Hip-Hop Rumors: Another Rapper Jumps Into The Sex Business!

Last week YMCMB rapper announced that he would be producing, directing and starring in his very own porno. You can read that story below:

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Tyga Starring In A Porno Movie?!

And now, another rapper has announced that he will be delving into the sex trade business as well. MMG rapper Gunplay has recently announced that he will be launching an escort service. The alleged drug loving rapper will be hiring “exotic” video vixens for his H.U.S.H. escort service. H.U.S.H. stands for “Have U Seen Her” and the company will be based out of Los Angeles. Check out what he told Future Off Florida about his new business venture below:

“P*ssy is never out of season, that sh*t just goes. There’s never a drought, there’s never a decline in sales. It’s just how you gonna get more. P*ssy been selling before. That was the first thing that was selling. It was church and p*ssy. That’s the only thing that was getting money back in the day, and it still is to this day. Church and p*ssy.”

“So with my escort service, I’m changing the name because of some legal issues, but it’s gonna be called H.U.S.H. — Have U Seen Her. It’s trademarked, I already got that. We starting in January. We launching. It’s based outta L.A. We tryna get the best of the best. Exotic b*tches. We have to keep it civilized, so it’ll be H.U.S.H. video vixens and so forth and so forth.”

It looks like the sex industry is becoming another revenue of income for Hip-Hop. But wait a second, is this even legal?

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  • Oknas

    Gunplay is such a good role model 🙂

    • Super_Hero

      who in hip hop is?

  • He sniffs coke, and bust guns and everything else that’s bad, why not porn….Great idea….When black people find themselves with a few extra dollars they sure as hell come up with the greatest ideas.

    • Mongo Slade

      U aint lying Dior but not all Black People but some of these dudes def need some tweakin in their thought process

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  • Hussle

    how is this even legal seriously?

  • In this economy, ChinPlay might be about the only one paying for pu$$y….., I hope it works out for him though, would hate to see him get knocked out in the gutter….AGAIN!

    Legal in Nevada?

  • anthonyward1

    hmmm, who is responsible for delivering this story……….oh, that explains it, more useless rumors- Who tells the Police “I’m Coming” with an illegal business and illegal business plan, oh and please look out for me and arrest me on site…..waste of time story right here…..yawn

    • Super_Hero

      the only thing illegal was the name of his escort. so he changed it. It legal now. cops can come by and hire a girl to be his girlfriend for the night legally. As long as the company isn’t telling the customer prices for sex.

      • felix cartagena

        gunplay is one of the whackest rappers alive. he cant make no money in the rap game so his gay ass has to do this. which wont work cause he looks like he has hiv!! slaughterhouse and d-block all day

  • James

    I’m going to agree with Sydney here. This stuff is not legal at all. This fool must be soo high, that he already snitched on himself before he started this venture. All the feds have to do, after he made a lot of money from it, is to use this same interview against him.

    I ask again, when will the world be rid of dumb ass nigga’s???

    • Daniel Davis

      Actually it is legal, as long as you don”t advertise the “sex” Part lol

      • James

        I totally disagree. People don’t advertise the “sex” part, because they don’t want to get caught doing something illegal. That doesn’t matter for Gunplay though. The fool already put out all his intentions, company name, location, etc. Only a matter of time…

      • It’s illegal period. Pimpin and pandering is only legal if the service is NOT offering sex but he basically said he is so that ruins the cover up

  • thirsty ass mofucas

  • And this just set black people back another hundred years…

    • Lyve Wire

      how so? did hugh hefner set whites back?

      • exactly..always the same bullshit any time a black man does anything ‘wrong.’ Brothers so worried about what white people think of them, as if they are the moral authority and we should aspire to impress them. Slave mentality.

      • real OG

        yep now lets all go vote for Obama!

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  • Smashit

    We will never be rid of shit heads like this sorry mofo until the media stops giving them a platform to display their stupidity – this guy stay running his mouth but nobody knows him but Officer Ricky so I’m sure he used to carry his bawse’s big ass lunch box to the pen everyday like a good little wanna-be should I bet if somebody was pimpin his ma ma he wouldn’t think it was good business or maybe his drug addicted ass would…sad

    • real OG

      Real Talk

  • Synista

    this fool must have laced his coke with bath salts! just admitted he gonna be selling pussy!!!”Cocaine is a helluva drug”

  • Super_Hero

    escort is not illegal. you can hire a girl to hang out. many rich people hire girls for functions. Many people attending award shows have hired girlfriends. Pay for sex is the illegal part. escort companies get away with it because they say sex between the clients and girls is the girls choice. They don’t pressure them to do it or collect money from it. of course many do collect under the table. However, Tampa and Vegas have legal prostitution. there are certain rules like the bunny ranches. you can’t talk money for sex openly in front of people. you have to be in the room with the hooker then talk prices.

  • toreal

    Gunplay looks like he got crabs.

  • Logan Claws


  • if u cant make it in music or anything else then y not do porn

  • Lyve Wire

    he’s selling ‘exotic’ video vixens, not sex. he’s capitalizing on the image. people do that every day.

  • Escort service is not illegal if you don’t advertise sex. But this a-hole clearly said he selling p*ssy. And that my friend is illegal.

  • Dadon850

    Gunplay smoking rocks!! He ain’t just doing powder. Escort service ain’t illegal but you better believe he will be watched closely soon as it open. His mouth will do him in.

  • hoeyuno

    Shoof!! I thought you were gonna say this wack ass coke dick mofo was gonna do porn.. Ladies if u apply for a escort job and this abortion survivor shows up at the interview pepperspray his ass and run…… And I heard this guy got his first break in the early 90′ s doing stunts for sideshow bob on the simpsons.

  • Backpage been slanging gal’s for years now. He’s on the right track I guess… I just don’t know why no rapper opens a damn strip club!?

  • real OG

    LOL real gangstas do dirt to make money and dont speak on it because they arent trying to go to jail. Fake Gangsta rappers claim to do dirt to make money and then brag about fake exploits to make even more. Real Gs move in silence. No one under 24 that has self respect listens to this guy anyways.

  • real OG

    Ill be on here everyday allhippop and I will post even if u delete them as fast as I can. Thank god for copy paste clowns!