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Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Shuts Rihanna Down At VMAs?

I’m secretly staying at a hidden spot in Harlem and I woke up this morning to hear Angela Yee giving me a rumor. Damn. Freaking Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have some kind of beef, which spawned itself at the VMAs last night.

The people over at Bossip posted the following:

Nicki’s pop hit “Starships” won the VMA for Best Female Video over RiRi’s other hit “We Found Love” and apparently, Rihanna got a taste of New York Nick! Yeah, RiRi went over to give Nicki a hug and she was promptly told to “sit the f**k down!” WOW!

Is this because of her tryst with Drake? Perhaps her being the center of the beef with Chris Breezy and Drizzy? Nobody knows. I do know this, both look too good to be fighting. Make love, not war.

And that’s what they used to do. Love each other. It was all good just a week or year ago.

But last night, Nicki Minaj went for the wild out moment and left the love at home in her old handbag.

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  • Fahmi D

    Nicki was fucked up as usual in that speech. You could see rihanna give her some funny look when she was accepting the award lool.

  • meanwhile amber rose just called her baby a WIZBUD….. u cant make this bullshiit up…..

  • johnblacksad

    knock-off hood lady gaga


  • Sosa_Limone

    AHH missed the fact that chris brown and rhianna kissed at VMAs… pretty dissapointed tht i read it on yahoo b4 here

    • BTV Global, LLC

      yahoo, please vlad had it before this site. matter a fact a person with a cellphone who took it had before this lame site.

      • Lorenzo Middleton

        This lame site in which you are currently navigating…….

  • Pierre Elliott


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  • YungKizz

    Nicki KillUrself Bitch tryna be like hitler wit yo republican ass last night how

  • Smashit

    Man you had Drake & Wayne sitting there like Divas n Nikki looking like a circus clown – mean while Rhianna sexy ass looked delicious – how much publicity are you going to keep giving shit heads like Drake, Wayne (little tussie) & Nikki no talent ass???

    • right!!! drake looked like he should of been in blades of glory with will ferrell lmfao..

      • Guest

        I almost fell out when i saw your comment… rotfl #forrealdoe!!!!

      • BTV Global, LLC

        yea for real. so tired of these fake rappers posing as hip hop artist. Anyone notice how Nikki act all peaceful and try to say “i do this for the ladies” when she on black award shows like BET but white ones like MTV she always try to act cocky and act dumb for the crowd. fake pop star

      • joe

        lol ppl like u and all this hate comments make nicki richer and even more famous;)

      • Smashit


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  • Nicki Looks like her armpits smell like raccoon pu$$y

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  • Alf Capone

    nicki is funny looking

  • sabene fenty

    Sour grapes Rihanna is waaay classier than that circus clown nicki.

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  • nicki dumb as hell…. rhianna make her look ugly, esp in that pic of them…

  • Bumpy Johnson

    wow Nicki was hated on in all the comments (except for the laughter ones) damn!!.all hip hop dont got no nicki fans fo sho

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  • disqus_YQDu2gqTF8

    Nikki is acting like “the mad rapper” right now. Its cool tho. Bouta start a protest. Every time Her song goes on the radio we will shut in off. None of her albums will be purchased in stores..None of her songs will be purchased on itunes. #Obama

    What she thought? lmao

    • joe

      ok try telling that to 15 million fans dumbass

  • Weedras

    Rolling with Nicki on this one ole girl Rihanna been playing these soft dudes for awhile and when shit got real she was nowhere to be found acting like it wasn’t about her… Nicki and Drake tight so why would she be all chummy with Ri… gotta respect the YM click they stick up for each other…

  • Rasta

    Teenage shit!

  • joe

    nicki the QUEEN!!:)

  • WOLF

    i never liked nicki so much fake stuff about her i would still fuk though hit that shyt and run im not wakeing up to that