Fat Joe, Chi Ali and Lil Wayne

AHH Stray News: Chi Ali Released, Krayzie Bone Pleads Not Guilty To DUI, Emmanuel Jah Beaten In Sudan

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Chi Ali has been released from prison, after serving 12 years behind bars. According to reports, the rapper was released in late August, after serving a 12 year sentence for second-degree murder. Chi Ali was sentenced to the prison time, for shooting and killing his girlfriend’s brother. The rapper was featured on “America’s Most Wanted” twice, before he was apprehended in 2001. Prior to his arrest, Chi Ali was a rising rap star as the youngest member of the Native Tongues collective. He released his only album The Fabulous Chi Ali, in 1992.

Rapper Krayzie Bone has pleaded not guilty to DUI charges. Krayzie Bone was arrested in July, after police stopped the rapper in Los Angeles during a routine traffic stop. Police said Krayzie blew a .10, topping the state’s limit of 08. According to TMZ.com, Krayzie Bone is due back in court on October 5.

South Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal was severely beaten by security forces in the capital city of Juba, Sudan on Saturday (September 8). According to representatives for the rapper, the internationally known former child soldier/peace activist is in town for the “We Want Peace” concert, which is slated for September 21. Reps for Emmanuel Jal said he was beaten so bad, he was unconscious. Three police officers and a member of the national guard assaulted the rapper in the Thongpiny area, where he was also robbed of personal possessions, including his mobile phone. According to Emmanuel Jal’s manager, the rapper is currently undergoing medical examinations for internal injuries.

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  • YungKizz


  • mosestobymcgeethree

    chi ali messing with young money?

  • Chris


  • Lamonte Johnson

    So it’s cool to hang around with killers now? TF

    • I was thinking the same

    • maya


    • Super_Hero

      now? what you think the raps are about since day one

  • maya

    Chi Ali wasn’t a “rising rap star.” lol

    He had a local (nyc) hit in the early nineties – and that was only because he was a lil kid, which made the record “cute.”

    • hoeyuno

      And cause he was affiliated with Tribe black sheep etc.

      • Native Tongues ( De La Soul )
        He was set to grip the game.

  • Slaughtr

    Chi Ali was a rising star wether you agree with that or not and it wasn’t just nyc hit secondly for that nigga weezy to say he don’t like new yoork but all up in new york niggaz ass then he should get his ass whopped.As far as hangin with killas niggaz love to front.

  • dominicancoke

    chi alis songs were soso that funky fresh lemonade song killwd his career way before he shot his brother in law over some damn cd’s. Not kidding he shot.dude.15 times over some damn cds and now hes free and living unlike.dude he.shot.whos gone for ever man kill or be killed f#ck laws

    • Super_Hero

      and yet you listen these rappers that claim to do what Chi did.

      • dominicancoke

        Wow really? You got my playlist? Can you.read this weeks lotto numbers? Cause you acting like you really know what I listen to smh

    • Ms. Chocolate

      Wow you taking it so personal. God says be forgiving…Obviously they felt he served his time, because they released him.

      • dominicancoke

        God? Me no speak man made religions and gods u talk like u aint never had a family member murdered baby girl hopefully you havent especially ove some damn cd’s you merk some one with evil intent you should rott in prison

      • I doubt it was over CD’s….more like respect.
        Co-Op city / Bay Plaza …..well you know about Sec 5…..look at Slim Dunkin’…not saying it’s right, but give respect & get it…violate another at your own peril.

  • dominicancoke

    Hope dude who he merked peoples catch him and give him some.street justice bang bang

  • “Young, Black & Strapped like Chi Ali!”…Ludacris

    Damn, Chi made the track ” Age ain’t nothhin’ but a #” then bugged out.
    Sing Sing = Tough Prison…I know he learned his lesson.
    RIP to the victim.

    Weezy in the pic = Fail

    • hoeyuno

      Yea chi needs to know the people who know of him do not think Wayne is are hip hop hero. And age aint nothing but a # was put out in like 92. What did he do between then and 2001.

      • Survive in the BX. 90’s was crazy…..not justifying it, but ‘chet was wild wild west.
        Chi Ali should rap about the perils of bad choices.

  • So dude only album came out in 92, yet he was a rising star in 2000.. DAMN dude was effing “rising” for a long damn time! Weezy in the pic setting an example that its COOL to hang w murderers = FAIL

    • Tony G.

      just becuz he only had the album out doesnt mean he didnt have other music…hince the word RISING…that means potential…up and coming…chill out damn

    • Super_Hero

      there are lots of rising stars that haven’t or released one album. Waka has been a rising star for the past 5 yrs and hasn’t gone gold.

    • Nah…Chi with Weezy is Fail for Chi’.

  • hoeyuno

    I wonder what chi thinks of hip hop. I mean the native tongues was pretty much a hip hop history lesson by 2001. one of the jungle bros Is now on some weird techno s hhit . I haven’t heard a q tip song for about 10 year. Peace to krayzie… Sorry for the weird gaps on my writing. New phone that is driving me nuts .

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