Con or Conspiracy: Are They Really Out to Get Us?

“Them Alphabet Boys got us under surveillance” – “Soul Survivor”, Young Jeezy

The National Council of Black Leaders recently held a public forum called “The Conspiracy to Destroy the ‘Hood. “ When the first speaker, Dr. Afrika Shabazz revealed tons of information exposing a genocidal plot against African Americans, the panelists just rolled their eyes and snickered in disbelief. However, when Leroy Johnson complained that somebody had sent his voter registration card to the wrong address, they became outraged and demanded an immediate federal investigation into voter suppression…

Although, most people won’t admit it, we all believe in conspiracies. This world is too jacked up to be an accident.

Americans have long grappled with alleged conspiracies, from who shot Abe Lincoln to whether or not Elvis Presley is still alive and working at the Wal-Mart in Memphis. The most interesting conspiracy theories, however, have centered around the ‘hood, whether it be a secret sterilization formula put in fried chicken, or clothing companies secretly owned by the KKK as Dr. Patricia A. Turner examined in her work, Heard It Through the Grapevine.

First, there’s the vote conspiracy.

A few years back activists sounded the alarm that the meter was about to run out on the African American right to vote unless somebody did something real quick. (I’m still not sure what that something was supposed to be?) This year, the panic term is “voter suppression,” as there is, supposedly, some master plan to stop Black people people from voting.

Newsflash! With our jacked up priorities, no secret plot is needed to keep folks from the polls. If Jay-Z decides to hold a free concert in Madison Square Garden on November 6, you can kiss 80,000 votes goodbye – automatically.

Then there’s the infamous “movie ticket conspiracy,” whereby movie producers warn Black folks to keep an eye on their ticket stubs so the box office rating points will go to Soul Plane Part 2 instead of the new Michael Moore documentary.

While these types of conspiracies are taken very seriously by some people, the more serious ones that deal with Black survival are written off as paranoid ramblings.

During the early ’90s, researchers such as Steve Cokley Zears Miles and Keidi Obi Awadu spent countless hours on Black college campuses and in bookstores sharing information on topics from “The New World Order “ to “Why AIDS is so prevalent in the Black community.”

Also, “The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys” was tackled by such master teachers as Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu and Dr. Asa Hilliard, who painstakingly tried to convince Black parents that the reason why Lil Tyrone couldn’t read wasn’t because he was dumb but because of a Western mis-educational system.

However, by the mid ’90s, the heyday of these lectures had passed, as African American-owned bookstores struggled to keep the lights on, and Black college kids had more important things on their minds, like who was gonna perform at the homecoming show.

However, interest picked back up after 9/11/01, courtesy of videos like Loose Change that questioned the government’s official report of the attack on the Twin Towers. Even rappers like Jadakiss begin to ask why.

More recently, there has been an interest in Hip-Hop conspiracies, whether it be the death of a famous rapper, government persecution, or a secret organization within Hip-Hop with a diabolical plan to brainwash the masses.

Although the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. happened over 15 years ago, Hip-Hop fans are still discussing conspiracy theories as though they happened yesterday. As Dead Prez once said on “Bigger Than Hip Hop”, “Who shot Biggie Smalls/ if we don’t get them/ then they’ll get us all.”

It is also strange how so many rappers, especially the ones who make politically conscious music like Nas and Lauryn Hill wind up owing Uncle Sam millions of dollars.

This mystery is not limited to Hip-Hop, as it has been alleged that the Feds have, historically, targeted Black entertainers.

James Brown wrote in his memoir, I Feel Good, “All of us who were Black and in the public eye were under intense surveillance, harassed by the IRS and subjected to all forms of underhanded activities.”

Although Redd Foxx was not known for overt political activism, according to Pat Thomas in his book, Listen Whitey, he funneled some of his “Sanford and Son” money to the Black Panther Party during the ’70s. Also, in his book, Black and Blue, Michael Seth Starr wrote that the comedian alleged that the IRS targeted him “because of his skin color.”

It has long been rumored that the Feds keep a close watch on Hip-Hop artists for criminal and/or political activities, but recently, it was revealed that they also keep an eye on the fans. According to recent news reports the white rap group, Insane Clown Posse, is threatening to sue the FBI for labeling their fans (The Juggalos) as a gang.

This is nothing new to the boyz in the ‘hood, as states such as North Carolina have a GangNet database where they keep information about children suspected of gang affiliation.

Perhaps the most popular Hip-Hop conspiracy now is the idea that there is a secret nefarious club in Hip-Hop in which admittance can only be gained through a secret initiation.

Whether this is true or not is debatable, but what is not debatable is that it seems that participating in the genocide of the Black community by either sellin’ crack or shootin’ somebody seems to be a prerequisite for getting a record deal.

Of all the Hip-Hop conspiracies, the least believable is the “somebody hacked my Twitter account” conspiracy that artists like Chief Keef (or their PR people) use when they get called out for tweetin’ somethin’ wreckless.

Maybe conspiracies are true. Maybe they ain’t.

However, the best way to counter any plots against us is to not focus on what “they” are doing to us but what “we” are doing to ourselves.

For instance, if there is a conspiracy to use 16-year-old rappers to promote Black-on-Black violence, the counterattack would be to use the anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur (September 13) to demand an end to murder music.

Most importantly, conspiracies can only survive when the masses of the people are kept in a state of ignorance.

So the ultimate solution is what The Wu Tang Clan suggested on “C.R.E.A.M.”:

”…to teach the truth to the young Black youth.”

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s weekly column is This Ain’t Hip Hop, a column for intelligent Hip Hop headz. He can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired.com, on his website NoWarningShotsFired.com, or on Twitter (@truthminista).

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  • Jim Beam

    Yes !! Da white man is out to get all of us !! Hang on to your movie stubs people !! Deez crakas don’t play fair, fa sure !!

    • Jim Beam

      I wonder at what point this type of coonery will stop and people won’t think like this anymore. White people don’t care about your chicken or your damn movie stubs. Yes I understand there is white kids who think they’re black but as a whole we really don’t think you’re THAT interesting. Get the hell over yourselves.

  • Romia Blue

    the lead picture and this story was misleading. I thought this was going to be a piece on whether the attacks were a conspiracy as a result of America’s history of backdoor peace deals in exchange for American presence in natural resource abundant countries. What do the “alphabet boys” have to do with the education and/or opportunity for individuals to raise their children? Granted children spend more time with teachers in school than they do their own parents once they reach school age, but at the end of the day, who’s responsibility is it to teach those the importance of being heard by a vote? That as a child, your parents beat your ass to keep the police from beating you in the future, therefore silencing your voice with a sentence? It’s like the “generation x” population assummed that civil rights and African American lives had improved because we weren’t getting visibly lynched. But they don’t understand how government and judicial systems run to know even the most powerful man in the world has someone to answer to. And it doesn’t help that what bit of respect and power we as a culture should have assumed back in 2008 was equalized within the lyrics of Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black”. No doubt a hot song, but he splashed ni66a this and ni66a that within the lines. Isn’t that perceived as a bit counter-productive?
    Recently you had Nicki Minaj recieving threats about her sarcastic subject matter in her remix about supporting Mitt Romney; but nobody said anything about her going to Miami to hang out with zombies. Everybody started investigating whether she was even registered to vote. She’s an entertainer – and you have ignorant people caling her names because they actually took what she said seriously?
    The KKK is the new tea party lol…but as a random 15 year old if they know what the KKK is or what they stood for, they’d probably think it’s the new KevKimKanye.



    • the cia & fbi & any we dont know about can influence everything from who will get good education to who will get good neighborhoods

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  • The republican/tea party voter suppression movement isn’t a conspiracy it’s very real and happening in a very public way. The proof is out there, and verifiable. A real bs conspiracy theory is that all the jews in the world trade center got a call not to go into work on 9/11. No proof, just bs conspiracy theory talk.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Why should we wait ONCE a year, on Pac’s death anniversary to demand an end to “death music”….thas dumb as shyt…if u gonna demand anything then it should be demanded everyday…and if u gonna demand that then U have to demand an end to movies with gun violence or any kind of violent act…no more reality shows witb mafukkaz attacking one another…no violent books….protest to stop the manufacturing and distribution of guns, knives, baseball bats or anything that can be used as a weapon…let’s stop profanity to mafukka….hahahahahahaha

  • Gmbn Jones

    what all of yall are failing to realize is that this world was built on a ying and yang, if GOD wanted, better yet if MAN wanted to rid this world of all the yang(violence, etc) the first man ever to walk this erth would have not ate the fruit. since begining of time humans have wanted to aquire knowledge of being. And in that quest yu meet ying and yang, right and wrong. as humans we have built the world we live in on “aquiring knowledge” what we didint kno is that there is a consequence to aquiring knowledge and thats the attempt to use it for wrong doing.There is no right and wrong answer to this mystery……this problem is bigger than the human being. humanity made it this way, humanity thought MAN was god when MAN is a product FROM GOD. GOD is the only way to cure us from the addiction of aquiring knowlege

  • jojo

    Teach all children of youth

  • Luis M Diaz

    times have changed we shouldnt want to be ignorant to whats going on around us.,, conspiracy’s are entertaining and intresting but we cant hide the facts and in my own community there is a number of homeless youth that are not being properly tended to. Thats our future so when you waist millions on helping a country on the other side of the world with there civil war i want you all to wonder why the youth has there priority’s fucked up

  • Joel Griffin

    If your message gets included in any ”discussion,” you can be certain that whatever you post is mostly hot trash. Try posting any real knowledge of the game and your post will be lost in cyberspace… This website is motivated to DUMB YOU DOWN with Trick knowledge and meaningless nonsense. “allhiphop”. … really? A covert media psy op that intends to misinform and mislead you? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT ? huckleberry finn azz mothafuckas.

  • White_amerikaz_nightmare

    um duh where were u wen tupac was alive

  • Platinum One

    Good post but this is the second time i’ve seen criticism of who’s gonna perform at the homecoming show, As a graduate of Howard University i understand the stress that those kids have to endure for extended periods of time and believe u me, students at the Mecca know how to prioritize their precious time and hectic schedules. So don’t knock our black elite from congregating from all 50 states and from nations around the world for coming together and having a good time with our hip hop brothers.

    On a more serious note, no doubt people of colour r the subject of lies, harassment, anger, jealousy, hate, envy, resentment from the losers on the sideline. Tell me something I don’t know. What we should be asking ourselves is what steps r we gonna take to educate, mobilize, destroy and rebuild, so that we have a more perfect society. First, we need to be more engaged as a people utilizing social media platforms so that when hate lifts its ugly head we mobilize and counter. Life is a competition, a sporting event if u will. Sports involve physical ability, planning and strategy. The matrix of this country is changing and they know it, that’s why they are reacting with such hostility towards us. That’s why all of a sudden they are scrambling to change up the so-called rules and laws because they know they can’t win. With all 3 branches of government stacked against us we rose and still came out on top.

    Keep the faith because this country is heading in the direction of God’s will, but at the same time it’s very important that we organize. Because once we organize our communities and institutions then Game Over.

    The Platinum One

  • However, the best way to counter any plots against us is to not focus on what “they” are doing to us but what “we” are doing to ourselves.!!!! (POW) NoWarningShotsFired !!! Bulletproof Statement Right There #SALUTE