EXCLUSIVE: Twista Plans To Combat Chicago Violence With New Youth Center

(AllHipHop News) The violence in Chicago has been making national news as of late, with an exorbitant amount of people getting shot and killed on their streets everyday. Just last week, 19 people were shot over the weekend and according to the Chicago Tribune, gun violence has soared over 60 percent compared to the same time last year.

Rapper Twista was born and raised in Chicago, and he believes that gang violence is at the epicenter of the rise in homicides.

“The gangs, I hate to say it, but they’re taking it back to the whole vibe of getting into it with each other,” said Twista. “Gangs are going against gangs.”

Twista is on a crusade to save the streets that he grew up in, and believes that creating more youth centers will help give the kids something to do and help “steer them the right way.” To lend a hand in the efforts, Twista plans on opening up his own youth center in the heart of Chi-town.

“We’re trying to do something positive in the city of Chicago, especially now with all of the killings going on, and everybody running wild the way they’re doing.

“I remember growing up in the ‘hood, and there were a lot of people that would have probably been out there doing something bad if they had not have been at a YMCA or some type of club,” Twista recalled.

Check out the interview below with Twista where he speaks about the climbing violence in Chicago and his plans to open a youth center:

Twista has not yet revealed when the youth center will open, but he is working on finalizing the details.

Download his new mixtape, Twista: Reloaded here.

20 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Twista Plans To Combat Chicago Violence With New Youth Center”

  1. Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Good looking out Twista. We also need the parents to step up. You have a LOT of ignorant folks raising children.

    • chiboi

      please don’t go around pointing fingers like that. gangs in chicago have many rivals. lil jojo was a GD chief keef and his people are BDs. yes, they have beef, but GDs also have beef with other GDs, and BPS, latin kings, VLs and regular people. Chicago has a history of making fun of dead rivals, weather you killed them or another gang did, so what chief keef and GBE are doing on twitter is only new to none chicagoans (and people who didnt grow up around it in the chi as well). What chief keef and his people are doing on twitter is not knew to other chicagoans and the police, because it happens often. What I’m getting at is, just becasue they are making fun of his death does not mean they killed him, and just because u saw a vid on YT of lil reese saying he was going to kill him does not mean he killed him.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        chicago niccas get it in but outside chicago they aight i met alot of chicago its some good dudes in chicago its just when they back against the wall shyt happens

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        the girls from the chi was way more gangsta then the dudes thats real talk them some chicago girls they aint scared of the pipe and they straight up with you but they will slap a nicca in a hearbeat 4real

  2. Joseph Thomas

    im from the chi and trust me this will definitely help out…only prob i see is that twista is from the west side, so it’ll only help those individuals out west if thats the only side of town he puts’em up…..nevertheless…this is definitely needed…our f’n mayor doesnt seem to give two shits…

  3. Lyve Wire

    i hate to be negative, but a basketball aint gonna stop a killer. sad to say, and i really hate to rain on twista’s parade, because i really think he has a geniune concern for chicago. those facilities will benefit some, but the ‘chief keef’ type can care less. they dont care, so the governor dont either. sad but true….
    thanks for at least trying twist. i salute you man. maybe it can save a few lives, and thats a start.

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