DMX To Donate Portion Of “Undisputed” To 9/11 Families

(AllHipHop News) After several delays, DMX has announced the official release date for his new album Undisputed.

The rapper will drop his seventh studio album on September 11.

“This is more than just another album. Undisputed, will prove to the Hip-Hop world that DMX is still the champ,” Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services told

Nati, who manages DMX, revealed that a portion of the first week’s proceeds of Undisputed will be donated to the family members of 9/11 victims.

“This album is going to bring rap, back to where it’s supposed to be… the streets,” Nati said.

Undisputed will be released at Best Buy, Target, iTunes and several other major outlets.

  • YungKizz


  • Good Luck!

    Nati should have released a single though.

    • hoeyuno

      I like dmx. Hopeful he didn’t half ass this one cause this album could literally make or break the lil homie ..

  • This is great….I used to like X…But you all know dam well that 9/11 happened ions ago, he is just trying to use such a great date to get the attention for his album, then donate $20 to the families……Hip-Hop has really become desperate to a point where rappers will soon kill themselves just for a boost in sales.

    • hopefully not … “portion” def is a loose word … which means it could
      actually mean literally $20 to each family … but regardless lets look
      @ it as a good thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause @ the end of the day it is a
      good thing … and if there is any artist out there with a true heart
      for the people its dmx …….

    • Casor_Greener

      Yep!!! Reaching to sell records. Them folks got enough money

    • Naledge77

      $20 is $20. I don’t see any other artists doing that. Yeah it may be for promotional purposes, but at the end of the day it’s a good cause. I mean instead of these pop rappers popping $2000 champagne bottles, and buying half a million dollar cars, they could be doing something not only for the community but for the entire world. They can be making a difference, but instead they choose to floss, flaunt, and frolic!

      Now as far as DMX’s new album, I do hope it’s a banger because this will be his last go at trying to make a come back. I do respect how real the dude is and I feel the game needs this right now. With all the POP, Singing, and techno shit going on in Hip Hop I feel we losing it quickly. Slaughterhouse’s new album is too watered down to be considered a hip hop come back. Don’t get me wrong those dudes are the nicest out right now. To bad it could only happen as a collective group.

      • I agree

      • mademan3000

        You have some valid points fam, but I would like to come at it from another angle. I like to keep it all the way real tho, 1st off none of us knows what any of those guys do/don’t far as charitable acts goes or giving back. Next thing I really find it kinda disturbing when someone gets on here & talk about what the next man/woman should do with the money they went out & earned! Ninjas are so quick to holler about if these celebrities wouldn’t be popping bottles or buying big houses & cars they could/should be giving back! Who the hell are we to tell the next person how to enjoy the fruits of their labor, shit I’m a regular working man & I’ll be damned if I let anyone tell me how to spend it! We ball according to our financial status, I wouldn’t expect for Weezy or Jay to drive what I drive or live in what I live in…shit that defeats the purpose of acquiring certain level of finances. Although I do think giving back is important bcuz I pay tithes every month to my church, which some of those guys could be doing as well & that’s the only place ur truly obligated to give back to…I DIGRESS!!!

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  • hoeyuno

    I hope it’s classic x..

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  • LetsBeRealpeople


  • those families already received a shit load of money 11 years ago from the government. lol @ this cheap promotion.

  • Tony G.

    call it what u want…at least he’s doing something…whatever the portion is let it be…if u aint do anything to help a family, stfu with the nonsense

    • Contraverse77

      REAL TALK!!!

  • Hennessy892

    DAMN! X is comin’, gonna be fire!!

  • finisherz

    DMX has been over looked always when he gives to the needy and has been doing shit like this for families but that wont make the news..But when he gets in trouble that makes first news,so for the haters the album is good it not like the first I.D.A.H.I.H but its hip hop back and X is back real hip hop,not this skinny jean music thats out now sounding the same.The best tracks are COLD WORLD,SLIPPIN AGAIN and HEAD UP….

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