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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Lighty’s Wife Speaks Out – Adds More Mystery To His Suicide

Veronica Lighty, the wife of late business architect Chris Lighty, has finally broken her silence about the recent suicide of her husband. The NY Daily News caught up with her outside of her house yesterday, and instead of clearing up some of the questions surrounding his death, her interview seems to fuel the fire even more and added more questions into the equation. Check out what she told the paper:

“My husband was too smart of a man. He was a genius. No smart man is going to leave his children for fighting with his wife. That makes absolutely no sense.”

“We had a passionate relationship. We fought all the time.”

“I had filed for divorce last year, but retracted it two days before Father’s Day. That was my gift to him.”

My question is, if they were reconciling, why was there a moving truck outside of their house and reports that he was moving out the day he killed himself?

Veronica did clear up the rumor about debt being the root of Lighty’s depression.

“We were not in debt $5 million,” she said.

The Associated Press reported Friday that Lighty had used the proceeds from the sale of the Chelsea apartment to pay off most of the IRS debt. But he still owed more than $330,000 in state and federal taxes, the AP reported.

And, a bank sued him in April for being overdrawn by $53,584, the AP reported.

His widow would only say, “Chris had a lot of weight on his shoulders.”

So much mystery surrounding the reason behind Chris Lighty’s suicide. I can only hope his family finds some closure soon. You can read the full story and interview here.

  • Hmmm, still, RIP, but yeah, more questions.

    Why does the Ex? think with drawning a divorce is a Father’s day gift?

    SMDH @ The nerve!

    • Baby_Bluez

      Same thoughts ran through my head – Father’s day gift? Really? So much for where her head was at…That’s just killing a man emotions…

      • Yeah man, like she the one with the bread!
        SMDH @ Ghetto Brawdz!

      • NEWSKULL

        Pretty much

    • True indeed ED. What ever happened to those cats Judah and illseedkiller? I have been on this site for awhile I don’t see the arguing beefs anymore which is cool. It was like WWF in here hahah.

      • We on FB ( From AHH to FB ) & have the whole crew there:
        El Bark
        Zee To Tha
        Mike Mallarky
        The whole crew, not much WWF ‘chet, but M.U.thaDon starts ‘chet once in a while.
        ( Free World One Power )

        Link up!

      • No doubt I went by youngvadah for a long time before they made us used the yahoo sign in. I will link up! Peace!

      • Link up:
        Edogz Medina
        From there I’ll get you in!

      • Aight

      • Yo I went to facebook there is 4 allhiphop links on there 1 is just a bio. Is it the one that says website?

    • Tony G.

      some gift…smh

      • She lucky she not married to me. SMDH!
        Even luckier Chris didn’t clap her!

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  • She is lying a possible hit for his insurance money never rule that out or beef with someone else or a love triangle. I am on my hood detective shizz. I am on the case where is my hood watson to back me up. (speaking in my finest uppity negroid british voice)

  • Adrian Barron

    AWW man this broad should have kept her mouth shut – she looking like THE BAD GUY right now … hope she wasn’t some money hungry, drop the kids off at daycare so i can creep with the gardner, drive my Benz back thru the old neighborhood so i can flaunt, aint worked a job since she first got pregnant, i wont be caught dead wearing POLO, kids always over Nana house type females

  • $28825362

    “We had a passionate relationship. We fought all the time.”
    I don’t know why females think that starting a fight with a dude shows passion and love. I’ve had females pull this card. I just dip out; that’s not passion – you just wanna start shyt.

    • RBG4Life

      women that like to fight are emotional. i dont think they see fighting as passion. its all of that emotion being expressed. they’re the kind that want you to turn them around, push their feet apart, lean them over something in the middle of an argument and workout all that tension for as long as you can. trust.

    • because one thing is true with all women… if u make them laugh, they like u… if u make them cry, they love u…

      • Romia Blue

        and then you have some dudes so used to craziness, they figure a chick doesn’t love them if they don’t trip and act ignorant every now and again

  • Tony G.

    situation needs closure asap…nobody really knows why he did it but him.

  • dominicancoke

    I bet he cheated 1,000000 times and she got fed up

  • Saying that we’re gonna dismiss the divorce papers for his fathers day is something that an ungrateful bitch would say. Dead or alive. FACT. Shout out to all the rich dudes that don’t waste they time trying to wife a bitch only to find out that they’re not a ride or die loyal no matter what. Women get with these dudes , learn new things , experience luxury then forget how there then think that they could do better……….. NEVER HEARD A WELL OFF BACHELOR KILL HIMSELF. NEVER….HE MAY HAVE SOME LONELY NIGHTS BUT NOT AS MUCH AS THE MARRIED MAN.

  • Didn’t add more mystery…Just cleared it up that this woman helped nudge him closer to the edge.

  • This was a hit. Powerful men don’t just off themselves, some serious shit was going on. She helped become the distraction though.

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    overdrawn 55 racks???? cmon i cant even get a hundo over drawn, nah on the real though shit happens and everything aint what it seems to be when you have cash… r.i.p. and let the homey live, no pun intended.

  • Don’t make me laugh


  • understandingoverignorance

    “We had a passionate relationship. We fought all the time.”

    “I had filed for divorce last year, but retracted it two days before Father’s Day. That was my gift to him.”
    What a stunning statement to make…Imagine coming home to this chic who will argue with you all the time then threaten divorce on top of that. You can have millions of dollars or no money and none of that means shit if your unhappy with the person you are with especially when marriage and kids are involved.

  • johnblacksad

    follow the money… and we might find out what happen to chris! This broad (tryin to stay respectful) better not cash in some big insurance money…

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