and speak about it if she wants. The thing I don’t understand is why the people criticizing her for being a sellout are following her on Twitter, buying her music, and devoting precious minutes of their lives to getting enraged about this issue. In politics as in capitalist consumption (in this case, buying her music), we can make choices.

  • After reading all the negtive comments about Nicki Minaj I am concern and my greatest fear is if Obama lose black America will go Rwanda on each other! You people better think about what you are doing to each other because win lose or draw we still must live together after Nov. 2012 election. Black people in America President Obama is not Jesus Christ!

  • hahahaha, black people are so violent



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  • Bootlips

    All you feral street apes need to go back to Apefrica. See how well your ancestors are living over there, lol. If it weren’t for YT keeping you alive with handouts, you’d be extinct. It’s time to bow down before YT and thank him for your mere existance. It’s quite obvious that you are incapable of providing for yourselves or maintaining even a minimum amount of order in your hoods.

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  • Reblogged this on .

  • AL!X

    Haha this is entertaining. 🙂
    Well I see where she is coming from. Without rich ppl paying for welfare and health care it would force hood rat ass bitches to get off their lazy ass and get a job. She rose above most from a hard life. I would do the same thing if I got the opportunity so would every person here.



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  • Frank Mason III

    Never before has one man engineered the resolve of the “powers that be” of a nation to practically starve itself to remove that man from office. American business and those that dictate the true flow of finance in this country have strangled our country to the point of resembling rejected tissue from a transplant. They want Obama removed, and they will endure any hardship necessary on our society to achieve their goal. A “Reaganesque” shot in the dark would only allow all he represents to survive in martyrdom. So they must treat him as an foreign body, simulating infection within the host of our great country. Not enough to allow suffering amongst the poor, the destitute, the downtrodden, not only they, but we all expect some attrition in this world. They have removed the life source of the backbone of our economy. The ability to provide a semblance of what we perceive as “the American Dream”, centers around our ability to provide for ourselves, our loved ones, and to save for our future. The Republican agenda has attacked this in congress, in the media, and more importantly, behind the scenes, in private conversations and meetings of which we will have no admittance to, ever. They have created a prolonged economic downturn, every indicator of this country’s past financial debacles, see “The Good Life and Its Discontents” Robert J Samuelson, has followed with a strong recovery, and with stalwarts of each industrial arena, blue chip stocks, if you will, reaping the biggest benefits from the recovery periods. The president of those economic recovery’s, each one, was praised, remembered in history books as giants of American history. Does anyone truly believe that the same people that have had to suffer Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Arthur Ashe, Barbara Jordan, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, I could go on forever. Do you truly believe that they want their history books to identify the period of our country’s first non-caucasian president as anything but one of the worst periods in America? Really? Nikki Minaj, not being of this country, and not being aware of the true issues surrounding our history, is ignorant, period. Her comments don’t afford the time any of us have spent capitulating upon them. She will not convince those of us that have the ability to vote, or the intelligence to accurately decide anyway. She will not endear herself as a trussed up singing monkey to the Mitt Romney camp, her efforts there would only lose him his main base of support in the election. I guess that’s all I have to say about that, lol.

    • shi

      Her not being from here is like saying a 2 year old would understand the history of America. Do you know the true issues of this country? Do you think Obama cares about the economy when he spends about 5 million dollars A DAY. Do you think Obama cares when he has spent more than EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENT before him? You think that money just comes out of his ass? or do you think it’ll be coming from my ass your ass or anyone elses? I dont think so. but it will be coming out of our pockets. And anyone who bases their vote off of anyone else’s opinion is retarded, Obama doesnt care about anyone but his self, he’s a narcissistic coward who is desperate, and KNOWS VERY LITTLE ABOUT POLITICS. doing everything he can even is willing to go to the all-low to become president again. Romney 2012! at least we know he’s smart and knows how to make money, and thats money for America

  • shi

    If anyone is voting for Obama for any reason other than being BLACK, then I respect you for being rational. If you are voting for Obama because he is black, then I fear OUR country’s future in the hands of ignorant people who base POLITICAL matters from sheer EMOTION. There are two kinds of rich people, the ones who inherited it and the ones who are SELF-MADE. If you weren’t lucky enough to inherit the riches,like most people, then you should work for it. If you dont want to work harder than the average American, then stfu and deal with your choice. Jealousy is a bitch and a lot of yall looking like ugly ones.

    • Frank Mason III

      Shi, you’ve made my point with out me having to respond. I thank you.

      • shi

        The sarcasm is cute, but the liberal guilt isn’t working on me. Everyone has their own problems and while it’s nice to help everyone out. There is a line that has to be drawn. Being laid off doesn’t just happen just because, there is a reason for it and that reason is the employers business, and I take it that you’re a counselor of some sort, a psychologist even, maybe…then you should know you’re job isn’t just to listen to people and make them feel better about the situation but to also give advice and different options you feel is right. The key to success is not pleasing everyone. It is nice to think we live in a world that want to help other people for nothing in return, but we dont, It’s not practical. There are other ways of helping people out without giving them a handout. Do you not think an Employer/CEO helps people out by giving them jobs? What about the CEO who buys a brand new yacht, does he not help the person selling the yacht by giving him profits? This is why it is important to keep them happy, and like with all things, there is a line, and right here there is only so much u can do to make one happy, and the rest you have to give to the other to make happy. The rich cant get everything they want and everyone else cant get what they want either. and I am assuming you know about the Leviathan…dont you?

      • Frank Mason III

        Fortunately, giving advice isn’t a necessity in my field, guiding people to their own solutions is, the true error is that people like you believe that the majority of people in need are just lazy, do nothings that leech upon the financial windfalls of hardworking citizens. I’ll give you an example, here’s a guy, went to Amherst, graduated, was drafted in the NFL, played ten seasons, gave his all on the field, donated to charities, spoke at charitable events, etc. He retired from football and he and his wife started a nonprofit organization to help orphans, headed that nonprofit until he began forgetting his appointments and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The disease progressed to the point where his wife spent so much time taking care of him that they lost all of their retirement funds. I could go on but the point is clear from here. My question to you is, would you rather find a way to assist him and his wife to at least maintain a piece of dignity, or would you rather dump them off, like the foil from a piece of gum? No wait, I know your answer, every person for themselves. Life has a way of opening one’s eyes my friend, take heed.

      • johnblacksad

        “The rich cant get everything they want and everyone else cant get what they want either.”

        Oh yeah… so that evens it, i see! Good thinking! smh…

        Which company is your dad CEO of, and how much will you be inheriting since you’re a single cild? You sound like you never been thru sh!t..

    • johnblacksad

      now that i threw the sarcasm off… i see what you are saying and you will be right in a short minute… but for right now, and i sincerely do not give a fugg what anybody can think but what you said don’t apply to Obama… definitely does not apply to the first one! Don’t even try to sit here and act like we’re robots that were supposed to base that decision solely and solely on their programs and blacking out the fact that he is… well… black. N!gga please… talking bout SHEER emotion… b!tch, do you know the pain?! As long as the first black president didn’t have an out-of-space-reckless program it was all good.
      Maybe for his reelection, we should try now to focus on them other facts.

      Sheeeit, you wasn’t fearin for YOUR country’s future very recently when they were still segregating folks… witcha feary azz!

      I’ma tell you like my boy Freeway told me : (fugg who’s self-made or who inherited it) “IF MY KIDS HUNGRY, SNATCH THE DISHES OUT YOUR KITCHEN”

  • Guest

    Leaving death threats for the way someone wants to vote is absolutely disgusting. I am absolutely pro Obama, but this kind of behavior should not be tolerated at all. She has every right to vote for who she wants. If you don’t agree with her, don’t listen or buy her music. But to start flinging death threats is outrageous and Un-American.

  • Frank Mason III

    Shi, you make my point without having to say a word. Thank you. If this country was built upon one man doing everything himself George Washington would have been some crazy dude that got run over by a British warship. Abraham Lincoln would’ve been…. well you know what you guys would(AND STILL DO)say about him. We wouldnt have a comment at all, because, we’d be exactly where you’d like for us to be anyway. Believe me, the 3/5’s voter representation that he was truly energized about was nice, but the final effect, the abolition of slavery in this nation that would desire to shine as the greatest beacon of freedom in this world, take it from me, is awesome.
    Everyday I get up, go to work, and take care of, and identify with people that have suffered incredible losses, and are in need of assistance to recover some semblance of their prior lives. I would love to see you in my office some day, to listen to your problem, and to attempt to help you recover your life. But your type has a remedy all it’s own, commit suicide. I guess it’s easier, less stressful on society, except for the poor guys that have to come in and clean up your discarded carcass. The family that has to survive the loss that you’ve selfishly taken away from them. So I guess your right, go ahead, vote for Romney and when youre hanging from the rafters, loosing your bowels to solve the loss of your job due to outsourcing, or to downsizing that improves some CEO’s end of the year bonus package, I’ll be at my desk working on my next client.

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  • poniesr4girls

    Giving a person a death threat for not voting how YOU want them to (she doesn’t even support Romney it was a line in a SONG) is the ultimate display of ignorance. Every person has a right to have a brain and their own political stance without someone judging them. It’s not progress to hate someone and tell them they are wrong for their political stance. It just shows the world is still the same, only the majority has shifted. Celebs have to say what you want to hear, or else. You wonder why so many stars are liberal.



  • metro_con

    Ahahahahahaha. Look at all of you ignorant assholes. EXPLODING with hatred and racism. Vote for your king and would-be dictator Obama again, even now that he’s come out of the closet for fag marriage, and pushes for yet another million abortions of black babies again this year. Kneel down and fellate him, pretend that it gives your sad little lives some meaning.

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  • Luckily she’s not registered to vote. But come on my people. Control your emotions. If you say that she needs to die, you make it worse than what it is.

  • FirefighterBlog

    Got everyone’s tits an an uproar which is publicity 101. No way no how she votes for Mitt even if she was eligible. She has to cater to the $$.

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  • Brack Obama

    This kind of garbage makes me wonder if people actually go through and read the comments and what people are really saying.

    I’ve browsed this response thread and here are the general things you take away from this article’s responses.

    1: We all vote for Barack Obama for the color of his skin. I’ve seen post after post stating “I voted for Obama because he’s black and I like him for that”. These same people will scream at the top of their lungs how racist “everyone else is”. You just voted for a man, you know nothing about him, you can’t name any policies or viewpoints he has, but he’s black, so he wins? And you’re not racist? (oh that’s right, we as blacks can’t BE racist…I remember now..only whites can be racist)

    2: Black people can only be Democrats. If they are Republicans (for any reason) They betray the sacred black trust that is democrat. They are betraying their own race and creed if they believe people should work to support themselves and not rely upon ‘uncle government’ to take care of them. Anyone who disagrees with this is a whitey lover who deserves to die.

    This culture of dependency and ignorance is destroying us more than anything else that you can point to. All this hate rhetoric, pointing to someone else and blaming them. I’m poor because of Romney. I’m unemployed because some Republican is holding the black man down. I’m this I’m that all because of someone else, and nothing to do with my own merits, good or bad. It sure is easy to be a leader in the Democratic party nowadays isn’t it? All you have to do is hate people, blame someone else for all your problems and tell you that if you vote for him, he’ll blame those people with you.

    In the meantime, your lives won’t improve, you won’t miraculously pull yourselves out of the gutter of poverty, but at least you can feel good about the blame and hatred that you commonly share towards everyone else in life. It’s ironic isn’t it? That we preach over and over how intolerant and hateful Republicans are, but the only hate speech you see these past few years are Democrats spewing stuff like what you see in this thread?


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  • Thought

    Eh, personally – she can have any belief that she wants. Why should anyone tell her what her belief is? She owes nothing to anyone, least of all any of us. I don’t like her music, but I won’t go rag on her political beliefs, or any of her beliefs for that matter. The private sector provides most of the jobs for the public sector, don’t they? I support Romney. He’s worth $250 million; Obama is worth $12 million. Their both millionaires. Now, including benefits, I assume that Obama and his family, collectively, has spent a lot more than their actually worth. Remember, Obama grew up in a 6,200 square foot house, which is, dare I say, more than most. His wife spends millions on vacations – at least the Romney’s pay for theirs out of pocket. Romney has worked harder than 99.99% of the American public. Don’t hate him for his success.

    • darkanser

      There are different definitions of success. Of course, we’re talking financial success here. It’s a moot point now since the idea of President Romney is nothing but a distant nightmare. However, you should research how Romney made his money before you get all googly eyed over someone who’s rich. There’s a video on Youtube by Robert Reich that explains to lay people how people like Romney got rich. There are a lot of drug kingpins and criminals who are rich too –albeit an extreme examples — yet I’d withhold my admiration for them as well.

  • Nice Democrats, If someone doesn’t vote for Obama they should die. These people are the ones calling Republicans “mean spirited”. The true Democrat party has shown their colors.

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  • every bodii beta get off nicki cant nobody bet ha nd every bodii wanna b ha but u cant # Barbz

  • 44Maria44

    Obama all of the way !
    I hope that Nikki does not really mean what she says. I mean if she does then that is her choice if she is allowed to vote so we have to give her that right to do it. I don’t think we should lose sleep over it because I don’t think that there are that many people following her politically, if so then they are probably stupid kids, and most likely won’t even show up at the polls. So don’t even let her verse / vote get up under your skin.
    Now what I would like to say is please check out Biea Da Rsonist aka Siea Glover on the Streetz Illustrated Presents “Columbus Most Wanted Female Edition. She is an Upcoming Rapper from Columbus Ohio. See Youtube Video and you will see she is the last to rap on the track / video. There are more female rappers to come than Nikki. Just keep searching and hope the industry will embrace other female hopefuls.

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