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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chicago Killing Spree Continues – Was Chief Keef Hacked Or Not?

Chicago has been the epicenter of gang violence and senseless murders all year long.


The violence in Chi-town has skyrocketed and has taken the national stage again with the recent death of Chicago rapper Joseph Coleman aka Lil Jojo. The deceased rapper, who was only 18-years old, is rumored to be a rival of “I Don’t Like” rapper Chief Keef. A few days before he was killed, Jojo released a diss track  towards Chief Keef called “3hunna K.”

According to NBC Chicago, Lil’ Jojo was shot in the back while riding a bike on the 6900 block of South Princeton Avenue in Englewood. He was pronounced dead hours later at a nearby hospital.

Just hours after Lil’ Jojo was struck down, Chief Keef allegedly laughed off Lil’ Jojo’s death tweeting, “Hahahahahahaha… It’s sad cuz … JoJo wanted to be jus like us #LMAO.” Keef has since denied sending that tweet and has said that his twitter was hacked. Because of that tweet, the police are now investigating Chief Keef and a possible connection with Jojo’s death.


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  • digitallife

    Dudes these days…what bothers me more is all the press this idiot is getting but a dude like brother ali doesn’t even get an honorable mention anywhere..sites like this encourage wack morons out there to push an ignorant agenda because you get noticd more for the negatives than the positives..when was the last time a site like this gave some coverage of someone not speaking about the life..or speaking about how good they living..we as consumers and as individuals coming from these environments should appreciate our stories being told but that struggle should never be pimped for success. Real folks who come from the hood don’t glorify murders, or stealing, or being broke..we take those struggles to build a bridge to a place we can raise our off spring in peace..dudes like chief keef set us back like a mofo because they push this idealism of “I’m ghetto, so i’m going coon it up to be the celebrity amongst other simple minded morons like myself and be rewarded for it”..this kid is the epitome of a wasted life..I would at least maybe give him a pass if he was doing this to sell and then go give others opportunities to educated themselves via scholarships, and business loans, and whatnot in that event I could understand it..but as it is right now I can’t support this straight up fokery..

    • Contraverse77

      That’s one of the reasons I stopped paying for music. I only pay for albums deserving of my hard earned money and time.

      Chief Keef is a tool and his days here will be short lived if he continues with that attitude towards life. Karma is a mofo for real!

      • YungKizz

        we need dat real hip hop back quick

      • Contraverse77

        It’s coming little by little. At least we have Slaughterhouse. I mean commercially Hip Hop is dead, but the underground is where it’s at.


      • YungKizz

        hell yeah dat album is dope but only sold 52gs first week i was expectin
        em to go gold

      • Contraverse77

        @twitter-333287647:disqus Most of the people that actually pay for albums are teenie boppers and females, and of course your real hip hop heads. It just seems that our youth are more interested in what makes you bounce rather than what makes you think. So many real lyricists out there get no shine because of this. Knowledge doesn’t sell….sex, drugs and guns sell!!!

        Strange the the human mind can be so intrigued and entertained by violent and misguided rappers, who even with everything going for them, still fall victim to the streets.


      • YungKizz

        i love all hip hop its just people need to come wid better lyrics as cheif keef i love da nigga style alot im just worried

      • RBG4Life

        when the button pushers only allow the door with the poison inside to be the only door that opens, that is the result. we gotta find a way to take that hand away from the button, my dude.

      • Negro Peligro

        I wasn’t surprised. I mean the single was blaze but nobody was giving that club spins so it could never make it to the radio.

      • Slaughterhouse is signed to interscope records (shady records) , although they were underground at one time, they are a part of the machine, if they appearing on MTV & 106 & park, getting radio spins on hot 97, or doing interviews with corporate sponsored websites & magazines, U far from underground… just saying

      • Contraverse77

        @facebook-100003191918068:disqus I def agree that they started watering shit down for the radio and label heads, but all in all they still rep the underground genre. And they’re still about MC’ing and raw lyricism, which is what founded hip hop and the underground culture(besides a turntables, graffiti, and break dancing) in the first place. Now keep in mind that the only way to destroy the machine is from the inside out. So only someone who is a part of it may be able to take it down. I’m not saying eliminate every label that’s part of it, but I think having more control of your music and your publishing is doing just that. All the interviews with MTV, hot 97 and 106 & park are all for publicity due to their album dropping. As an artist we do need that for exposure or it’ll be a long road before any artist is recognized.

        Maybe I should rephrase my hash tag:


      • Sosa_Limone

        so you cant be underground if u start getting buzz on the mainstream? its a lose lose situation… u can reman poor but maintain your status as an “underground” rapper or u can make bread and then be called “sellouts” … there needs to be an equal balance. slaugtherhouse may be getting more burn in the mainstream but they are still very far from commerical

      • Bryce13

        From their last album it seems like Slaughterhouse is also within the machine, I hear their mix tape was better that they gave out for free. I mean, look who is backing them.

      • Ronny Dæili

        Slaghtahouse IS commercial.. Greetings from Norway…

    • johnblacksad

      and fugg the ninjaz that unliked this! i swear fugg ninjaz be everywhere… that was some moment of truth sh!t

      • digitallife

        You know the saying bro “The truth hurts” and I can bet my life on the fact the two people that clicked negative are the same chumps running around claiming they are real because they try to emulate the behaviors this idiot puts forth but such is life in our generation cuz.

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    Read the full story in chicago sun times, breh. Lil JoJo claimin 300k and bdk yet he going to chill in 300 and bd areas. what he expect?

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      the whole area is mixed with BD’s and GD’s.

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        i dont know nothing about chicago, i’m just reading the articles. I got family in west side, but they just come out to see me I never go out their way. HAHA. but how u gonna have mixture of BD’s and GD’s in the same area???? that shit sound crazy

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        shyt is crazy. its all fcuked up in chicago. thats why the projections for murders this year are supposed to be over 550. all the gangs are splintering and fighting among eachother. i refer to the summertime as the season of “is it a firework or a gunshot?”

      • That_N

        Yea, it’s both BD’s and GD’s in that area. They weren’t always at war, though. Actually, they aren’t supposed to be oppositions. They both roll under the 6 point star and they are both part of Folks Nation.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        thats what i was saying. all the gangs are splintering and fighting among each other. They may be affiliated with the folks but the BD’s have had a lot of bad relations with other folks sets in the past few years.

      • The lethal

        Actually BD’s don’t ride under the six point star!

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Ain’t nothin crazy bout BDs and GDs being around each other

      • RBG4Life

        Just think if all that energy could be directed and aimed at something useful…SMFH! Its like n!ggas be scared to win and would rather destroy each other and do a bunch of useless sh!t because its easier. Somebody with heart need to rise above that sh!t and bring everyone together because i know the prisons, funeral homes, etc. loving all the money they pulling in, free labor, and genocide thats goin on free of charge without them even having to get their hands dirty.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    “3hunnak” came out months ago. “I got the sack” came out a few days ago. cmon sydney. how pathetic are you.

  • Pierre Elliott


  • Pierre Elliott


    • Contraverse77

      Your comment is racist in itself.

      Think about it.

  • TruthSerum

    His Twitter wasn’t hacked, Keef is just a 16 year old kid with no filter & nobody around who cares enough to tell him “Maybe laughing about your rival’s death on twitter aint the move lil buddy”

  • Negro Peligro

    I’m a grown man I don’t want to get into no kid shit. But I tell you what I thought was ironic. That video with Jojo yelling at Lil Reese and Lil Reese yells. JOJO I’M GONNA KILL UUUUUUUUUU.

  • n n

    Black men got to man up and take our neighborhoods back.these young dude are animals just like white people say who knows better than white folks.

  • kstaxx

    I keep telling people you keep talking bout Chief keef and GBE aint bout this or that these young dudes aint no joke they dont have to do shit they got shooters that will do it for them jus on the strength thats why its best for Chicago rappers like Lupe Fiasco not to say anything else about Chief keef before he becomes the next victim this shit is serious in the Chi-town jus in case people didnt notice.

    • Contraverse77

      Question is why does it have to come down to violence? Chief Keef should show maturity and confront Lupe about it man to man and speak on it if he felt a certain way about what Lupe said. In all honesty though Lupe is 100% right and has all the right in the world to express the way he feels. Granted he didn’t need to drag Keef into it, but he had a valid point and used a valid example.

      Personally Keef needs to grow up! Lupe is a real dude trying to take care of his, while Keef is a street hood trying to glorify the shit that is killing not only our music, but our communities as well.

      And your comment only highlights Keefs efforts!!! So with that being said you yourself may need a reality check.

      Let me guess now you want to harm me because I spoke my mind and may have accused you of a certain behavior.

      Just saying though…

  • Hacked my a$$, thats what every ignorant entertainer says when something stupid is posted on Twitter. As far as i’m concerned that statement was far too personal to be the work of some hacker. Chief Keef needs to pump his breaks before he “thugs” his way out the industry before he drops that sure to be wack album of his. Interscope take notice this kid is a living breathing liability cut your losses before its too late.

  • I’m not a fan of the music, cause I have Kids nearly Cheef Keef age. This is sad truly, but people from Chicago know this is more than just a rap beef. Chicago has a black gang culture that started nearly half a century ago. I stay on the South Side of Chicago in the Woodlawn Area which is just east of the Englewood Area. The two gangs represented by these clicks are the Black Disciples and the Gangster Disciples, and they have been going at it in Englewood for decades. The whole 3Hunna references the Black Disciples Gang which Cheef Keef is a member of, and sadly, Little JoJo made a song call 3Hunnak where he and his entourage (assumingly members of the Gangster Disciples) where shouting out BDK which means Black Disciple Killer. Now I’m not one who will profess to know exactly what happen, I’m just suggesting that this is slightly bigger than just a sensationalize rap beef that the media i…
    s portraying it as. The gang war has been on, and neither of these characters started this mess that they are currently in. And I’m not by any means excusing the Carnage because it is senseless at the end of the day. I just think that this is more a reflection of the unfortunate gang culture plaguing Chicago that has this city steeped so far in blood that some Sociologist have suggested the city is dying. I understand Lupe and Rhyme Fest, because the youth are slightly different due to the incarceration of the gang chiefs. And while Chitown has always gang banged, rap artist like Common (who used to be a Vice Lord), Psycho Drama (Vice Lord Affiliated), and Crucial Conflict (Vice Lords), Twister, Children of the Ghetto, all either current of former gang affiliated people never disrespected other gangs on wax. They knew not to play around with Chicago’s treacherous gang culture. But the youth, without the guidance and enforced accountability of gang chiefs, are more careless in the promotion of the existing violence. I hope that we as Chicagoans can help lessen the carnage for the sake of our youth.

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