Dr. Dre and Jay-Z

Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre De-Throne’s Jay-Z!

Forbes’ annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list has been released and after topping the list for the past couple of years, Jay-Z has been de-throned by Dr. Dre. The good doctor raked in $110 million dollars, with the bulk of his funds coming from his highly popular Beats By Dre headphones. Dre is only the second person on the list to make over $100 million dollars, the only other person was 50 Cent.

Diddy diddy bopped his way into the number 2 position pulling in 45 Million with Ciroc Vodka being the breadwinner in his business portfolio.

Jay-Z at Budweiser Made In America Festival

Jay-Z at Budweiser Made In America Festival

Although Jay-Z  was knocked out of the top spot, he still pocketed an impressive $38 Million dollars pulling in more than half his annual earnings from ventures including ownership stakes in cosmetics company Carol’s Daughter, the Brooklyn Nets and a joint venture with battery maker Duracell. This is the lowest that Jay-Z has ever ranked on the list.

Surprises on the list include indy rapper Tech N9ne who rounded out the list at #20 and pulled in $6 Million dollars.  Check out the full list below:

1. Dr. Dre – $110 million
2. Diddy – $45 million
3. Jay-Z – $38 million
4. Kanye West – $35 milliom
5. Lil Wayne – $27 million
6 Drake – $20.5 milliom
7. Birdman – $20 million
8. Nicki Minaj- $15.5 million
9. Eminem – $15 million
10. Ludacris – $12 million
11. Pitbull – $9.5 million
12. Rick Ross/Wiz Khalifa – $9 million
14. Snoop Dogg- $8.5 million
15. 50 Cent – $7.5 million
16. Swizz Beatz/Pharrell/Young Jeezy – $7 million
19. Mac Miller- $6.5 million
20. Akon/Timbaland/Tech N9ne/ – $6 million

I’m surprised Ice Cube is not on this list? He has a very lucrative deal with Coors Light and all of his movies. Is there anyone that’s on the list that surprises you?

You can check out a break down of the top 5 earners on the list in the video below:

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  • KLewis

    So Dr. Dre makes money off of overpriced headphones, Diddy makes money off of overpriced liquor. Number 5-8 make their money off of overpriced music.

    • real OG

      real talk

    • you gotta blame the idiots buying all that trash.

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  • Sosa_Limone

    iam suprised tech9 is on the list… but good for him for stayin in his lane and caking .

    • MarquisCarter

      Great to show people the independent route

    • hoeyuno

      Dudes sold more records on the independent then any other rapper ever. So instead of getting a buck or two per album he’s walking away with ten bucks.

      • Sosa_Limone

        thats a real fact or you exagerating? thats whats up though.. either way it gives hope to to other underground artists to keep doing their thing

      • NEWSKULL

        ^^^^^^^^^ Hmm If you read the article on Forbes they said Tech9 did 200 concerts that year that’s why he is in there… So going Indie I don’t know

      • hoeyuno

        I agree but without the fanbase he has he would not had the opportunity to book 200 shows. And he has no one else to thank but hisself for building that.

      • hoeyuno

        Techs single caribou lou went platinum on the indy tip. Dude has had to grind for the last 20, years and for the first 15 he was relatively unknown. Dude is successful now but he has been running his label since 99 and I’m sure it wasn’t always peaches and cream. And I based the 10 bucks per album on something rapper immortal technique said “40000 records sold, 400 grand”.. But like homie underneath us said tech did 200 shows that year which I’m sure with the fanbase he has gained in the last 20 years that translates to serious scrill.

  • Tony G.

    Props to tech for doing it all indy

  • thuglifefukdapolice


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  • hoeyuno

    Congrats to tech n9ne for making the forbes list. All 6′ s and 7′ s…



  • 2nPac

    Akon should be making way more than that. Lady Gaga and T-Pain? Well I guess they have been a little quiet lately.

    • fag

      Lady Gaga never was in this list. Its hiphop. Katy Perry, Rihanna. They;d all be up there.

      • Choppaliss

        i think he meant since hes the label head

  • water_ur_seeds

    congrarts to tech n9ne… surprised cube, aint on the list, but im sure alot of the money goes into their wifes name and things like that… im sure all them rappers especially birdman and them earned alot more money then thats on then list… cant believe mac miller got on there smh

    • fag

      how you know all that bruv


      Their wives name???… That would be the dumbest move ever… Their chlidren maybe…

      • water_ur_seeds

        you obviously know nothing about the real world… rich people always put houses or cars in their wives name… i know numerous business owners that have done, especially as me and my brother just sold our hydraulics firm, i know the ins and outs…. im not talking if youve been married for a year, but if you been married for 10-15years and are a genuine couple… not a jump off… women gonna get half your schit either way lol

      • NEWSKULL

        Not with a prenup Sir!… And married 25-30 years at least ( And let’s be real that’s SOOOO 20th Century!)

      • water_ur_seeds

        i suggest you dont get married to a whore you dont trust… and plan to stay with… if you cant trust her after 10 years of marriage smh… anyways, im done on the subject

  • Dr.Death 2012

    Where Is Busta Rhymes ?

  • wtf happen diddy was sitting on 500 million last time is this a different list ?????? #fishylist

    • Choppaliss

      not gonna even set u right on your stupidity

  • dominicancoke

    Whats so funny about the list is 50 either had beef or a minor problem with the top five even officer ricky pulls in more millions than curtis lol still wish I had 7.5 million thi shieeeet

  • digitallife

    I’ve said it before this list is absolute and utter bullshhhhh…Forbes is estimating..that’s like me going up to one of ya’ll and saying “I think you are worth this much”…Ice Cube as was mentioned for not appearing does belong on that list..he got renewed for two new shows on TBS and his other show got picked up too..not counting his movie deal including a new friday movie..Cube’s deal with tbs alone is worth about $40 million if they are paying him the same kind of money they gave tyler perry for his shows on tbs. Now this list has mac miller..right..but they also had young joc earning $20 million a few years ago..Young Joc himself said “I didn’t make that much money”..Now I know some of ya’ll will take this report and run with it..but most of these dudes have to pay multiple state taxes for their earnings…you do a show in ohio and live in NYC..you still owe ohio their tax..so if you want to live on these numbers..take out 30% for tax and another 20% for managers/agents/expenses..and you end up with them at half of these numbers.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    So, where are those m’therf’ckers spouting Jay-Z got money and a power player today. Well Sydney, pat yourself on the back…you managed to shut people up on their usual hype riddin’ head nodding bull. Cheers to Lace and Dr. Dre, apparently.

  • STPizzle

    Theres no way Lil Wayne and Drake are making more than Birdman…He owns BOTH of them…

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    What makes me scratch my head, is there are people who do less than these cats do, and love’em or hate’em…and make more than these cats do. Nod to Chris Rocks’ joke about his neighbor. The first three been in the game so long, this money is relatively chump change. I keep saying that rap associated brand agents/ you call them artist is sponsored money. How much of this money came from music?, from Hip Hop music? If you break each one down the math changes. The overall money is what it is, but if we talking Hip Hop, making money off of Hip Hop and or production…then y’all need a new list as issued by AHH. I think you all have enough authority to issue that list. Since you are about Hip Hop Music Industry. Let it marinate and get back to us.

  • i’ve always said that these lists were bullshit lists. Anybody who believes this shit needs his/her head examined.

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