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Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Fame Destroys French Montana’s Marriage! Jay-Z Not “Occupying” Jack!

I saw this and just couldn’t believe it. This dude French Montana ended his marriage because of fame and video vixens. LOL! No, actually that’s not even funny. I never even knew he was married.

“Man I couldn’t do it, that’s why we got separated. At first it was smooth, but then as much as people think that money changes you, it’s changing them around you. A person ain’t gonna treat you the same now that they think that you think you somebody.”
“You around so many beautiful women, that’s a conflict too. It’s just about finding somebody that understand the game, what you’re into. But then on the flip side of the coin, you gotta understand their game, what they into…There’s a flip side to everything.”

Best wishes with your damn VIXENS!

Source: Boombox

I’ve been informed that my old friend Liris Crosse has a Monday Night Football event in NYC that I have NOT been invited to. But…here is the info. Perhaps I will show up! The info is below along with some stuff about Jay-Z!

I have to agree with Jay-Z on this one. The Occupy Movement was embraced by many-a-hip-hop head, but I never fully got it. Now, that is seems to be petering out, Jay-Z is talking about it in a recent interview with the New York Times.

“What’s the thing on the wall, what are you fighting for?” Jay-Z told The New York Times.

Furthermore, in an unwittingly humorous remark, Jay-Z quipped about the hippy-like nature of the movement.

“I’m not going to a park and picnic — I have no idea what to do. I don’t know what the fight is about. What do we want? Do you know?”

He also said that the Occupy Movement just hates all rich people, which he wasn’t with. I think Jay-Z is a pretty cool rich dude. Despite those (now old) Illuminati rumors, he’s seems pretty on point as a person. This is from somebody that’s never met him, but I’m just saying.

Now, I’m wondering what made him create that “Occupy All Streets” shirt. Now, it seems like a diss.

I guess streets is Watching, but just not Occupying.

Source: NY Times Mag

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  • Great job

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  • Occupy All Streets?

    Hmmm! Why indeed?

  • hoeyuno

    Yea I tried to figure that occupy walk street ish but where I’m sitting they copied it like everywhere else and a young girl got raped and another od’d and died. Then when the press started asking them questions about there movement one of the supporters said”I don’t know why we are here, we are not that organize”. Immortal technique called occupy wall street “americas wake up call” and I have to say my opinion of him changed from that one statement. If anything it made some stockbrokers take the long way to work for a minute.

    • it was a good idea to get peoples attention for a while but they are not really a threat since they are not rioting. all they can do is just stand around there lol…

  • Dointer

    Occupy walkstreet is rubbish. People have the choice throughout their own lives to decide if they want to be junkies hard working middle class people ,or big business orientated people. Its not the people in the offices fault that you didnt choose that position as a career.

    • biafra

      BS. shut da eff up.

    • oooooo shut up smh i bet you believe Christopher Columbus Discovered America to smh

    • Dointer

      Actually I retreive my comment, I am from Australia and from my understandings the scenario regarding this topic is much more legitimite in Northern America as to here in Australia. Apologies to the Americans who i may have offended,

    • theres not enough jobs to even hire people who are over qualified, its doesnt matter if they are junkies or middle class or business people.

  • Chris

    I never really understood why Russell Simmons and Kanye were out there “occupying” Wall Street when they have both benefited from the same system as the Wall Street-ers they were out there protesting against. It would seem like a slap in the face for someone that’s worth as much money as they are to be out there complaining about economic injustice. My ninja, we have nothing in common. I’m goin’ back home to $150K in debt and a hungry baby. You’re goin’ home to the Hamptons in a Phantom to pop bottles with three bad white b*tches. F*ck outta here.

    • maybe they were surporting the poor and jobless….?? yerp

      • Chris

        Yeah. Then turn around and peddle that bullsh*t RushCard with the outrageous start-up and monthly fees. Riiiiight.

    • if your 150k in debt then those guys are 150million in debt .. just cause you MAKE alot of $$$$ doesnt mean you HAVE alot of $$$$$$$ … thats one thing alot of the OCCUPY WALL ST folks need to understand …

      • Tarik Asim

        but “our” debt is “our” debt. their debt is “our” debt as well since they have many more loopholes that the rich create for the rich. That’s what I understand. I can’t borrow anymore if I owe but they can borrow forever and ever on the working man’s expense.

  • TheMotherFuckinTruth

    HOUSE NIGGA MOMENT:::: When the white folks with endorsement money have a
    problem with something you said what else is there to do but retract or
    rephrase a statement/situation since they really believe you have this
    sense of influence and control over black folks as if we follow your
    every word. Just cause you say don’t wear a certain type of clothing
    doesn’t mean it extends to real life issues

    • bigmarz


    • johnblacksad

      there’s bigger issues in the world, he knows, but he first had to take care of the world he knows…

    • johnblacksad

      he’s the archbishop, the pope jon-paul…

    • johnblacksad

      ” don’t wear jerseys, i’m thirtyplus…” it was a wrap for me after that, i started wearin dressed shirts with cufflinks… smh @ myself

  • “If from age one to adulthood all you heard was Jay-Z, you’re gonna
    learn to get ahead of everybody and fight the world. You’re gonna learn to kill.
    You know what? A baby will go right to hell fuckin’ with Jay-Z, but that baby
    will be wearing the hottest designer shit and driving the hottest car with the
    coolest rims. And that’s why they matter so much. DMX will take you to heaven
    and Jay-Z will take you right to hell.” –Russell Simmons, Life And

    • DMX will take you to heaven… huh???

    • ß۞Ь¥ ҊɸЊŁѮ§Ե

      dmx iz dope & all, but how he takin muvafukaz ta heaven? oh, dat must b a play on wordz cuz he tryna b a preacha now. a cursin preacha, but a preacha nundaless.

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  • damn jay u dont know what its about?? its about people being poor with little hope of finding a job to support thier family. wow. jay out of touch but then again i dont think he’s been in touch for awhile smh

    • Frank

      How could he? He ran through buck-50 hermes booties and shit like that for Blue.

      He can’t understand OWS when he got money to blow like that.

      Note to Jigga: If you don’t get it, then it’s you!

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    @ill, the writer: you need to wake up. Flat out, wake up. At some point you are going to have to show your ability to not be a “Yes Man”.
    As for Jay-Z, there is nothing new about his stand on Occupy Wall Street, well except the fact that he is a spineless bastard who couldn’t say this a the top of the movement, or when he went to print those shirts and got called out like the b’tch opportunist he is, by the movement itself.
    No, he waited in the Fall of 2012 to get printed proof that he distances himself from the trickled down assumption, the idea of hating the rich and calling it Un-American.
    There are people in the very state I reside, that have way more money than Jay-Z can assume he has, that understand what and why the the movement began and support the original mission of the movement. So, if this is his segway from producing Budweiser’s Made in America, and releasing a delayed statement to crowning himself as authority to what is the behavior of American Citizen, then F’ck Jay-Z.
    I don’t care how many fruity pebble secret handshakes and public denouncements this mug make: He doesn’t get it. Them mugs heavy petting him and leading him like a damn mastiff.
    Y’all can start the repetition to convince yourself that hating the rich is un-American. Or you can meet more Americans with all kinds a wealth, p’ss broke to unfathomable who have the same principle on the Powers That Be and how this Federal Reserve Private banking system, got this country on borrowed time, borrowed credit. Check the story on Jekyll Island and the Federal Reserve, Gold Certificates/Legal Tender, Legal Theft of Gold/Boullions..and more. That was/is Un-American. When you done with that, Read “The Power Broker” and see where you stand in the system and where you will always be if you subject to try to making it in the system. Spolier Alert, You never get-in, and You have already been appraised, bought and sold. The only way around it is isolation and investing in local business, local government, and finding stupidly rich people who have liberal tendencies.
    It’s not millionaires vs minimum wage it’s the system that was being protested. If you not clear on the principle and don’t know that there are rich and poor working together in a community against a system built to break the American people;I suggest you look into if not travel to the state of Washington, where is is not Rich vs. Poor…We are working together to support local businesses and capitalize on innovation, and creating public programs to connect Angel Investors to Local Entrepreneurs.
    Don’t drink the kool aid, and stop listening to Jay-Z and anyone like him.


      Spoiler alert was classic

    • somewhat agree … jay did turn coat on these cats lol i thought he was supporting the movement … lol

      • johnblacksad

        Jigga warrior… and i fully agree! First acted like he was in support of the movement… even tried to push them tees and got called out for it… so maybe that’s his way of getting back at ‘them’/’the movement’… cause he sure now actin like these people don’t even kno what their doin…

        I see how this the type of things that makes people call Jay a snake and all… i get it… but…

        reasonable doubt,
        in my lifetime,
        hard knock life,
        life and times,
        blueprint again,
        blackprint or album whatever,
        american G,
        blueprint again,
        watch the throne… etc, etc…

        so…. what’s that thing on the wall? what is it that you are fighting for?

      • Frank

        huh, nice call. the answer is himself. but I’d love to hear it from him.

    • johnblacksad

      “to crowning himself as authority to what is the behavior of American Citizen, then F’ck Jay-Z.”

      That last line comes from a famous Nas’ song, i kno!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Only thing I can sa to that is I stopped listening to Nas when I was 17, and that was in 1997. Maybe somehow we share a brain, can’t call it on my end..

      • johnblacksad

        Maybe you should resume with the Nas catalog… Life is good is… very good.

        …and you made me extremely curious to kno who you stopped listening to Nas for?! Can’t be because of Nastradamus, it wasn’t even out yet… so what made you stop listening to Nas… in 1997?! Cam’ron? Dmx? Noreaga? Pun? No limit? Cash Money? Philly’s Most Wanted? talk to me…

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        I’m good, my thoughts on Nas in Hip Hop, stand. If you need the who, it would be Tupac. I don’t play loyalty cards like that, thats some playground bull. I kept to reading and watching how sh’t was being played in content and distribution wars. I have a specific idea as to how Hip Hop/Rap operates, promotes and establishes rules. Nas was all I needed to see what was to happen to (mainstream level) Hip Hop in it’s third generation. All he is to me is a placeholder who gets permitted to play until the ma’fa “they” backing release whatever “they” trying to capitalize on. When “they” done with him, that’s when you see him have tax problems and record release issues and sh’t like that.. If you got love for dude then, thats for you. He wasn’t the only mug I fellout with. I actually thought that Jay-Z was a sleeper, or a lyrical mole. I was not an avid listener, but would admire how he presented his shows and through topics or phrases used in his songs. It seemed he was bringing a grown man’s Hip Hop forward. However, because of something else I got to looking up, I found dude is slick and unapologetic as f’ck, but not to where I respect him for it. Only person on that list that I listen to is DMX. The rest is background noise at a club full of 21 year old frat boys. My love went to local level/independent Hip Hop and see how they attempt to go mainstream and fall out of love with it from time to time. Shortstory, long version.

      • johnblacksad

        ok ok i see… not judging of course… was just really curious to see what made you stray away from Nas… in 1997! when everything was far being mainstream as we know it today… (smh)..

        I can only say this tho… N.O.R.E. by Noreaga is one the best hip-hop albums ever.. for real for real on my life… the sh!t breathes golden age maturity… please make sure you didn’t skip on that one… please…

        On another note, let me hear a few album titles that fit in what you said… “love went to local level/independent Hip Hop and see how they attempt to
        go mainstream and fall out of love with it from time to time”… just curious again to see which albums you’re talkin about… like have i heard of them? etc..


      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Not to get all autobiographical. I’ll put it to you like this. My a$$ was 17 in Vegas when I thought hip hop/rap whatever was shot in the streets of Vegas. So, I just listened to the last 6 years of it until my tapes broke and I f’cked my cd’s. A cousin cam through and introduced me to some North Cali Hip Hop, and from there I would look for who produced sh’t before I cared about a song.
        So that whole Aesop Rock/Ryhmesayer label had me on lock. At some point I started following Rakim (post stardom), because I just new he was on the level. That got me to them Ol’Boys: Large Professor/WildPitch Label…which got me back to Gang Starr. I was checking for 45 King and that’s how I even being cool with Jay-Z because they worked on HKL.
        Eventually I moved North ’cause Vegas put the k-bosh on Hip Hop performances, basically. I get my fill of the up and coming artist and the dudes who have kept is 100 at least for the last 16. I know you looking for titles, but if I have any opportunity to share, I tell you to follow producers first, labels second and chose artist/albums last.
        From there you see how the game is played and how to listen to artist and watch who they work with.
        At some point, through projects a mug gets an “invitation” to go to the next tier, which means NYC, (not chicago, philly,LA, or Atlanta..but NYC) working, networking…all of that. They got two choices sign everything over to the label or have enough in their arsenal to stay independent and keep afloat with a fan base. If they got mass appeal then they keep in a sort of limbo. Like that kid Lupe. Or they can stay live and a little independent like MURS-Immortal Technique-Jedi MindTricks. What flip the game again was Lil Wayne, and his Avril Levine-Hip Hop. then that made Jay-Z and Kanye chase that demographic. Which gave us that Wacka Flucka (my opinion and me just hatin’)/Khalifa/FloRida Hip Hop.

      • johnblacksad

        September 13th 1996 – September 13th 2012… sixteen years already! Makes me wanna write a verse for the homie up in Heaven’s ghettos, probably out there still fighting for us! R.I.P.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        There’s a dude Gabriel Tederos that you may want to check for and the network that surrounds him. Also, Check for DeVon Manier Sportin Life Label.
        “I’m not sayin’ I’m gonna rule the world, or that I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” — Tupac Shakur

  • ß۞Ь¥ ҊɸЊŁѮ§Ե

    i dont b undastandin da shit jay do deez dayz. but cmon…fame destroyin a muvafuka marriage? datz bullshit yo. cuz if dat wuz da case, will smith b a single man, not hitched ta jada wit children. & its “streets is watchin” wit da “in” not no fuckin “ing” on da end! i hate wen niggaz try ta make niggaz sound wack & white. jay aint po, he dont care bout occupyin (again, IN muvafuka, not ING) shit. it aint dat he cant jus dat he dont want 2. ya kiddin me? he’d hafta step mitey low off hiz pedestal ta help out da 99%! its wishful finkin hopin dat he would, but xtremely unlikely man.

    • Shalove2

      If you speak English then stop spelling phonetically. Stop pretending to be something you’re not. Speak the standard English that’s spoken in your household. Be you otherwise, your just a posing clown.

    • $28825362

      I would read this but I just can’t. LOL #FAIL

  • for a female being married to french is like a regular joe marrying a
    chick that strips lol … the style of rap he chose to run with also
    doesnt make it any easier … if your really about something like that
    let your music speak the same language and maybe you can sustain a
    career and family … same ish with meek …. this cat got lyrics like “Murder on that pu$$y let her boyfriend get that DOA
    Get it?” … yet when riri was shouting him out on twitter and folks
    started asking him in interviews if he hit that …. hes on some “CHILL I
    ??????????? smh @ these rappers and i actually like meek but COME ON SON
    !!!! lol 😉

    • johnblacksad

      i peeped that… definitely wasn’t no pimp move by meek there…

      all day these ninjas rap about their girls havin girlfriends n sh!t, about other girls that be tryin to get at their girls etc… but they can’t seem to put their relationships where their mouths are!

  • Real brother

    Jay z house nigga this is why he will never be compared to tupac don’t understand the struggle illseed you a bitch holding on to these niggas hairs he not close to a tupac shakur understand movement. We should been went at wall street they trading stock the stock is ppl social security numbers and birth certificates

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  • TruthSerum

    Of course Jay doesn’t get it, he’s part of the group being protested

  • Freedom Scott King

    This is not like Jay to say stupid Shyt. I’m shocked because if he really wanted to know what the movement was about, it wouldn’t have been hard for him to find someone struggling to get the word out about income inequality, reform on wallstreet, etc. etc.
    He can champion budweiser made in America, but he can’t acknowledge the necessity behind the occupy movement or gain the poetic social respect that Nas, kanye and tupac have. He can convince you to connect with the plights of his own struggles, but isn’t doing much to influence a positive upgrade in yours. They don’t make ++++++ like they use to.

  • Guest

    I see you took this down from the website. “I think you hear me knocking, and I think I’m coming in”

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