French Montana

Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana’s Ex Wife Goes Off!

That’s what she said:

“Who knew that @FrencHMonTanA aka #cokeboy would try to diss his wife @deenkharbouch

The fact of the matter is nobody can get away with just talking about somebody without some retribution. And now French Montana may have a reason to beware. His wife is now on twitter and she is not letting anything go with regard to his reasoning for the loss of his marriage.

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And now she hit twitter and she held nothing back…actually I bet she held something back.

  • Lyve Wire

    why do ppl do that? like someone said in another post; want to be private and public at the same time. makes no sense.

    • Apollo Showtime

      He allegedly sneak dissed her. In an interview he said it ended because when he got rich and famous she changed on him. She’s saying he got rich and changed on her. I think the money changed THEM. He gettin’ lots of love from the public and video chicks that he prolly never had access to, while she’s sittin at home with the kid and not being acknowledged. I would say she should be happy of the place she’s in as far as being taken care of, but if niggas at ya door and you’re out the hood, then you ain’t payin security… Money changed THEM.

      • lol @ “she should be happy of the place she’s in as far as being taken care of” …. first its obvious some of you dudes are absolutely blind to the actual “available cash flow” entertainers have access too … 2nd french aint making it easy being a guy who talks about adultery every 2 bars … in limos with freak jawns … hanging out with known porn stars … if it wasnt for this article who would of guess french even had a girlfriend let alone married ……………….

      • BTV Global, LLC

        how money changed THEM? if anything money changed HIM once he got on with Akon and he dropped $10 million on him. All she saying is once he got on he forgot who help him get there and didn’t even care about securing his family.

  • “your trying to use me to get a buzz” ooooh the irony!

    • come on son what does she need a buzz for ? it aint like she ended it with #mixtapecoming??/??/2012 …..

      • So just cause she’s not dropping a mixtape… She needs no press? Yea ok

      • BTV Global, LLC

        why she need the press? the point she making is she got the fool where he is today. in other words he wasn’t no street dude like he portray. Then when he make it he leaves his family and don’t even mention her or his child. that’s not a man at all.

  • WHOA WHAT French Montana is BLACK!? In all the music video I thought he was white o.O

    • ToneSkone

      He actually Moroccan and Somali born in Morocco…

    • TedTwist

      Thats where he gets the name “French” Montana. French is spoken a lot in morocco. thats also where u see light skinned or people who look white in Africa

  • hoeyuno

    I donno frenchy was being pretty honest saying he couldn’t handle the new celeb and marriage. And I don’t think he needs his ex to get a buzz. Ha ha she is cute tho, even tho I’m looking at her quarter inch pic on my phone.

  • she dead ass look like my ex lol maybe she was married the whole time lol

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni


  • Ex Wife Wins!

  • Synista

    Dude look like Mr potato head with that black hat on!

  • WOLF

    a whats sup with ur wife french hook me up ヅ

  • French “You gotta go home”

    • real OG

      thanks allhippop for deleting my comments Ill make sure not to critise anyone u like anymore . FRENCH MONTANA sounds like he records on a mic he bought at walmart. Worst voice in hiphop history.

  • dominicancoke

    F#ck him this dude from my hood mott haven south bronx hes another.ny rapper who dumbs his music down like nikki minaj and camron

    • real OG

      nah he is just dumb

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  • Joseph Thomas

    shes hot

  • real OG

    Ive only heard a few of his verses and everytime I do I think is this dude rapping into a walmart microphone? does he not know lyrics are suppose to rhyme? why is his voice so bad for rapping yet he has fans? Would we all be better off if world ends in 2012?

  • lol idk why she thought it was a good idea to marry a guy who refers to himself as coke boy… smh she thought she was getting a piece of the fame pie but got the crust lol..

  • trilltalk1

    how can he get a buzz off her. is she a star or what? the shit people say to get attention