Chris Lighty and Valerie Lighty

Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Lighty’s Funeral, Sad…Sad…and Sadder – But Questions LOOM.

Nobody I know was at the funeral, but I heard a few things. First of all, like most funerals, I heard it was a completely sad affair. I mean, this is expected since Lighty was such a pillar in the Hip-Hop community. I heard Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, LL Cool J, Q-Tip and others were crying so much. I heard LL deviated from his speech and eventually muttered “Something ain’t right.” This leads to speculation by many that Chris Lighty didn’t kill himself at all.
Furthermore, some are pointing the finger to Chris’ widow. DJ Scratch tweeted the following, but my sources are saying that this represents the views and opinions of quite a lot of people.

Below is a news story that AllHipHop just ran.

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Read that…and holler…

This is far from over…the plot thickens.

Chris and Veronica Lighty in better times.

Here she is doing an interview yesterday, but she has made several conflicting statements. Clearly, she looks distraught so its anybody’s guess.

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  • iamKingG

    Sad to say but she may have had him murked to collect the insurance money. I’m not buying she was trying to reconcile their relationship

    • Jaymo

      I’m not sure you can collect insurance $$ from the policy if the cause of death is ruled as suicide.

      • TruthSerum

        Alot of times you can’t, alot of policies have clauses that say if your death is caused by negligence or recklessness of your own doing that they dont have to pay

    • $18592567

      suicide = no $$$ for insurance. ballistics will conclude if he killed himself or not…

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  • Bait Jimmy

    Jimmy henchman hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  • Lyve Wire

    i hate that we always have to classify things, like signs of suicidal people. only he know if he killed himself and the people around. “oh, he was such a happy guy. this is strange. who killed him’. no one is safe from ‘the edge’. its entirely irresponsible to hint that she had something to do with it. when the investigation is done, we will know. until then, stop playing ‘fin tutuola’ because real life isnt that simple.
    real talk.

  • johnblacksad

    R.I.P. Chris!