Capone of CNN Arrested On Child Support Evasion Charges

(AllHipHop News) Capone, half of the duo Capone-N-Noreaga, was arrested in his New Jersey home yesterday on a child-support evasion charge for failing to pay thousands in child support.

The rapper presently owes over $160,000 to the mother of his 12-year-old daughter and is supposed to pay $1,500 per month until she is 21.

He has not paid since 2004, according to the New York Post.

Prosecutors said he has made three payments in eight years, totaling $144.

Capone, real name Kiam Holley, has been released on $10,000 bond.

“It is what it is. I know it looks bad on paper, but I take care of my daughter,” the 36-year-old rapper said outside the court room.

Judge Joan Azrack allowed Capone to travel to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  • therealest1

    Child support shit. Deadbeat daddy shit.Hopefully the truth comes out.

  • Contraverse77

    One thing I despise most is a dead beat dad. I’ve been paying for years, granted it ain’t $1500 a month, but I never ditched those payments because they come back to haunt you. One of my boys owed 45K and guess what, they took all his shit when he got a job.

  • water_ur_seeds

    smh @ all these rappers getting locked over being schitt dads

  • A child doesn’t need 1,500 a month. Is that child paying rent and a car note???

    • RichFromBX

      part of child support is ensuring that the child has a place to live so at the very least he would be responsible for half the rent (maybe all if the mother doesn’t work). Also, if the child goes to private school the support would be responsible for that as well…the the mother, who was granted full custody, decides if private school education is in the best interest of the child…Capone doesn’t really have a say in the matter…The support amount is also based on the earning of the father (Capone) at the time of the settlement…hell, I think Diddy has to pay over $50,000 a month in support…

      • If the mom can’t afford to take care of the child financially then she shouldn’t have been allowed custody in the first place.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        Thats the dumbest thing I ever heard.

      • RichFromBX


        why not go a step further and when a women becomes pregnant the government run a analysis on the finances of the mother and father, if deemed financially incapable of supporting the child there’s an immediate abortion done or the parent must sign the child over for adoption to a family that can support the child…that seems like it would eliminate a lot of problems….GTFOH!

    • YaheardSyndicate

      1500 hundred a month breaks down to about a little less then 400 dollars a week. If you add up groceries, clothing, school, transportation to and from and all the regular things a father who is in a kids life has to pay for like insurance, its not that unreasonable. Especially in the New York City area. Most normal people take care of their kids, without a court having to set a price.

  • Sosa_Limone

    like he said it looks bad on paper.. does anybody on this site really believe he has only given $144 bucks to support his daughter in the past 8 years? idk the situation, but 1500 a month is excessive. especially since capone hasnt had a hit in like a decade. he was probably supporting the child in other ways

    • hoeyuno

      Exactly. threres 2 sides to every story and anybody who has a baby moms knows theres at least 8 sides to the story. We don’t know what happened, maybe his daughter was living full time with him for most of those years.

    • thats where dudes be messing up hes gotta put all his payments on paper work … NO HAND TO HAND !! … its 2012 how many of us seen our father uncles ect… going thru this and they always get in trouble because they giving the $$ straight to thier kids … and we all know it was like our mothers were pulling teeth just to get that little bit of money … so yeah it looks bad on paper but chance are the full amount aint much better … $1500 per month excessive for his daughter ?????? i wonder how much capone spends on weed per month … yeah ok lol 😉 IJS no pun to capone im actually a fan but it is what it is ……….

  • Lion King

    Since when do you have to continue to pay child support until the child’s 21 years old? But I ain’t surprised Capone can’t pay it; his career was never really poppin like that.

    • Should have got it adjusted when his album went wood. Crazy how industry set up to keep artist in debt!

      • Jizzah!

        Not the industry his lack of knowledge. He could have walked right into Child court were his child support was issued and asked a judgeon having that adjusted. Or tell BM like (listen I ain’t got doe like that, Im not in CNN no more for snitching, and its had for me to get a job because of my record. Baby girl work with me on having my payments reduced).
        Either way prime ex-sample of people needed to take care there buz.
        In the south he’ll be stuck in jail intill he comes up with the Full amount of whats due. Gov don’t play that

      • Both, maybe been there more?
        Been smarter with what he had, but in reality…the industry is designed to keep the artist in debt.

        Need other income, besides music.

        Farm? Rental? Cab service?

      • this entire world is designed to keep people in debt period … modern day slavery … you , your self just needs to be smart enuff to live below and not above your means …….

      • Now that is some Trill advice! House shopping : Was approved for X amount, copped one that was damn near 1/2 that & it is a multi unit to produce income….no where near as nice, or expensive & the extra chipperinos came / come in handy all the time.

  • ulostatlife

    How are some of you defending this dude? I know dudes who got hit with those payments and they don’t go on tours,collect royalty and publishing money and manage to take care of their kids.This dude is a deadbeat,plain and simple.If he did provide for his daughter she would have co-signed him taking care of her.She’s 12 !This dude is a lowlife strolling Queensbridge trying to keep it real at 36 years old.You don’t hear Nore goin to jail for this kind of sh*t.He grinds even though his music is terrible now.Capone is lazy and his seed probably wants to go to a good school,needs medical insurance etc.You nut in a hood rat you deserve what you get.Y’all dudes blaming the chickenhead who going in yo pockets but you just as responsible for being stupid enough to get some hoodbooger preggo…lames

    • Logan Claws


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  • man where in the hell is capone supposed to get 1500 dollars every month from? dat niigga aint had a hit since Tragidy kicked the judge in the face!

    • neenaP

      Get a JOB!

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  • Black Exodus

    I know this might come off a little cold, I really don’t know this brothers true situation but there is always 3 sides to every story. Her side, His side and the Truth. The music that Capone peddled gave you look into his character as a man. If he carried that same mentality of the “Hood” into his adult life…why would this come as a surprise to some. If this where Lupe Fiasco or Common, I would be like damn…but for your average everyday hood rapper, I wouldn’t expect nothing less. It’s all about the image and the actions we put out there. A Real black man…A Real Father would never let this happen, we take care of our seeds, by whatever means necessary! Real Fathers I salute you…I know it’s hard but at the end of the day, it’s bigger than us…it’s about our seeds.

    Black Exodus “Put your Faith In Me”…check it out.

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  • DC

    You mean til 18, right?

    • neenaP

      Nope 21.

  • Liljwells

    Let this be a lesson to all you dead beats…… support ya child!