French Montana

French Montana and Excuse Our Gangsta

Not even a few years ago, Bad Boy/MMG artist French Montana was in the middle of a bidding war with several labels. It was rumored that Kanye West would sign French, Rick Ross was interested, Diddy was looking for a new member of the Ciroc Boys – things couldn’t get any better.

Now with his buzz as high as it’s ever been, and with the new “Pop That” single owning the radio and strip club circuits, French Montana is starting to make a real name for himself. With countless features with Ross, Drake, Wayne, Wale, Meek Mill and others on deck French has no shortage of music. His Mac & Cheese 3 mixtape and his album, Excuse My French, sit on the horizon, just weeks and months away respectively.

Take a look at’s sit down with French Montana, as we discuss his upcoming album, his hopes for a Jay-Z feature, and his thoughts on Max B recently being denied parole:

  • Max B wasn’t denied parole, he hits the board in 30+yrs…his appeal was denied.
    PCR / Post Conviction Relief

    • Apollo Showtime

      I looked it up, you’re right and according to PCR rules, he definitely has grounds for a new trial based off the BS first attorney he had. The nigga still has a glimmer of hope of getting out within the next 2-3 years if he goes the PCR route which I’m sure he will on French’s dime since he gave French the wave and French would become a monster if Max gets out with him. Max B would tear shit up if he gets out with French, MMG and The Ciroc Boyz!

      • Yeah…but would you put your faith in French’s loyalty….right after he ‘chetted on his wife? Not sure about Max B….if he did it…that’s fugged up. RIP 2 The Victims….but the game is backwards…shouldn’t dude have been scheming on Max B instead of Max scheming on him?

      • i said it once before and ill say it again … these entertainers arent making as much as you think … especially if they aint got no hit records … chances are they aint go NO MONEY !! just a great oppurtunity to make SOME !! even these mixtape dudes like french … they make money off shows … but most of that show money goes back into keeping thier show on the road … gas, food, tranportation, entourage, cloths, collabs, producers, managers, studio time etc… when you factor all of that in cats is just making it by waiting on thier big break aka the big check 😉

      • I know, know enough broke celebs to understand the game is designed to keep artist in debt. Even big artist TLC, Master P, MC Hammer go bankrupt…damn near all of them do in the end…if they don’t invest wisely like Vanilla Ice.

      • ha ha funny out of every one you’re right vanilla ice lasted the longest
        …. another shocker is Magoo is doing pretty well too … cause he
        invested in realestate … but the biggest proof is hammer … he had it all !! then lost it all in a very short time … cats just gotta be wise even if you sitting on MILLIONS you could fall off …. gotta be very carefull when your getting your cash in bulk … its hard 2 manage what lil amounts i get so i couldnt imagin if i had bags of money looking like i could never spend it all lol 😉

      • LandLord = Only job that pays 24/7
        Vanilla invested in rentals & still eating off that Booty Juice Single.

        Simple economics…….

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